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100000PSI - Chapter 69.4: Xinxin, What Brings You Here? (4)

A bitter smile emerged on Ji Xinxin’s lips. “What real feelings can you buy with money? I’d be more than happy to bless the two of you if you were in a proper relationship, but everything you have is built on money. This is… This is nothing more than a mirage! It won’t last, Shiyu! I’m not opposing your relationship. I’m just worried that there won’t be a happy ending for you two!”

While having a verbal tug-of-war with Song Shiyu, Ji Xinxin’s mind was churning like a torrential storm. 

The situation with Bai Zhou is turbulent, but Song Shiyu seems to have defected even more thoroughly than him. 

Ji Xinxin felt suffocated. She had been on the higher ground for the past ten years, but the situation suddenly looked overwhelmingly disadvantageous to her.

Is there no way for me to turn things around and catch Ji Fanyin off guard?

“Love that can be bought with money or love that can’t be bought with money; which is more tragic?” asked Song Shiyu.

That’s …

Translated by StarveCleric. Edited by Ru.