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ZL - Chapter 1067- Rebuilding army

"We request judgement!"

Under the goddess statue at the center of the square, a slave owner tied to a wooden pole objected. He was so fat such that the few Demon Hall Cavalry didn't know how to tie him up when they tried. The gaps of the rope caused huge pieces of fats to be squeezed out. He hollered, "Goddess's Tears is a trading market, you can't trample our city. Damn, there should be someone decent who speaks for us right? These black cavalry only know how to kill people and release slaves?"

There were 100+ other slave owners tied up with this fatty. These were the true owners of Goddess's Tears and they were the masters of all the slaves. 100+ of them were tied to rows of wooden poles and were being burnt in the son.


"Tick tick..."

The God Dragon Horse walked on the streets and there were many wooden poles at the sides with corpses stabbed on it. Most of them were decomposing and a lot of them had died terribly. Their bodies were pierced by wood and eagels were circling them. At 5 meters near me, a black crane pecked an eyeball from one of the corpses.

I frowned and didn't avoid. I looked around and below the corpses were the names of the dead. Slaves who escaped, that was the reason for their deaths. Slaves were private products and they didn't have their own thoughts nad freedom. If they tried to escape, they had to die. This was the basic laws of the slave system.

Such an ugly law.

On the sides of the streets were slaves that were handcuffed. Some were young, some were old, some were males, some were females. There were some so young that their mothers were hugging them. The old ones were around 50 years old. If they were slightly older they wouldn't be able to work anymore. The masters naturally wouldn't let such trash live. The male ones were all naked while the female ones were not well developed due to the lack of nutrition.

I sat on top of my horse and looked really different from everyone. Maybe to them, I was the true conquerer?

I arrived at the center and there were more here. The slave master's army were killed and the Demon Hall Cavalry stood at the sides to maintain order. Like what I ordered them to, they didn't make a sound if not they would have been exposed. If the slaves realised that they were hybrid demons, it would cause panic and naturally I wouldn't be able to use them.


A two star God Tier Boss said, "Following your instructions, all the slave owners have been gathered below the statue. There are also 100 thousand slaves."

I nodded, it was time for me to speak.

That fat slave master was still shouting at me in rage, "Damn, who are you, are you mercenaries from afar? If you really are then you should follow rules. You can't attack the free city! If you need money, release us. Goddess's Tears's lord will hand out gold. 1 million how about that?"

I looked at him and laughed coldly.

The fatty's body shook, "It might be too little, 5 million, how about that?"


"Ah? Sir do you think it is too little? Okay, Goddess's Tears is a trading market and it has a lot of gold. We can take 20 million out. Is that okay? Sir!"

Based on the current gold and RMB ratio,

20 million gold was equivalent to 3 million RMB. But as compared to Moon City, this wasn't much at all.

I raised my arm and opened my fingers, "Demon Hall Cavalry get ready, kill all the slave masters after a minute. Leave non of them alive!"

"Damn!" The fatty shouted, "You demon, who are you? You... What gives you the right to do such a thing to Goddess's Tears?"

I looked at him and said loudly, "What did the slaves do wrong such that they are pierced by wood until they died? Life is precious and free. What gave you the rights to do that to all of them? !"

Life is precious and free!

When those words were said, the slaves all opened their eyes and looked at me. Everyone was shocked. Right, they were slaves and probably never dare think about freedom. Their parents were slaves and they were slaves. But didn't all of them crave freedom?

I pulled out butterfly and looked at the hundred thousand slaves. I flew into the sky and said with my loudest possible voice, "No one can take away your power, your dignity and your freedom. You shouldn't be trapped here. Today, I am here to pardon you with the identity of Moon City's Lord, to give you freedom!"

I took out Moon City's token and raised it up, "Remove your handcuffs and pick up the weapoins of the dead. Follow me back to Moon City and you will become warriors. The women can cook and wash, the kids can sew and get timber. The blacksmiths can pick up your hammers and the fighters can get weapons. All of you are not slaves, you will be the future owners of Moon City. Are you willing?"

The moment I said that, I was delighted. My words were just so fitting of the atmosphere, I was just a genius! 、


But the slaves were stunned. My words had exceeded what they knew. A bunch of muscular guys walked to the front and one of them looked at me, "I am a fighter, I only know how to use my fresh blood and killing of others to make my master happy. But sir, if you save us and give us dignity and freedom, I am willing to hand my life to you, to fight for you!"

I nodded, "Men, remove their handcuffs!"

The few Demon Hall Cavalry slashed their cuffs. More and more of them knelt down and very quickly, hundreds of thousands of them knelt down. More and more slaves knew that light was here.

I looked around and then raised my palms up, "Rise, I am not your master, you don't have to kneel to me. From today, you only kneel to your parents, the emperor and the heavens. You will live with pride. Men, unlock the cuffs and lead them to Moon City!"

"Yes, sir!"

At the same time, the 100+ slave owners were killed on the wooden poles. I was much more merciful than them and offered them a clean death. Unlike them who stabbed the slaves to the wooden poles for them to bleed to death. Many of them bodies were pecked by birds when they weren't dead yet. Maybe, such a system had no humanity at all. The slave owners didn't treat the slaves as people. They were just labor, entertainment and things for pleasure.


After two hours, Goddess's Tears was released and the slaves were led back towards Moon City. Although a portion of them tried to flee, they were controlled. I wasn't so kind to let them leave. Moon City was nearly wiped out and the population had greatly reduced. We needed them to make up the numbers.

The slaves walked really slowly and we took another 2 hours to arrive at Moon City. Moon City's Hybrid Demon had retreated and a beautiful figure was in the sky. I flew over and saw that it was Lanais holding her bow. She smiled, "It seems like you have succeeded and obtained everyone from Goddess's Tears?"

I smiled, "En, I was lucky."

"What should I do. I have moved the hybrid demon army to the Broken Stone Forest but the death energy is still not enough."


I pointed at the east, "Millions of people will attack Moon City soon. Lead the hybrid demon army to kill them in Moon Valley."

Lanais smiled, "Those are adventurers from Moon City right?"


"Okay, I know. I shall hand the city to you. But can I get my 200 thousand Demon Hall Cavalry back? Since I want to kill them in Moon Valley, naturally these cavalry would be good."

"Leave 50 thousand for me, I shall give them back to you after two hours."



Moon City still had a small number of players and NPCs that were fighting back. If I had no soldiers, how would they yeild to me? At least, I couldn't let them go before I had my own army.

The Hybrid Demon army headed towards Moon Valley to ambush, leaving me an empty Moon City.

Moon City, south square.

I started to build my own army. I held Butterfly and stood high above the city, "Those good and fighting please come out and take your weapons and armor. We will build Moon City's first army."

One slave said, "Sir, we only use weapons and rarely use armor. The heavy armor will affect our movement speed."

I smiled, "No, armor will reduce your speed but it can increase your defence. You will learn how to fight together. From today onwards, you are not slaves but warriors of Moon City."

He nodded and fighting spirit rose up in his eyes, "Understood sir!"

I asked, "Who is strongest here?"

A 1.9 meter tall warrior walked out with pride. But when he looked at me, he appeared more respectful, "Sir, I obtained first during the last fighting competition."

I looked at him. Good fellow, his build was really amazing, he was even stronger than I was when I had worked out. His chest muscles were even bigger than Lin Wan Er's...

"What is your name?"

"Lightning Umbrella, sir!"

"Good!" I ordered, "I name you as the commander of Moon City's first army, select those good at fighting and hand weapons and armor to them. For the near future, the duty of protecting Moon City will fall on you."

"Yes, sir!"

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