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IGK - Chapter 61.2 Raccoon for a Prince (2/2)

Raccoon for a prince. A subterfuge!

TL: “Raccoon for a prince” refers to a concubine substituting a de-furred raccoon for her rival concubine’s prince in a Chinese classic. Wang Ke quietly took the princess away.

While on the outside, the commotion from the Nether Demon Assembly intensified, but it no longer had anything to do with Wang Ke.

It just was that someone walked into the Empress' Residence once again. It was none other than She Tianba who followed Zhu Yan into that place.

She Tianba went into the dungeon under the annex hall.

Zhu Yan is really up to something. He wants to eat the princess before everyone does? Humph. Zhu Yan, how greedy of you. Haha, but I like you because I’ll also get a bigger share of the princess’ flash. There’s no way I’d let Zhu Yan have it all! She Tianba dashed into the main hall excitedly.

And immediately, he saw someone tied up on the pillar.

“Hmm? Where is Zhu Yan?” She Tianba was astonished.

Anyway it’s fine as long as Princess Youyue is still around. She Tianba ran up to the pillar, and just when he was about to bring her down… his face froze.

What is this? Should this person be Princess Youyue? How did she turn into Zhu Yan? Where’s the princess? She Tianba was baffled.

Zhu Yan did not come here to eat the princess first?He came here to just tie himself up?What is happening?And quite the ornamental knot he used for this!

She Tianba racked his brain but was still unable to understand why Zhu Yan would go there in secret to take the princess’ place. It didn’t make any sense!

She Tianba immediately realized something and began searching around, but the Empress' Residence had already been emptied by then; there were no traces left for She Tianba to find.

Zhu Yan finally woke up at that moment.

She Tianba walked up to him and asked, “You’re awake? Great. Zhu Yan, what are you doing?”

Zhu Yan’s eyes had yet to open, but he appeared to be in extreme discomfort. And then, he opened his mouth.


A mouthful of gastric juice was splashed onto She Tianba.

She Tianba: “.......................!”

He didn't expect this to be the first thing Zhu Yan would do. Besides, it was so darn smelly… so smelly that She Tianba’s brain almost perished.

“Help~~~~~~~~~~!” Zhu Yan cried out desperately.


She Tianba smacked Zhu Yan’s head with a punch and stopped the emperor’s cries.

“Are you dumb? Can’t you keep quiet? You vomited all over me. What did you eat? It’s so smelly! And you still want to cry for help? The demons outside will tear me into little pieces if they hear you!” She Tianba chided.

He listened closely to what was happening outside; it seemed that the demons were about to open the gate.

His punch had already sent Zhu Yan back into unconsciousness. It would be foolish of him to stick around any longer.

Damn it. This Zhu Yan is a true dumb*ss. I thought I could get some benefits by following you. But you lost the princess in the end, and you…! She Tianba was disappointed.

He turned and ran back to the annex hall, then left through the dungeon.


Wang Ke retreated through the tunnel, while the Wang Clan members were already a long way off. He was not in a hurry because having reached the tunnel was practically having succeeded in his eyes.

Even with a throng of demons guarding the princess, I still rescued her! All you demons are inferior when compared to me, hahaha! Wang Ke was proud of himself as he continued to traverse the tunnel.

But, just when he was feeling his best—


A loud explosion was heard throughout the entire Qing Capital. A spherical barrier loomed over the entire royal palace, shaking the entire capital.

The spherical barrier blocked everything, from the surface to even places underground, fully isolating the area.

Back in Wang Ke’s underground scene—a loud sound was heard up front. There was a glass-like panel blocking the path, cutting off his retreat route.


Wang Ke’s face smashed into the glass wall, erm no, the barrier.

“What is happening? What is this?” Wang Ke cried out in shock.


He even took out his flying sword to crack the barrier, but to no avail.

Wang Ke: “............................!”

He had already understood the situation. This barrier is being produced by a spell array?My big cousin-brother informed me that She Miejue was keeping the palace guards busy with errands when I arrived in the Qing Capital a few days ago. Was she setting up an array?

I was almost there! I almost made it out!And now I’m trapped in a spell array?

“What should I do now? Princess Youyue is no longer in the Empress' Residence. The demons will start searching once they find out. When they find me in the tunnel...” Wang Ke muttered to himself with a stiffened face.

This is a damned dead end!There’s nowhere to run!I’ll get caught!


It was too late to try escaping by digging another tunnel.

“Let’s go back. I should go back first and find a place to hide. Quick, quick, quick!” An anxious Wang Ke ran back toward the Empress' Residence.

But then… Wang Ke could faintly hear numerous thunders.



“Don’t kill me. I don’t want to die!”





“This... sounds like the voices of the demons. What is happening? What’s going on outside? Did Zhang Zhengdao return with reinforcements from the Golden Crow Sect? Are demons fighting the righteous faction?” Wang Ke was astonished.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.