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PBS - Chapter 2231: Leaving Safely

"Why do you possess such a terrifying demonic will?" the eyes of Ruler Xueyu were filled with astonishment.

The Art of Dao Seeking and the Power of Rules he comprehended were leaning more toward the path of demon, thus he was quite familiar with it.

The demonic will Qin Nan had unleashed might not be as outstanding as his, but it was more advance in essence.

"Hang on, could it be the legendary..."

A random thought crossed Ruler Xueyu's mind and stirred up huge waves in his heart, "Could it be that the succession which belonged to Huangfu Jue in the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree is the Art of the Immortal Demon which he invented?"

The Art of the Immortal Demon was the greatest art related to the path of demon. It was something that every demon cultivator who knew its existence would dream of.

Two outstanding forces struck the hand he summoned as he was still in shock. The figures in the surroundings dispersed following some socking blasts.

Qin Nan's one hundred and three acupuncture points shuddered as an illusionary demon realm appeared behind him.

"Art of Taiyan!"

Qin Nan performed a hand seal and executed ten arts simultaneously.

Unlike his previous attempt, the Dao Arts and Master Arts were imbued with the Art of the Demon Immortal instead.

The best way to overwhelm a Ruler of Dao was by using the same Power of Rules.

"King of the Blood Netherworld!"

Ruler Xueyu quickly reacted. His body was covered in runes as his aura turned imperious and mystical. He unleashed wisps of power of the Netherworld to defend himself from the Dao Arts and Master Arts.

"Zhou Di was indeed a Supreme Highness! Not only did he come up with such an impressive plan prior to his death, he even tricked Huangfu Jue for so many years to claim the ownership of Huangfu Jue's Art of the Immortal Demon!" Ruler Xueyu exclaimed.

"That being said, it's a great opportunity for me too!"

Ruler Xueyue's eyes flickered passionately.

The Impenetrable Sacred Flesh was not that useful for him, but if he could claim Zhou Di's two greatest artifacts and Huangfu Jue's art, he might overcome the bottleneck that had been around for ten thousand years become a Heaven Highness.

By then, Eternal Night Heaven Highness would no longer be the strongest cultivator of the Primary Upper Realm!

"Hell of Blood!"

Ruler Xueyu immediately used his trump card!

The Realm of Blood shook vigorously as blood-red rays swiftly gathered into an enormous vortex.

A shocking aura burst out from it. Qin Nan tensed as he felt the enormous pressure.

"Die!" Ruler Xueyu uttered coldly.


An enormous hand reached out from it and grabbed at Qin Nan at a shocking pace.

Qin Nan's eyes widened. He felt like the hand was more like a world with the presence of the Great Dao.

No Master of Dao could possibly stand a chance against it!

However, he was not just an ordinary Master of Dao. His strength had already surpassed the Master Realm!

Qin Nan merged the sacred light, the demonic light, and the light in his eyes in the nick of time.

He also combined the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, the Art of the Immortal Demon, and the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking into the new power he had obtained!

Qin Nan's aura skyrocketed as if he had exceeded the Master Realm.

"What is happening?" Ruler Xueyu's eyes widened.

He somehow felt great pressure from Qin Nan!


Qin Nan let out a roar as he became one with the saber and turned into a ray of light soaring in the clouds before slashing at the enormous hand.

The Realm of Blood began to collapse as the area within a hundred thousand li was immersed in chaos.

The flags in the distance shook violently and shone brilliantly.

Ruler Xueyu had sealed the area so the fight would not attract the attention of others. Otherwise, the impact would be even more shocking.

"Demon Bones Heaven-Destroying Pagoda!" Ruler Xueyu's face darkened.

He did not expect Qin Nan to possess such an unusual strength!

However, his experience and trump cards were not to be underestimated either as a Ruler of Dao. He immediately took out a Dao-Seeking Weapon.

It was a huge pagoda made of pitch-black bones. Ghastly cries echoed in the sky as soon as it appeared.

A tremendous demonic light burst out of it.

Qin Nan immediately threw a punch at the Dao-Seeking Weapon.

He had turned into an ancient titan. His magnificent force was splitting the sky and the ground in half.

"Such extraordinary strength!" Ruler Xueyu gasped.

He was supposed to be a whole cultivation level stronger than Qin Nan!

"This isn't going to work. I have to join hands with the others!"

Ruler Xueyu instantly made up his mind. He transmitted his thought with the badges in his storage bag.

Although he was extremely confident in his own strength to defeat Qin Nan eventually, he decided to change his mind due to his careful personality.

The outcome of the clash between Qin Nan and the enormous hand had been decided. The forces from each side dissipated as they were equally matched. The remaining forces surged in all directions. 

Qin Nan was knocked a great distance away by the reactive force.

"I can't afford to stay any longer. I'm not strong enough to take on a Ruler of Dao in the Greater Success Stage!" Qin Nan concluded. He took hold of the opportunity to flew into the distance.

"You're not going anywhere!"

Ruler Xueyu chased after Qin Nan. The Demon Bones Heaven-Destroying Pagoda split into countless bones and loomed over Qin Nan like a huge net.

He also took out three purple-golden ancient talismans.


Qin Nan unleashed the power of his eyes. The Dao-Melting Immortal Flames burned the ancient talismans into ashes before Ruler Xueyu could activate them.

"How is his eye-technique so powerful too?"

Ruler Xueyu was dumbfounded.

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