Chapter 2230: Luring the Snake Out of the Cave, Part Two
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2230: Luring the Snake Out of the Cave, Part Two

Ruler Xueyu smiled, "I can't wait to see how strong the so-called strongest Ancient Flesh is."

Qin Nan's eyes widened.

A terrifying aura burst out of Ruler Xueyu's body. The sky and the ground within a hundred thousand li and the Great Dao were shaking vigorously.

In addition to it, blood-red chains emerged from his back like dragons, as if a monster was extending its tentacles.

The chains were putting Qin Nan under great pressure.


One of the chains thrust at Qin Nan's chest with the speed of lightning.

"It's fast!"

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat. He immediately unleashed the power of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh to defend himself.

Qin Nan was extremely bold. He wanted to see the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh's performance against an expert in the Ruler Realm in a grim situation like this.


Qin Nan felt a thud on his chest. He was knocked over a few thousand zhang away before he came to a stop. There were two cuts on his arms.

His blood fell to the ground and turned into sacred grass.

"Crimson Emperor Saber Intent!"

Qin Nan did not hesitate. He quickly summoned the Heaven-Shattering Saber while unleashing the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking.


A burning saber intent immediately tore the rift apart.

Ruler Xueyu remained still. The chains behind him sprang forward. Half of them went at the saber intent while the other half locked down Qin Nan like deadly snakes.

Qin Nan moved backed and forth like lightning arcs while firing saber intents like a downpour.


A series of explosions took place.

The sky shattered and the ground collapsed. Shocking rare phenomena occurred in the vicinity.

Even the lake Qin Nan discovered recently had evaporated because of the impact.

"Mm?" Ruler Xueyu's eyes flickered with astonishment.

He did not expect Qin Nan's mastery of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh to be so outstanding. He was able to merge its strength and will with his Dao Arts and Master Arts to strengthen them.

"Art of Taiyan!"

Qin Nan moved closer to Ruler Xueyu with the Sky-Stride Blow and slashed at him.

A space of illusion appeared as Qin Nan split into almost a thousand mirror images, each executing a different art.

Coexistence of the Ten Arts!

"As expected of Zhou Di's reincarnation, you've mastered the Coexistence of Ten Arts when you are only in the Master Realm!" Ruler Xueyu exclaimed.

His body expanded rapidly and reached a height of ninety-nine zhang in the blink of an eye.

A tremendous power burst out from his blood like the wrath of the Great Dao.


Qin Nan's Dao Arts and Master Arts were nullified in less than two seconds.

Qin Nan was startled. He immediately summoned the Dao Pattern.

The Dao Pattern's surface had turned gray like there was nothing on it, yet if anyone were to observe closely, they would see the land, mountains, and rivers shifting constantly. They were in an endless cycle of destruction and rejuvenation.

"Suppress it!"

Qin Nan fully unleashed the power of the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh as he controlled the Dao Pattern to suppress his opponent.

"Thousand Sacred Blood Fist!"

Ruler Xueyu jumped and dived at Qin Nan. Blood-red rays gathered on his right arm as if he had put on a piece of ancient gauntlet as he threw a punch forward.

Everything within ten thousand li was crushed into pieces.

Qin Nan's Dao Pattern was knocked back into his body by the tremendous force. He too was knocked back by the overwhelming impact.

Blood was leaking out of his lips.

Qin Nan felt a great chill running down his spine.

Ruler Xueyu was already above him. He still had a smile on his face like he was very approachable.

He performed a hand seal and shoved it at Qin Nan.


The world began to change tremendously.

Everything turned blood-red as if it was covered in fresh blood, inflicting fear on anyone that was looking at it.

Blood-red chains emerged in every direction and combined into ancient swords, immortal sabers, halberds, and other weapons. They flew at Qin Nan without any gap between them.

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"Power of the Rules?"

Qin Nan trembled. He could sense the remarkable and mysterious power from them.

He could also see great danger approaching through his eye-technique. It was constantly shifting, making it unpredictable.

It turned out that Ruler Xueyu was also using a Combination of Arts!

"I only saw five arts so far. It's most likely only the first round of attacks!"

A thought crossed Qin Nan's mind in the nick of time. He immediately made up his mind and unleashed the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking.

The sacred light in his body flickered as if it was purifying everything within its coverage.


Qin Nan was soon covered in wounds and blood as the attacks poured down on him.

"It's been so many years. The Heavens have finally given me a chance to alter my destiny!"

Ruler Xueyu was overwhelmed by excitement.

"Shadow of Blood, where Hell is, sigh of demons, and hands of devils!"

Ruler Xueyu went above Qin Nan and placed his hand on Qin Nan's head.

Blood runes immediately spread in all directions.

Thousands of figures appeared in the Realm of Blood, each murmuring an ancient curse under their breath. It soon surpassed the Great Dao and reacted with the Rules.

It was an ancient secret art which was capable of sealing off a cultivator, including their will and Divine Sense.

Killing Qin Nan was not going to bring Ruler Xueyu any benefits. He believed Qin Nan was only useful if he was kept alive.


A different aura emerged within Qin Nan, followed by a tremendous demonic intent.

His body suddenly transformed with half of it imbued by the sacred light while the other half was demonizing. However, the look in his eyes was still the same.


Qin Nan nullified the attacks around him and broke free from the Blood Runes.

"Slash of the Immortal Demon!"

The Heaven-Shattering Saber left Qin Nan's hand.

"Fist of the Thousand Rules!"

He moved swiftly while emitting sacred light from his fists.

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