Chapter 1071- Trump card vs trump card
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Zhan Long Chapter 1071- Trump card vs trump card

"Xiu xiu..."

Two red flame dragon cannonballs flew into the city and they looked like meteors. However, unfortunately, these two meteors were really strong and blew the hawk nest into pieces. The system also indicated that the city was damaged and that the nest would be destroyed. Even if the city was defended, I had to build it again.

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Outside of hte city, Sky Rose stood beneath a red flag and ordered players to attack. I knew that in less than 20 minutes, she would personally charge. She would use Blade Rush to kill players from Zhan Long, Judgement and Appearance Alliance. Wild Beauty, Wild Swan, Wang Jian, Dancing Forest had died once to her and this was the reason why her rankings were so high.

"Get ready, Sky Rose is coming!"

Li Mu wiped off the blood off his blade and looked forwards coldly, "This girl is so scary. It seems like she won't sleep until she takes down Fan Shu City."

I held Zhen Yue Sword that I just fixed and said, "Calm down, let her come. Work with me to focus fire on their few generals, let's kill as many as we can. Let's see what she will use to seige!"

"En!" Li Mu nodded.

Iron Skull City, a super city located in the west. This was the resting ground of the American players. Iron Skull City's army was over 2 million and they had 30 different armies. Among which, 10 players had became generals. Moreover, their battlenet rankings were really high. Even if they weren't ABN battlenet experts, they were the guild leaders or deputy guild leaders. Sky Rose worked with them to raise Iron Skull City to its highest level. If not, she wouldn't have planned to attack Tian Ling City.


Looking at the time, it was already 6pm of the 5th day of the country war. Sky Rose shouldn't be so patient right?

"They are here!"

Dancing Forest held her bow and suddenly jumped to the ground. She placed her bow in front of her chest and said, "They are going to use cavalry to hit the walls. Be careful, many of them are holding long hammers. They will be really destructive to the gates!"

I nodded. With me at the south, it wouldn't be so easy for them to break through!

Everyone was raring to go. Horse hoof sounds spread over and dust bellowed. Sky Rose sent at least 500 thousand people to attack. Moreover, news came from Fan Shu City's three other directions that those from Swirling Abyss City and Iron Skull City were attacking too. They were going to attack the four walls at the same time.


I pulled Butterfly out of its sheath and I flew in the sky. I stepped onto the walls and pulled out Zhen Yue Sword. I was ready to fight!

On teh ground, many Iron Skull City cavalry roared and charged. Many of them took out a black hammer that was three meters long. Who knew how they could even lift it up. They smashed onto the walls and that gave rise to a heavy smacking sound. I had checked the gate and it had started to protrude. This was probably the reason for that.

I raised my hand and God's Army Cards wrapped around my palm. I placed an Azure Dragon Crossbow behind me and it fired, instantly piercing through the crowd. Two cavalry players were pinned to the ground.

At the same time, I dove down and used Double Hit. Along with Yue Qing Qian's Grip of the Firefox, 4 warriors were killed at the same time.

"Attack together!"

Li Mu jumped off the city wall and stabbed his sword into the walls to slow his landing speed. After landing, he summoned his war horse and started to charge about. Being influenced by Li Mu, Wang Jian, Meng Yao, One Second Hero, Yue Yao Yan, Old K all jumped down. To protect the walls, they had started to risk their lives.

"Be careful of their ranged players!"

On the walls, Dong Cheng Yue tossed a Thunder Eagle Formation into the crowd while warning us.

Sky Rose wasn't stupid and after the cavalry, she sent a bunch of Mages, Archers and Musketee. In the next moment, spells and arrows landed on our bodies. But more and more Furnace God Cavalry joined in. To protect Fan Shu City, many players had lost 7 levels but they still didn't hesitate. Even if they dropped to level 1, it was worth it to fight for one's home!



