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AWG - Chapter 0009: The Head of Cellblock 68

On a night so dark one could not see their outstretched hand, only distant howls shook the mountain prison.

Yang Wu repeatedly trained with the Rainstorm Spear Art, attempting to infuse every part of his body with the blood ginseng’s energy. Finally, after arduous hours, he used all of the raging energy within.

Throughout his time in the prison, he had also regained seven stones of strength, his condition improving drastically.

“Cultivating the Rainstorm Spear Art again has led to new revelations. I can sense that I’m nearly Accomplished with the last three moves,” Yang Wu excitedly muttered to himself.

He wiped the sweat from his brow with a gloomy look. The longer I stay in this forsaken place, the dirtier I become. They don’t even give us any water to wash up. This handsome face and hunky body are going to waste!

Rather than returning to his den after his training, he went in search of Skinny Monkey.

The latter was not asleep at this early hour, but busy training in the Whirling Combat Art. With some food in his belly, Skinny Monkey had plenty of energy to cultivate, and it wasn’t long until he heard the strange melody ring from within his body, signifying he had gained another stone of strength. His growth speed was incredible! 

The Whirling Combat Art was only a Medial Grade General Class art, hardly anyone in the Xia Dynasty could use it to grow so strong so quickly.

This was proof that Skinny Monkey had the perfect physique for cultivation. 

Startled by someone’s arrival, Skinny Monkey called out, “Brother Yang, is that you?”

“Yeah, I’m here. Come out for a moment,” Yang Wu answered.

Without any hesitation, the lanky man slipped out of his den. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’ve decided to make you the head of block 68!” Yang Wu announced.

Skinny Monkey shuddered. “You … you’re kidding, right? I did hear my body ring again, and I’ve grown a little stronger, but …. If I declare myself the cellblock’s boss, the rest of the inmates will beat me to a pulp.”

At that, Yang Wu raised an eyebrow. His voice lowered, he asked, “Did you hear it a second time?”

Skinny Monkey nodded earnestly. “Yes, it rang again just before you got here. I feel quite a bit stronger now.”

Yang Wu patted his friend’s shoulder with a hearty laugh. “Good! This is great news! I hadn’t expected you to be a genius cultivator. You managed to trigger the Sweeping Melodious Energy twice in one day! Now, you have two stones of strength. If you continue to train at this speed, you’ll become a Warrior in no time. If you manage to find a skilled teacher, I wouldn’t be surprised if you become a peak expert down the road.”

“I’ve only come this far because of you, Brother Yang!” Although he was elated, Skinny Monkey did not let his success go to his head. He was very aware that he would not have had a chance to cultivate if not for Yang Wu’s Whirling Combat Art.

“This is the fruit of your labor. I only gave you an opportunity.” Yang Wu waved a hand and, after a pause, continued, “You should grab your crowbar and follow me.”

Skinny Monkey followed his friend’s instructions without another word.

“Where are we going?” he asked as they walked.

“We’re going to launch a surprise attack against that fat bitch!”

“Are you serious? You really want to sacrifice yourself to satisfy that woman? You should leave this to me! She might break my frail body, but I’ll still give it my best!”

“What are you going on about? One look at that bitch is enough to make me puke. Why would I give myself to her? You and I are going to take her down. As the saying goes: to catch the thieves, we need to catch the ringleader. Taking her out is the only way we can establish our positions in block 68,” Yang Wu solemnly explained.

Yang Wu was not a mindless brute. Generations of the Yang Clan had been generals for a reason. His father, in particular, had been a well-known general and equally accomplished scholar. Skilled in both combat and strategy, the young man took after his father. Thus, he was well versed on the importance of a preemptive strike.

If Wang Yan decided to take Yang Wu seriously and lead her large camp against them, the two young men might not survive.

Skinny Monkey was no fool, either, and he quickly grasped his comrade’s intentions. His grip tightened on the crowbar as determination flashed in his gaze. It was at that moment that he decided he would follow Yang Wu into the abyss and back.

Meanwhile, Yang Wu was utterly confident. He had just broken through to the Medial Grade Foot Soldier Realm, wielding seven stones of strength. He figured it would be enough to take the grotesque woman out.

Unaware in her stone hut, Wang Yan fumed. She had sent her men to fetch the young man two days in a row and to no avail. Not only had they been beaten, but the squad leader had also reprimanded her for the failure. She knew she would be in even more trouble if she failed to humiliate Yang Wu soon.

“Yang Wu’s a rather good catch; I should have gone after him myself. It looks like I will have to get involved directly tomorrow. The thought of enjoying such a strong, young body is too much to bear!” Wang Yan said to herself, drooling as she clenched her thick thighs.

Suddenly, she heard a soft rustling nearby, and she sensed someone approaching.

Who dares encroach on my territory in the middle of the night? Alert, the woman dragged herself up to investigate.

Suddenly, the young man she had been dreaming of appeared before her. Wiping away a string of drool, she asked, “So, you’re finally willing to come to me? I knew you liked me!”

