Chapter 1075- Dragon that deserves to be beaten up
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Zhan Long Chapter 1075- Dragon that deserves to be beaten up

I relaxed my wings and flew alongside Lin Wan Er who was on the dragon. Butterfly was still dripping blood. All of the blood was from killing the Indian region players in the city. I flew and looked warily at the surrounding Nine Heavens City players. 7K, Purple Wind Flute etc guilds had battled with Heaven Planning Hall at Nine Heavens City. Now that they were letting the 400 thousand NPC army leave, I really didn't understand what they were doing.

Moreover, Waterfront City had at least 500 thousand China players that flew out of the city. There was no point in continuing to fight. If they continued defending, they would just end up back at Tian Ling City dead. There was no need for such unneeded resistance.

I stopped in mid air and didn't move. Lin Wan Er rode the dragon opposite me. We looked at the China region NPC and players leave. Rather than say that we were chased out of Waterfront City, we were asked to leave. Nine Heavens City had given us face.


But it was obvious that Wan'er was unhappy to lose Waterfront City. She had grabbed it but someone else snatched it. This little girlfriend definitely wasn't feeling good.

I felt that giving up Waterfront City was a wise choice. let the Indians and Nine Heavens City fight. If that was the case, Tian Ling City would be under less trouble. That was what I was happy to see.

The NPC and players that left Waterfront City headed towards Flaming Cloud City. That place was more like a china region primary city. Moreover, there were enough defensive troops. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian etc were all there. Mu Xuan and Ye Lai also led Appearance Alliance and Judgement to assist Flaming Cloud City. At least during this country war, we were able to ensure that Flaming Cloud City was not lost!

Actually, I had a chess game planned and the most important opposing pieces were Nine Heavens City, the Indians, Americans and the Russians. These three chess pieces were lethal to us. Now that two of them were fighting while the Americans and Russians were attacking Tian Ling City with the Japanese and Koreans, this meant that Flaming Cloud City was safe. If not I would have a headache.

While the China players left Waterfront City, Nine Heavens City and the Indians were clashing.

7K, Purple Wind Flute etc guilds from Nine Heavens City was strong but Clear Black Eyes wasn't weak either. To take down Waterfront City, 7K and Purple Wind Flute had to take some losses.


I landed on Little White and Lin Wan Er turned around to hug me.

I hugged her and didn't say anything. She definitely didn't feel good. Wan Er was a strong girl and hoped that she could help me during the country war. Unfortunately, Zhan Long and the NPC army were all in my hands. It was a miracle that Wan Er could take down Waterfront City. Even if she had Clear Black Eyes's intelligence, she didn't have any troops and couldn't do much. After all, how did Clear Black Eyes cause so many miracles? She had tens of millions of people that she could command while Lin Wan Er had only a million. The gap was huge.

I tapped her back and said, "Don't worry, Waterfront City will be back soon or later."

"I know, I am just unhappy."

"It is fine..."



When we got back to Flaming Cloud City, the people that Drunk Maple brought over had retreated. He knew that attacking Flaming Cloud City was just a waste of time. Without enough NPC cannons, they wouldn't be able to shake this city. Moreover, it was too late to dig any tunnels.

On Flaming Cloud City, a Tian Ling Empire flag was waving in the wind. On the side was a red five star flag. This flag was by players and that meant that this city belonged to China. For Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple, this flag should be really eye piercing right? Actually... They too would like to place India's flag on Tian Ling City right?

Ye Lai was right, in such war games, you either be the wolf or the sheep. There was no other choice.

After entering Flaming Cloud City, Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian reported the battlefield details. Fan Shu City had stopped. The Americans and Russians had lost interest or rather they had suffered too many losses so they turned towards Tian Ling City. Now, Tian Ling City had around 50 million people in the borders, which was 2-3 times the number of Chinese players. Moreover, Sky Rose was on the way to attack Tian Ling City.

