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ZL - Chapter 1074- Nothing to say

Hall. After a few hours in game, I could finally take a break.

Simple food was placed on the table. Pumpkin porridge, bread, fruits and also a lamb thigh. The thigh was bought from outside as the chef couldn't barbecue it right away. I felt that we were online for too long and were tired so we should eat something light. However, Dong Cheng and Wan Er demanded to eat meat, so...


I used the knife to slice off two steaming hot pieces of lamb. I passed one to Lin Wan Er and then ate a mouth. It was pretty good and I started to wolf it down.

Dong Cheng Yue pouted, "Scoff, you only know how to feed your girlfriend, what about me?"

I was speechless and helped cut one piece for her.

Tang Qi ate for a moment before raising his head, "Xiao Yao, you took down Moon City by yourself?"

"En, yes, why?"

"Damn..." He raised an oily thumb towards me.

I said, "Wan'er, how is the Waterfront City situation? Did Demon Mountain attack Waterfront City?"


Lin Wan Er was a little speechless, "Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple are attacking quite fiercely. Moreover, Clear Black Eyes is really smart and sent 2 million troops to attack the empty Flaming Cloud City. Flaming Cloud City has at most a million defending players and that is not enough. I had brought the NPC army out already."

I smiled, "No worries, I will send a message to Qing Qian. Once Fan Shu City is safe, we will assist Flaming Cloud City. At least 30 thousand Zhan Long cavalry can be sent. These 30 thousand can compete with 500 thousand. Once they head over, Flaming Cloud City will be safe."

"En en, that would be for the best!"

I also said, "What about Demon Mountain?"

"Demon Mountain and 7K has gathered their troops near Three Blade Mountain and aren't attacking. It seems like they are waiting to kill steal. They are waiting for the Indians to waste their strength before attacking."

I frowned, "Unfortunately our China region troops are too scattered. We suffered too many losses to take down Nine Heavens City. If not, with 10 million troops, I would be able to defend Waterfront City!"

I nodded, "Yes... We made too many enemies and it is just too tough!"

I looked towards Tang Qi and asked, "Tang Qi, defend with Q-Sword at Tian Ling City. How is the situation there? Is it safe?"

Tang Qi pouted, "Scoff, what safe. The Koreans and Japanese gathered 30 million players to pillage and kill around Tian Ling City. Let's just say that apart from the NPCs that escaped to Tian Ling City, Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City, the rest were all killed!"

My heart felt cold, "The students in War College were all killed?"

"Yes, if not what."

"They are so shameless... They want to wipe us out."

"Right, fortunately... They were blocked out at Fire Crystal Basin!"

I was shocked, "The barbarian tribe is there right? Did they?"

Tang Qi shook his head, "Don't worry, the barbarians are really strong. The Japanese guilds wanted to wipe out the Fire Crystal Basin but the archers at the fort shot them so badly. They wanted to preserve troops so they retreated, apart from that..."

He touched his nose and smiled

"Fan Shu City is defended but Swirling Abyss City and Iron Skull City's 20 million troops have crossed War God River and headed towards Tian Ling City. All the pressure is on Tian Ling City. Is there anything you want to say about that?"

I hugged my arms and smiled, "Legend and Hero Mound are all at Tian Ling City, if you are unable to defend it then all of you are a disgrace."

Tang Qi was shocked, "You are not planning to assist Tian Ling City?"

I laughed coldly, "When Fan Shu City was surrounded, I asked for help so many times but you idiots only focused on fame and fortune. Who assisted Fan Shu City?" Now is good. Fan Shu City is safe and Tian Ling City is in trouble. Now you will know the pain!"

Tang Qi was a little helpless, "You make sense, I have nothing to say..."

I, "..."

A few minutes later, I asked, "Within Tian Ling City's borders, have all the guild bases been crushed?"

"Right, but they can recover it after the battle." Tang Qi said.

"That is good, if not that would be a big loss."


After eating, I took a bath and when I was wearing my clothes, Lin Wan Er walked in. Her hair was wet as she had just finished showering. She had a biscuit in her hands and she asked, "Do you want?"

"Nope." I smiled and hugged her, "If you missed me just come, why did you have to bring a gift..."

Lin Wan Er's face flushed red, "Damn, will you die if you didn't expose me!"

I kissed her lips and she didn't struggle. She wrapped her hands around my waist. We kissed without even closing the curtains. Until I was about to go all in, she pointed at the door, "My cousin is back..."

I smiled and touched her hair, "I wasn't able to spend time with you recently even in game, really sorry."