Flames exploded on the city wall and that came from a high level Berserker. The ABN 7th player mark appeared on his arm. This was a strong Berserker called Encounter and he was one of the ten generals of Iron Skull City. He used Whirlwind Axe to bring two Furnace God Cavalry down to low health. One of them was Star Blade. This kid reacted really quickly and used Blade Rush to move right. Who knew that the moment he moved, Encounter threw his axe. This was Battle Axe Throw!



His prediction was just too accurate. Encounter knew that Star Blade would shift to the right and threw the axe in advance. At the same time, Encounter pulled his reins and the war horse dashed across. He dodged Zhan Long's top monk's Mountain Strike,


Encounter laughed and caught his axe. He turned around and stunned Devotion to Buddha. He roared and his body was covered in blood energy as he used Burning the Enemy’s Boats. His axe was covered in 50% armor penetration as he sliced towards Devotion to Buddha's shield. It landed on his shoulder and dealt a fatal blow.


Devotion to Buddha cried out and fell off the Furnace God War Horse. At the same time Devotion to Buddha attacked another low health Furnace God Cavalry to kill him.

Too terrifying, how strong were the American Region players? ABN's seventh player had such strong mechanics and tactics that was no lower than that of Jian Feng Han!

If he didn't die, who knew how many wore elite Zhan Long players would have to lose 5 levels!


Butterfly stabbed into the chest of a cavalry player. I pulled it out and used the momentum to land behind Encounter. At the same time, I activated Wall of Douqi and Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning etc Buffs. I spun about and five attacks smashed towards him!

Encounter had paid attention to me and he didn't dare to tank my attacks head on. He used his axe to block. He sunk down into a defensive stance. I used three swords to slice him aside but he only lost 70 thousand health.

"Brother Xiao Yao, be careful!" Wang Jian suddenly shouted.

Cold wind swept towards me and it was a giant arrow wrapped in cold wind. The shooter was a girl called Light Dance Tempo, ABN's 8th player. She was also one of the ten generals!

At the same time, Encounter smiled and raised his axe up. He smashed it onto my shoulder. He wanted me to be unable to break free and get stunned by the arrow. This would mean that they had a chance to kill the top Zhan Long player. But I had Icy Wings and my agility was above that of the cavalry players. I raised my left hand and used Zhen Yue Sword to block his handle. I spun about and dodged the Ice Arrow with an unimaginable arc.

Shock flashed on Encounter's face. When I was in the eye, I noticed another person. Seven Feather, ABN's third person, a true killer. This was a person only weaker than Sky Rose!


Seven Feather's blade broke through the wind. I had no other choice but to spin about. I kicked Encounter's shoulder and that forced him back. That made him block Seven Feather's advance. I raised my hand and locked onto Light Dance Tempo. Defeat the Dragon!

Light Dance Tempo was in front of me but she was just too smart. The moment she was locked onto, she used her invincibility effect. Although I could capture her, but I couldn't kill her.

I heard a cold laugh from Seven Feather. The number 2 cavalry in Iron Skull City did a shocking action. He smashed onto Encounter's body with powerful force and Encounter released his riding state. He raised his axe and a seven star light appeared on it. He was using a combo!

I raised Zhen Yue Sword as it was too late to dodge. I had to defend against it or I would not be able to block the following attacks!

However, at that moment a body flashed across. It was Wang Jian, only his reaction speed was on our level. He knocked Encounter aside and stabbed into his chest. He shouted, "Brother Xiao Yao, deal with Seven Feather, Meng Yao and I died to him, leave this person to me!"

Encounter was a strong general and he didn't care about Wang Jian's position on CBN. He smashed his hand on Wang Jian's shoulder and waved his axe once more. A toss dealt 60 thousand damage on Wang Jian. However, Wang Jian wasn't someone easily dealt with and he slashed back.


It was just too difficult for Zhan Long alone to deal with all the elite players of the America region!

Finally, I understood how tough it was for Li Mu and the others. I also knew why they would still lose levels even when defending.

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