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ZL - Chapter 1077: Surprise

The so called army meeting was just arranging who to defend which wall. Apart from that would be backend logistics like shifting cannons and weapons around. Tian Ling City was surrounded all around and was in a desperate state. Fortunately, the city had gathered large amounts of resources and as long as we could defend for 30 hours in real life and 5 days in game, that would be fine.


I headed up the wall again. Lochlan insisted on viewing the battle. A viewing tower was built on the west wall of Tian Ling City that could view this corner of the battle but won't be hit by Dragon Crystal Cannons too. Moreover, Lochlan's cultivation was getting better and better. The truth was even if he was hit, he wouldn't die either.

The city walls were covered in a sea of flames as dragon crystal cannons fired from the walls. But there was still a dense amount of players on the ground. There were people from Japan and Korea, some even from Philippines, Vietnam etc small servers. There were countless amounts of them. From afar, one could even see them at Butterfly Forest. Who knew how many we had to kill to make them retreat.

Vanguard, Mortal World, The Knights Templar etc were in charge of defending. At that moment, Jian Feng Han sliced down the players climbing up and Simple guarded behind him to toss spells down. The brother and sister duo weren't in a good state. Jian Feng Han's robe was dyed red and Simple's robe was pierced by many arrows. But there was no choice, Jian Feng Han had to go all out since the country war had reached such a stage. On the leaderboards, Jian Feng Han wasn't even in the top 10, he was 19th. In china he was 9th. For the 6th on the CBN leaderboards, that wasn't a good ranking.

A country war could make a hero. Pretty much all idol players relied on country wars or world events to become gods. After Destiny started, Jian Feng Han could be ranked in the top three. But as more elite players rose up, Ye Lai, Wan'er, Dong Cheng and me, these players dealt a huge blow to those old ones. If Jian Feng Han didn't go all out, his rankings would still drop.

I walked around slowly and instantly my shoulder was hit by a giant piece of stone. I slanted forwards and used my body to shatter that stone. I continued to walk forwards and that stunned the Vanguard players around. They probably didn't expect players to be unaffected after being hit by spells.


Right ahead, a siege chariot from the Philippines server was placed onto the wall. The iron door of the chariot was doused in white iron and it couldn't be blown apart. It caused dust to bellow on the walls. When the iron gate was placed down, dozens of Philippines players held their swords and spears and charged out.

I slashed with my blade and spun over like a spinning top. I slashed dozens of players off the walls while smashing into the chariot. I used Wind Carrying Slash and 15 golden streaks of light pierced through, ripping the siege chariot apart by the waist. The players and NPCs hidden within looked at me in shock but there was nothing they could do.

I returned back onto the wall and tossed Butterfly out with Blade Spin to kill people. I then walked forwards confidently.


Jian Feng Han slashed and a golden light shone. Holy Ghost Tier Three skill Cold Wind Sweep, he had trained it to level 19 too. Three slashes and a few Japanese players cried out as they fell off the walls. At the same time, Jian Feng Han was hit by two arrows He retreated and pulled the arrows out.

He drank a health potion and charged forwards, kicking a person off the wall. Another Vanguard cavalry and Jian Feng Han were together, waving their swords to slash off players who tried to charge up.

Finally, a few seconds later, Jian Feng Han saw me come and looked towards me with his bloodied sword, "Li Xiao Yao, you are finally back to Tian Ling City!"

I smiled, "Tian Ling City is China's old base, of course, I have to return."

Jian Feng Han said, "Are Zhan Long okay?"

"Apart from losing many levels, everything is okay." I was in a heavy mood.

Jian Feng Han smiled and said, "I have joined Heaven Planning Hall so Vanguard is restricted. I hope that you can understand that none of us was willing to see Fan Shu City get destroyed. But we had no choice, as compared to Nine Heavens City, Fan Shu City had to take a back seat."

I laughed, "En, we did have a chance to get Nine Heavens City but we failed in diplomacy. If we spoke with the small servers like Vietnam and Philippines and helped them, maybe we could use their 20 million."

