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ZL - Chapter 1070- Courage and pride

"What is going on!?"

I asked in the guild channel, "How was Nine Heavens City lost? What is happening, they fought so much for nothing?"

Yue Qing Qian was a little helpless, "Fang Ge Que has too little people and they couldn't block the attacks of the 200 thousand ancient demon warriors. Most of the China players in Nine Heavens City were killed and they couldn't defend. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior etc were all killed. Brother Xiao Yao, look at the details and you can see that Fang Ge Que was killed by Demon Mountain, Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior was killed by people from 7K."


As there were too many high tier players that were killed, I had switched off the notifications. Now when I clicked on it, I realised that the battle was too intense. Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han etc CBN top 20 people died time after time. Even Fang Ge Que died twice!

There were people showing scenes of Nine Heavens City. As expected, it was a blood ocean and there were corpses all around. Corpses stacked up to tens of meters high and it was terrifying. The Nine Heavens City players had went all out and Demon Mountain died three times. However, he still chose to revive and lead his people to attack our army.

This battle was well lost and we met a respectable opponent.


"How is Fan Shu City's situation?" I asked.

Li Mu said, "Something interesting is that Brown Eyes led Swirling Abyss City people around Fan Shu City and War God River to attack Tian Ling City. But Sky Rose is so explosive and she said that if she didn't crush Fan Shu City, she wouldn't attack any other city. I heard that she moved more Dragon Crystal Cannons and NPC troops from Iron Skull City to take down Fan Shu City."


I couldn't help but curse, "Wait for me, I will be back soon!"

"Is Moon City settled?"

"Nearly. The NPC is enough to block Smile and Hand of Waterloo."

"En, good. Then come back quickly, Fan Shu City needs you more!"


I told Lin Qiong and Lightning Umbrella about relevant matters and their mission was just to defend the city. Lightning Umbrella was the general of the Moon City army but he had to listen to the queen. As for Lin Qiong after confirming that Moon City was safe, he could retreat from Moon City. Fiona would be in charge of Moon City and would be under Tian Ling Empire. There was no need to have more troops here or it would cause a misunderstanding.

But Moon City was next to Swirling Abyss City and Iron Skull City and it was in a tough situation. I didn't give Fiona a good gift but since it was a castle of ours in the west, we can use Moon City to battle the Americans and Russians.

I jumped up and turned into a streak of light that disappeared towards Fan Shu City. With my speed, I could arrive in less than 2 hours.


As I flew, new battle reports spread in the distance. A total of 7 million Japanese and Koreans went mad. They crossed Demon Dragon Cave and were about to attack Tian Ling City. Moreover, Frost Forest, Lee etc famous players combined with the mid and small sized server players around Tian Ling City. A total of 30 million people were prepared to deal Tian Ling City a fatal blow.

This was what they were planning and it was getting really popular on their forums.

The top post was one from Frost Forest, "We rather die than give up. Take revenge for our homeland. The 10 million of us have been bullied so much that we don't even have a secondary city. How can we take it?

In the korean server, Lee's post was even more furious, "If Destiny's players ask us why we lost our home, how should we answer? Fight, use our fresh blood to write our honor. We need to prove to the Chinese about our courage and pride!" The Korean and Japanese regions were pumped up. They fanned the flames and united the 17 secondary city servers over including small countries like Phillipines and Vietnam. It was said that the NPC army exceeded 2 million. These secondary servers had many troops too and thousands of Dragon Crystal Cannons!

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A news came from Heaven Planning Hall. China's top person Fang Ge Que sent me a message, "Xiao Yao... Really sorry, we weren't able to defend Nine Heavens City, haiz, I tried my best..."

I opened the communication device and smiled, "No need to blame yourself, winning and losing is normal! But this has caused a huge commotion and everyone is targeting us. We are pretty much fighting with the whole world. We definitely can't continue fighting at Nine Heavens City."

