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ZL - Chapter 1072- Painful price


Killing intent appeared in Seven Feather's eyes as he charged over on his horse. He had his swords in his hands but he didn't attack yet. Such an opponent was really terrifying as he could attack from any anger. He was a real killer that attacked with no frills and nothing extravagant. Maybe Seven Feather wasn't a sword cultivator in real life but in the game, he was a master of the killing arts.

I stood in the cold win and the battle was brewing. The wind caused my cape to flutter. The white cape was dyed red and on it were holes left by spears and arrows. I didn't look as majestic as Tian Ling Empire and Zhan Long's Guild Leader should.

I sent Zhen Yue Sword forwards and charged. I would use Zhen Yue Sword to open the path ahead!

Shock flashed in Seven Feather's eyes and he instantly understood that I was an expert too. He actually flicked his sword upwards and while pushing Zhen Yue Sword aside, he stored energy in his left fist. A red fist landed on my chest!


Such a strong attack, Explosive Thunder Fist, Grade Two Saint Spirit skill!

The moment it was about to hit my chest, I reacted quickly. A golden star flashed and I used Double Hit on his back!




But it only hit 3 times. The other three hits was flicked aside by Seven Feather and dodged by his movement. Although it wasn't Pulse Breaking Style but it was really similar.


Yue Qing Qian sent me a message, "Brother Xiao Yao, I am in stealth on the right. Sneak attack with me, let's kill Seven Feather!"


I activated Death God's Dance and the surrounding players took damage. Naturally Seven Feather wasn't willing to continue battling me and he tried to leave. I raised my sword and used Seven Star Fragment Slash to slash at where he had to pass. I forced him to move towards Yue Qing Qian.

"Oh my god!"

Seven Feather didn't expect me to use skills so decisively. As expected, he charged towards the right. Yue Qing Qian's beautiful figure was in stealth there. I locked onto that position to move and I had to assist if not she would definitely not be his match. Seven Feather's mechanics and game sense was above Yue Qing Qian, his equipment was also better than her!


Suddenly, Seven Feather shouted and slashed into the sky. At the same time, light rippled and he used a combo towards the area in front of him!


My heart felt cold, how did he know Yue Qing Qian was there?

In the next moment, I understood. He was predicting. What confirmed her position was the combo's light. Yue Qing Qian's body stopped the light and this was what made Seven Feather sure. What a smart person!

The moment he used his combo, Yue Qing Qian's health started to drop. She went all out. The moment her chest was pierced, she waved her dagger, she used Gouge!

Stun success!

Any top expert had an invincibility technique but Yue Qing Qian was pretty much insta killed and she only had time to use gouge. However, this Gouge could last for 2 seconds. I rushed across and my body was covered in golden light.

In the distance, Light Dance Tempo and Encounter shouted but it was too late. I used Wind Carrying Slash and sent Seven Feather back to Iron Skull City!

Moreover, I had the special effect which prevented Seven Feather from reviving in 60 minutes!


But looking at Yue Qing Qian's body fall, I felt heartpained. To kill Seven Feather, Zhan Long lost a deputy guild leader.

I couldn't use Invincible Body to kill Seven Feather as he had an invincibility technique too. A chance to kill such a top expert would disappear. Yue Qing Qian used her life to exchange for such a chance, a chance for me to kill him before he used his invincibility technique!

Two bells rang at the same time---


System Notification: Player Seven Feather (America) has successfully killed player Yue Qing Qian (China), obtained 10% of her country war achievement points!


System Notifications: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) successfully killed player Seven Feather (America), obtained 10% of his country war achievement points!


In the distance, the battle continued. Wang Jian had low health and he retreated with Broken Ocean Sword. His face was filled with rage. Behind him, Sky Rose was finally here!

"Dong Cheng, does Aisha's Staff's skill have CD?" I looked upwards.

Dong Cheng Yue was speechless, "I used it 4 hours ago, I have to wait another 8 hours..."

I flew towards Sky Rose, we couldn't wait any more. If I waited, Wang Jian and Li Mu would die again. Although I was confident in these two brothers, but... The difference in strength was there. Sky Rose's equipment, skills and level was definitely top three in the world. Maybe she was first.