She smiled, "No. You promised my father to take down the seven cities. It is so tough for one person to complete it. As your girlfriend, how can I not work together with you? Don't worry, Waterfront City will end perfectly."


I touched her head and she rested in my arms. I remembered my father telling me that girls were like cats. If you touched them more they would be more well-behaved. His tone was filled with disdain but I remembered that he didn't have many women. It seemed like he did many wrong things when he was young.


After waking up, it was already 8 pm, the 6th country war day!

I washed up and ate food. When I went online I was notified that there were 40 hours till the end of the country war. Currently, 4 of the 7 primary cities were under Chinese hands. Tian Ling City, Moon City, Flaming Cloud City, Waterfront City. But Waterfront City was surrounded and it was probably going to be lost.

I was online in Fan Shu City and there were very few players here, very few of us were defending the walls. Many War Hawk Knights were released and if large groups came to attack, we would know right away. Which was why there was no need to maintain wariness.

I opened the guild channel and noticed that it was really hot. The Flaming Cloud City seemed to be really intense---

Li Mu, "You didn't expect it right? Drunk Maple led 2 million elites to attack Flaming Cloud City and surprise us!"

I asked, "Where is everyone?"

"Flaming Cloud City!" Li Mu said, "Drunk Maple really has balls. She tried to take down Flaming Cloud City with so few people. Damn, I would like to see her try!"

"How many of you are defending?" I asked.

Dancing Forest said, "1.56 million but half are really low level with poor equipment. We aren't Conquer the World's match at all. The 70 thousand Zhan Long players are all here. Fan Shu City is defended by 400 thousand of our allies. In the morning, Qing Qian used all the resources to recruit NPC troops."

"En, great. Hold on everyone, I will be coming to Flaming Cloud City!"



I used Icy Wings and flew towards Flaming Cloud City and my fastest speed. In less than half an hour I was past Fire Elephant City. It was really calm but around it was already smoke. Drunk Maple found dozens of Dragon Crystal Cannons and was firing at Flaming Cloud City. Luckily the walls of Flaming Cloud City was strong and the few dozen Dragon Crystal Cannons couldn't do much to us.

I dove down into the crowd and after killing people with Butterfly to stack my Bloodthirst to 200 stacks, I flew back onto the walls. Icy Wings was just a god technique. It was a god skill that allowed one to attack, defend and escape.

Actually, Drunk Maple wanted to kill me but there was nothing he could do. Moreover, because I existed, he didn't dare to fight close up. Once I got close, it would be asking for him to leave. Zhan Long had many experts and it wouldn't be tough for 3-4 players to use our skills and ultimates to insta kill him. He was also the top Indian player and if he died, it would affect morale.

After four hours of fighting, I knew that Flaming Cloud City would be defended.

Drunk Maple launched two charges but they were unable to enter. However, most of the iron drills used to hit the gates were broken. At this time, Drunk Maple definitely needed a type of sieging weapon like my Violet Thunder Tank. Unfortunately, he didn't have such a skill.


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A message came from Lin Wan Er, "Piggy, Clear Black Eyes has broken through the south gate. There are too many of them, my 400 thousand NPC troops might die here..."

My heart felt pained, "En, good luck, I will head over to take a look!"


I left Flaming Cloud City's friends and flew towards Waterfront City. In just 20 minutes I arrived. As expected, the city was surrounded and it was a mess!

But the moment I arrived, I heard war drums. Iron cavalry charged from Three Blade Mountain. They were from Nine Heavens City. People from 7K and Cold Winter were among them. They didn't use much strength and managed to charge through the Indians. The top Indians were in the south and at Flaming Cloud City so naturally the rest couldn't block them.

When Cold Winter was there, I received a message from 7K's San. After confirming, his message appeared, "Guild Leader let your goddess open the city gate. I will let my people move aside and allow her to bring the NPC army out."

I was shocked, "What do you mean?"

"We just want Waterfront City but not be enemies with China. Do you understand?"


I had no other choice. Strength and numbers were placed right in front of us. Even if Lin Wan Er didn't open the gate, they would still breakthrough.

Thus, after discussing with Lin Wan Er, I descended above the east gate.


"Hua hua..."

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Little White waved its wings and Lin Wan Er rode on its neck to lead the NPC army and players out. She looked at 7K and Cold Winter warily. The moment they moved, she would order Little White to burn them all. I believe in my girlfriend's decisiveness and also Little White's strength.

"Calm! Calm!"

A short distance away was a beautiful female Warrior. She was Portugal's Purple Wind Flute, the owner of the Ancient Imperial City. She smiled and she was a typical European beauty. She was different from Lin Wan Er and looked a little wilder. She was less exquisite.

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