Fang Ge Que agreed, "Right, we can't fight at Nine Heavens City anymore. Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and I didn't expect them to be so tough. They were killed so many times but they still revived to fight us. If we continue to fight Nine Heavens City, Tian Ling City would be gone."

I smiled, "That is fine, we still have control. Lead the Heaven Planning Hall back to Tian Ling City. How many of them are willing to revive and defend?"

Fang Ge Que smiled, "Around 15 million, we are less than half of them."

My heart felt cold, "This number is not optimistic... Forget it, let's just defend. I left many NPC troops and cannons in the city so it should be okay to defend it. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of troops from Ba Huang City. If needed, they will assist us, although it would be a little too late."

Fang Ge Que was worried, "Right, but..."

He wanted to speak but stopped. I smiled, "You are worried about Clear Black Eyes and Demon Mountain?"

Fang Ge Que was surprised that I had guessed it. He smiled, "Right, we hit Demon Mountain too badly. He isn't a merciful person. Once he asks the 20 million from Nine Heavens City to attack Tian Ling City, we would lose our first city."

"That might not be the case..." I felt really annoyed, "Actually we shouldn't have attacked them. I had an agreement with Demon Mountain, now... Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple are strong too. If they attack Tian Ling City together, we are really finished!"

Fang Ge Que laughed, "Let's try our best, things have developed to such a level, there is no use to say anything. Yan Zhao Warrior told me something..."


"He wants us to ask you to give up on Fan Shu City..."

I was shocked and gritted my teeth, "No, Fan Shu City is Zhan Long's roots, we won't give it up!"

Fan Shu City smiled, "En, I guessed so. If you really agreed, you aren't that Li Xiao Yao. Don't worry, we need Fan Shu City to defend the west of Tian Ling City. I will send 2 million to assist Fan Shu City. Let's try to let Fan Shu City and Tian Ling City survive the second country war."

"En, let's hope so!"


I flew in the clouds and opened my communication device once more to find Demon Mountain's account. He was online so I called him. I prayed and hoped that he would accept it. If not this war would be tough!

In the end, after half a minute, he accepted--

"Hi Guild Leader Xiao Yao!" His voice was as bright as usual.

I smiled, "Congratulations Guild Leader Demon Mountain for getting Nine Heavens City back!"

He laughed, "Don't congratulate me, you chinese really hit us so badly? But, hehe, now that we got Nine Heavens City back, you will have to swallow the pills."

I was shocked, "Are you really thinking about attacking Tian Ling City?"

Demon Mountain said, "If people don't hit us, we won't hit them. If they hit us then we will fight back. If I don't trample across Tian Ling City, you chinese will think that my Nine Heavens City brothers are easy to bully? There is nothing good to say. Xiao Yao, we are friends but we are on different view points. Fix Tian Ling City's walls and wait for the Nine Heavens City army!"

After finishing, Demon Mountain cut the call without waiting for my reply.


I clenched my fists and was furious. Were we going to be attacked by 100 million people?

Demon Mountain was so determined and it was obvious he was going all out. Since that was the case... Then let's fight, no matter what, we won't regret.


Not long later, there was news. Waterfront City was surrounded. Lin Wan Er and the 2 million China troops were trapped in. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple weren't willing to give up on Waterfront City and led over 20 million people to attack.

Waterfront City was probably destined to slip away from us.


Not long later, I was at the edge of the desert. A few minutes of flying and I saw Fan Shu City. But now it didn't look the same. The city was broken and it was a pile of rubble. More and more Swirling Abyss City and Iron Skull City players attacked!


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I dove down and slashed at the walls. Dozens of Iron Skull City players were killed. At the same time I used Great Realm of Desolation to insta kill an Archer. When I landed on the walls, Wang Jian laughed, "Brother Xiao Yao is finally back!"

I smiled, "Good luck everyone. I shall repair my equipment!"

"Ah, don't go to the south square, there is no one there. Go to the north."


"Two hours ago am Dragon Crystal Cannons passed through the cracks and blew the blacksmith shop up..."


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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.