Yang Wu vomited a little in his mouth but held it in. Coldly, he demanded, “Submit to me, and I’ll spare your life.”

“Oh, come! Subdue me, then! You can get rough with me. I don’t mind!” Wang Yan tugged down her shirt, revealing a plump shoulder as she attempted to seduce Yang Wu.

Abruptly overwhelmed by nausea, Yang Wu turned and emptied his stomach.

Such a visual assault was too much to handle.

“Fat bitch!” Yang Wu snarled though he did not engage further. Rather, he lifted his crowbar and charged.

Unfortunately, the woman was one step ahead. She tucked and rolled, sending her round body tumbling into him with such force that she was able to catch Yang Wu in her embrace. Strangling the young man, she pressed her acne-ridden face to his, cooing, “Little darling, I’ll take good care of you.”

The attack was too much for Yang Wu. Not only was this woman impressively fat, but she had a powerful body odor as well. Against her overpowering brawn, his newly-acquired strength was useless.

“Let my brother go! Take me, if you dare,” Skinny Monkey yelled, scurrying through the doorway.

“You are courting death by meddling in my affairs, Skinny Monkey,” Wang Yan warned him with a displeased glare.

This woman was well-known for her thunderous roar, which was loud enough to shake the stone den, and with it turned against him, Skinny Monkey instantly lost his valor, shuddering in fear.

Moreover, the nearby prison guards would hear her outcry. Sooner or later, her men would arrive to help her.

Yang Wu had little faith that his friend could rescue him. Forcing his rising nausea down, he struggled free of the cage of flesh Wang Yan had become. As he did, he poured his strength into his arms, elbowing Wan Yan squarely in the jaw. “Go to hell you fat bitch!”

She had not expected the youth to be so strong. He had been a scrawny thing only two days ago, helpless against her. Yet, not only had he just caught her off guard, but he had also dislocated her jaw, leaving her yelping in pain.

Yang Wu wasted no time as he got the upper hand. Flipping around, he launched a flurry of strikes, going all out to beat this offensive creature beyond recognition.

Recalling his humiliation two days ago, he held nothing back.

Wang Yan had never taken Yang Wu seriously, leaving her defenses weakened against the ferocious attack. When she failed to duck fast enough, Yang Wu’s fist caught the edge of her eye socket. She roared in pain, “You have no idea what’s good for you! I will slaughter you!”

With eight stones of strength, Wang Yan was quite powerful as a Medial Grade Foot Soldier. The fact that she was one of block 68’s gang leaders attested to her abilities.

Superior Grade Soldier Class technique, Mountain Splitting Palm …!

This palm strike had enough power behind it to split mountains. Although Wang Yan did not personally possess the strength to do so, smashing ordinary stone was easy enough. Against an average Foot Soldier, it was certainly enough to send them to the grave.

Of course, Yang Wu was not afraid. He had seven stones of strength, and this was the perfect chance to test his skills against hers. Concentrating all of his power, his fist shot out in a devastating punch.


Yang Wu’s fist made a dull thud as it crashed into Wang Yan’s palm. Supposedly, the overweight woman was stronger than him, yet the impact knocked her back several steps, while he remained firmly in place.

“I have eight stones of strength and I know I had you pinned a few days ago! How are you stronger than me now?!” Wang Yan bellowed, shocked.

“Damn woman, there’s a lot you don’t know! How dare you try to take advantage of me, a viscount?! If I don’t teach you a lesson now, my reputation will be ruined.” Regaining his composure, Yang Wu attacked with his crowbar. 

Despite their strengths, he was the more powerful fighter, but he did not want to waste more time on this woman. He knew he had to finish her off before reinforcements arrived.

Dark Clouds Covering the Sky …!

Wang Yan already had her hand on her own crowbar and swiftly blocked his move. However, Yang Wu’s strike was strategic, and it knocked the crowbar out of her hand, leaving her limbs numb.

This is the power of a Superior Grade Foot Soldier Wang Yan thought, scared stiff. She decided it would be best to make a swift exit, knowing she would have the advantage once her men arrived.

Alas, Yang Wu refused to give her that chance. He then executed Arrows of Savage Rain, the Rainstorm Spear Arts’ second move.

Unlike the first move, a horizontal sweep, Arrows of Savage Rain consisted of rapid thrusts. The technique imitated raining projectiles, and he struck the poor woman like a torrential storm, easily sliding past her paltry defenses. 

“Ah, ah …!”

Wang Yan cried out in agony as the strikes stabbed into her, leaving bloody holes that were too painful to look at.

Yang Wu was not gentle. After knocking the woman’s crowbar out of reach, he continued his attack until she passed out.

Even as she lost consciousness, Wang Yan was still trying to figure out how this young man had become so powerful practically overnight.


Translated by: Half-Cat
Edited by: FluffyGoblyn
Checked by: DragonInWhite

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Written by I Am Pure 我本纯洁. Translated by DragonInWhite. Edited by FluffyGoblyn.