I looked at the scoreboards and my points were high above. The other Zhan Long members were quite high too--

1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) Country War Achievement Points: 1142140

2. Fang Ge Que (China) Country War Achievement Points: 971020

3. Sky Rose (America) Country War Achievement Points: 892710

4. Brown Eyes (Russia) Country War Achievement Points: 870020

5. Cang Yue (China) Country War Achievement Points: 852010

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6. Drunk Maple (India) Country War Achievement Points: 812230

7. 7K San (Holland) Country War Achievement Points: 771290

8. Demon Mountain (Germany) Country War Achievement Points: 7662200

9. Mu Xuan (China) Country War Achievement Points: 742910

10. For Love (Portugal) Country War Achievement Points: 721220


Dong Cheng Yue and I were within the top 10. At 11-20, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands were there. For a guild to have 6 in the top 20 was really shocking. Moreover, we had many from 21-100. Wang Jian, Death God's Elegy, Li Meng Yao etc were high ranked. This was probably due to the three servers surrounding Fan Shu City. Such rankings were due to them too.

I sucked in a deep breath and I actually felt like laughing. No matter what, Zhan Long had done well in this country war. We did our best. Next was up to Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Wang Zecheng etc to defend Tian Ling City.

Wang Jian held the bloody sword and galloped over, "Brother Xiao Yao, Tian Ling City is being surrounded, what should we do? Should we... Assist them and help them from the outside?"


My hands shook a little, "I want to too but we lost too many brothers. If we head to Tian Ling City, we will lose 4 levels per death. The price is huge. Moreover, after dying our resistance is not enough and we would be at a disadvantage."

No matter what, I was the Zhan Long guild leader and I had to think for my brothers. I couldn't let them risk their lives and give the spoils of war to those people.

Yue Qing Qian smiled, "We really want to help Tian Ling City but the videos have passed back. Tian Ling City is surrounded in many layers and I heard that at least 10 miles of land is covered. Even the NPC village 20 miles away has many people from the small servers. Can you imagine?"

Lin Wan Er said, "I got the news that Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City are surrounded too. But luckily those players are from the small servers. Just the players and NPCs there should be able to defend these two secondary cities. The main problem is still Tian Ling City. If we don't do anything, Tian Ling City might be lost."

I said, "Forget it, we have no choice... I haven't died since the start. I can fly too. Let me represent Zhan Long... You defend in Fan Shu City. Our mission now is to defend Flaming Cloud City and then pay attention to Fan Shu City. We have to protect both Fan Shu City and Flaming Cloud City."

Li Mu nodded, "Okay understood!"

Lin Wan Er pulled my hand and smiled, "We have nothing to do so why not I head to Tian Ling City with you?"

"En, fetch me?"



The spine of Little White was really wide and many could sit on it. Thus, I charged onto Little White's back as he charged into the sky. The giant dragon flew into the clouds towards Tian Ling City. I hugged my girlfriend's waist. I didn't expect Little White to be so protective, to roar and suddenly flip.


I grabbed its scales so that I didn't fall off. Lin Wan Er laughed, "Did you see this, Little White is so righteous. He doesn't like scums!"

The silver dragon turned around and stared at me.


I pulled out my blade, "This dragon deserves to be beaten up. Let me pierce a hole through it!"

"Don't..." Lin Wan Er giggled and hugged my arm, "Little White is very nice, don't bully it. Wait, Tian Ling City is there..."

The silver dragon was really quick. When we charged out of the cloud layer, Tian Ling City's outline could be seen. But when we looked at the ground, we felt soul shocked. Tens of miles were all around. Flags danced in the wind and people shouted. Moreover, many cannons were firing at Tian Ling City's walls. They had started to attack.

"Be careful, sneak attack!"

Lin Wan Er exclaimed. Many eagles charged over. These eagles were the natural enemies of War Hawk Knights and Flame Hawk Archers. They had killed many of ours.


I stood up and Wall of Douqi appeared around my armor. I jumped up and used Death God's Dance+ Sword Tempest to slash into the crowd. When my arms and face were being clawed at, I used Wind Carrying Slash and instantly a golden light shone in the sky. The eagles cried out as they fell to the ground.

Lin Wan Er waved her daggers and her blade of the death god exploded among the eagles. Along with Little White's breath, a bunch of eagles was burnt to ash.

"Ang ang..."

The eagles bit at the dragon's body, unfortunately, this was a dragon and its scales couldn't be pierced at all, much less an eagle's claws?

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