"Wang Jian, head towards me!" I said loudly.

Wang Jian smiled, "No need, Brother Xiao Yao, I will create a chance for Li Mu and you!"

He retreated and started to move backwards. He raised Broken Ocean Sword and used its special skill. What we didn't expect was for ripples to slash out. A huge wave exploded in the crowd and Sky Rose was hit. Naturally, she wasn't able to dodge.

However, a peak expert was still a peak expert as they were able to do things that normal players couldn't imagine. The moment he waved his blade, Sky Rose smiled and used Blade Rush. Her body turned into a streak of lightning that charged out of the waves. She locked onto Wang Jian and used Magma Blade on Wang Jian's chest.


Wang Jian's invincibility skill was on CD, or rather... After using Broken Ocean he didn't have enough rage value and was killed!


System Notification: Player Sky Rose (America) has successfully killed player Wang Jian (China), obtained 10% of his country war achievement points!


A seven star formation shone in the sky and I charged in front of Sky Rose. I used Binding Chains to lock her retreat path and swept Zhen Yue Sword. Sparks flew on her chest plate and it dealt 51023 damage. At the same time, I used Sword Tempest and Trampling Thunder together. I was using all my skills to attack.

Sky Rose was down to low health but she was still calm. After blocking my next strike, she retreated. She used the next Blade Rush to attack Li Mu.

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"Li Mu, invincibility!" I shouted.

Li Mu's reaction speed was still slower and Sky Rose's dragon bone sword shone. It turned into a giant dragon that wrapped around Li Mu. It actually silenced skill usage and Li Mu couldnt move. She waved and Li Mu's health was dropping. I chased quickly too. Sky Rose saw that she couldn't kill Li Mu and retreated.

But, Li Mu wasn't terrified and with just less than 10% health, he charged and chased Sky Rose. He used Thousand Man Enemy and knocked onto her chest!


Smashing Buzhou Mountain!

Sky Rose cried out and that hit was really painful. Even after using a health potion, she had less than 15% health left. But Li Mu had lesser. He was burning from the mount and was down to less than 6%.


Sky Rose's sword flashed across and Li Mu knelt onto the ground.


System Notification: Player Sky Rose (America) has killed player Li Mu (China), obtained 10% of his country war achievement points!


Li Mu's attacks wasn't a waste. He earned at least 2 seconds of time and that was enough. I saw a familiar figure. Li Meng Yao held Nuwa Stone and was slashing a path in the crowd. She appeared behind Sky Rose and used the SSS Grade Judgement skill!


Stun success, 3 second stun!

But the American players were healing her. Meng Yao's attacks weren't the best so it wasn't easy to kill her.

But three seconds was enough for me!

I used Great Realm of Desolation on Sky Rose and reduced 50% of her healing. Butterfly shone and Wind Carrying Slash's CD was just up. Kill!

Level 19 God Skill shone in gold and instantly 15 sword energies pierced her body!

Insta kill!



System Notification: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) has killed player Sky Rose (America), and obtained 10% of her country war achievement points!

Unfortunately, I wasn't Old K and I didn't have such high drop rate and only her bracers which was a three star god artifact was dropped. I tossed it in the guild treasury, it would be compensation for either Li Mu or Wang Jian.

"peng peng peng" sounds spread from behind. The moment Sky Rose was dead, the entire Iron Skull City had no leader. Ont eh south city wall, more and more Furnace God Cavalry jumped off the walls to battle.

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I looked at the sad scenes and my heart shook. Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Star Blade were all dead. The price to kill Encounter, Light Dance Tempo etc ABN experts was that One Second Hero, Death God's Elegy, One Second Hero, Song Han, Wolf etc were all dead.

"Too tragic..."

Bai Qi raised his bloody axe and walked to my side, "Guild Leader, our brothers are all dying..."

I nodded, "The brothers have done it. We have stopped them for 5 days here and we didn't retreat against a stronge enemy. Zhan Long can answer to Tian Ling City and the China Region should be proud of us and our brothers!"

Light flashed in Bai Qi's eyes, "En!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.