Jian Feng Han laughed, "That is an ideal tactic. Think about it, will they really work with us? Probably not, we also didn't expect that the Indians would help Demon Mountain get Nine Heavens City."

I nodded and lowered my head. I saw player corpses all around me. Numerous players were using spells on the walls and Vanguard was under huge pressure.

I walked forwards and Simple welcomed me with the staff in her hands. She smiles, "Hi Xiao Yao."

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"Hi Beauty Simple."

Simple swept around my body and said, "Your equipment is so good now... Tsk, Xiao Yao, it was tough for all of you at Fan Shu City. I heard some news. Zhan Long's Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian etc died at least 3 times. What a pity."

I was a little sour, "What is the point in saying all this now, fortunately, Fan Shu City was defended. If not Zhan Long's sacrifice would be for nothing."

Simple said, "En, Zhan Long has restricted Iron Skull City, Moon City, Simple etc for five days. No matter what happens, Zhan Long is the hero and has done the most in this battle. But now we have to defend Tian Ling City first!"

I pulled out Butterfly and said, "Yes so Wan Er and I have come to assist Tian Ling City. As for the others from Zhan Long, they can't find their way in. Secondly, they lost too many levels and if they die again, it would be 8 levels. The price is too heavy so I ordered them to defend Flaming Cloud City. No matter what, as the guild leader I care for them."

Simple smiled, "En, a good Guild Leader is like that. Speaking of which, did you come here to help Vanguard defend?"

"En, you can say that. Whichever side needs help, I will head over!"



I remained on the west wall and jumped around to kill people. Icy Wings flashed behind me and I was like an iceman slaying people in the sky. My arrival reduced the pressure on the scouts flying in the air. I could fly too so those war eagles were definitely far weaker than me.

Smoke bellowed and the corpses on the wall despawned every hour. But they stacked more and more and we were pretty much stepping on corpses to battle.

Time passed bit by bit and in the blink of an eye, it was 11 pm on the 7th day. 13 more hours and the 2nd country war would end.

But Tian Ling City wasn't in a good state, it was really bad. The outer wall was tattered. Lee summoned a few more stone giants which smashed two deep holes on the south wall. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese charged in through the breach and were in the south square.

I couldn't split myself and could only defend on the walls. I ordered Situ Xin to repair it but he had fewer and fewer troops. There weren't enough Guards Army troops so we could only use the backup troops to shift the stone.


Right when we were killing, I got a voice message from my girlfriend Lin Wan Er--

"Piggy, I have an idea."

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"En, why?"

"Since Tian Ling City is being surrounded, why not we use Flaming Cloud City's troops? Li Mu, Wang Jian, Qing Qian are all talking... Look--" She shared a map with me and on it were a few marked points, "This is Philippines secondary city Fish City, another was Vietnam's Frost Flame City. These two secondary cities were located south of Flaming Cloud City and Waterfront City. Since their players were attacking Tian Ling City, why don't we send Zhan Long cavalry over to attack them and take them down? Even if we can't take them down, we can restrict their troops and make them retreat."


I was delighted and said, "Wan Er you are in charge of leading this!"

Lin Wan Er said, "Then I will head over to personally command them."

"En, good luck."


I had never suspected Lin Wan Er's intellect. Once I gave her troops, she could do unbelievable things. I believed that this wouldn't be an exception. Sometimes I was thinking that if I wasn't here, would Lin Wan Er be commanding Zhan Long to fight with Clear Black Eyes? The outcome would be really hard to comment on.

In the guild channel, Lin Wan Er had started to gather troops. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian etc higher ups gathered Furnace God Cavalry and Red Flame Cavalry. Even if they died many times they had to go too. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Zhan Long had no cowards and even if she didn't order them, they would still head over.

Lin Wan Er shared the video of the scenes. 30 thousand Zhan Long elites were gathered. Along with 70 thousand Flaming Cloud City cavalry, this was a decent army.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.