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ZL - Chapter 1066- Goddess's tiers

"Right, Fan Shu City is Zhan Long's roots, it is our home!"

I looked at the blood ocean in front of me and the Moon City players were still fighting the hybrid demons. The scenes here was the same. Moon City was their home so how would they be willing to see their home get occupied by hybrid demons. They died but revived each time and were unwilling to bow down. Bowing down meant that one side would win and the other would be taken down.

After thinking about that, I stopped contemplating and just charged into the crowd to earn some country war achievement points. Although I didn't fight for long in Fan Shu City and here, but my points was still really high. Even Fang Ge Que was below me. The American and Russian players had high points too and the entire war was still evenly spread--

1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) Country War Achievement Points: 372200

2. Sky Rose (America) Country War Achievement Points: 353180

3. Fang Ge Que (China) Country War Achievement Points: 342100

4. Brown Eyes (Russia) Country War Achievement Points: 297710

5. Drunk Maple (India) Country War Achievement Points: 287640

6. Demon Mountain (Germany) Country War Achievement Points: 277710

7. 7K- San (Holland) Country War Achievement Points: 264600

8. Cang Yue (China) Country War Achievement Points: 255200

9. Mu Xuan (China) Country War Achievement Points: 245000

10. Searching for Love (Portugal) Country War Achievement Points: 221120


It seemed like I had killed too many while defending Fan Shu City. Along with me killing many here at Moon City, my achievement points had reached such a terrifying level. Out of the top 10, 4 were from China. Fang Ge Que and I were top three while Dong Cheng Yue and Mu Xuan also squeezed into the top ten due to them defending Fan Shu City. As Russia and the Americans attacked, only two of them were in the top ten. India's top player Drunk Maple was 5th probably due to the Rumor led Heaven Planning Hall. The other three were from Nine Heavens City. This server had many talents and moreover, Nine Heavens City was fighting back so their points would continue to increase.

Looking at the leaderboards, I sighed. War had risen and this was an era where gods were slain and gods rose. Whoever was more courageous would become stronger.


I called Lin Wan Er and she smiled, "I am defending Waterfront City, what is up?"

I was a little bitter, "I am the only person in Moon City and Fan Shu City is being attacked. What should I do, someone has to defend this. Lanais and I formed a short alliance, I can't fully trust her. But after all, it is not safe to solely rely on hybrid demons. They might massacre Moon City at any moment."

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"En, I know." She smiled, "Calm down, I helped you check 10 minutes ago. There is a place, but are you willing to head over?"

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"What place?"

"South of Moon City. There is an NPC city called Tears of the Goddess. The NPC trading here is not open to players and it is solely an NPC city. There aren't any players but there are many civilians."

"Oh?" I was helpless, "Why did you tell me this..."

"Calm down..." Lin Wan Er giggled,

she continued, "This is a city that is connected to the slave trade. 1 million people are inside and over 80% are slaves. The slave owner's armyy is less than 100 thousand. Moon City is just half an hour from Moon City so maybe you can go to work on it before Smile and Hand of Waterloo return."

"You are saying?"

I had an idea and smiled, "Use the Hybrid Demon to liberate this city and then bring the slaves to guard Moon City? This... The slaves are used to serve masters, they probably can't defend a city right?"

Lin Wan Er giggled, "You fool. One person to defend or 800 thousand slaves to defend with you, you choose yourself! I only have 500 thousand NPCs in Waterfront City so I can't assist you. Now the three locations that China are fighting wars in are in need of people. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword can only rely on themselves so no one can help you. Good luck, you are Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you definitely can do it!"



I held the bloodstained Butterfly and rested for a short while. I rode God Dragon Horse around the city and used Icy Wings to fly above. I landed beside a girl. This person was Lanais and her bow was shining a blood glow.

"What are your plans?" I asked.

She was surprised that I would ask that and smiled, "What plans? Sir Azure will definitely revive and I can only serve him along with Sif and Igoras. I swore to pay everything for the Hybrid Demon Territory, including my life."

I sighed, "Azure is using your lives to revive himself, are you still going to serve him? Is it worth it?"

Fear flashed in her eyes, "So what. If we betray him, we definitely won't be able to escape. I can sense his power, it is far above those of the lords. Even Frost isn't his match. I think she knows it too."

I said, "Then you will continue to kill like this, let the cycle repeat endlessly?"

Lanais sighed, "I don't want to. Since I revived, my personality changed and I became bloodthirsty. I am unable to control myself, although..."

She smiled sadly, "Although I dream to return to the depths of the elf forest and touched the bark of the old tree, but I can't return anymore. I am Lanais, I am the Hybrid Demon Territory's Lanais. My hands are covered in blood. I have killed too many, even Owen died to my arrow."

I smiled, "All these can be forgiven, you can make up for it!"

"How?" She mocked, "Even I am unsure of how many I have killed. Apart from Owen, I killed two Dukes, Four Marquis. Moon City and Iron Skull City's few generals died to my bow, you say... How can such a person be forgiven by humans?"

I smiled, "That is true. Tian Ling City, Iron Skull City, Swirling Abyss City's rulers won't let you go."

"That is true..." She smiled really simply.

My tone changed, "But if the ruler of the seven cities is your friend, then it is possible right?"

"You... What do you mean?" Shock appeared on her face.

I smiled and clenched my fists, "One day I will own the seven cities and everyone will be under me. As long as you help me, Lanais, I can pardon you for all your sins and allow you to return to the forest!"

Lanais's eyes were filled with shock but after a while, she smiled, "You are good at speaking, I was nearly persuaded by you... Speak, how would you like me to help you. I owe Frost, Queen Zhi Shu and you, I have to repay you."

I nodded, "Moon City has a city called Goddess's Tears in the south, it is a slave trading city. I need 200 thousand troops to get the city and let me use the 800 thousand slaves."

"Oh?" Lanais smiled, "I shall led you 200 thousand zombies?"

"Don't." I rejected, "I need some that look like humans and not zombies if not they won't treat me as a human."

"Then..." Lanais said, "Then Demon Hall Cavalry. If they cover thier faces, they are no different from human cavalry."

"Okay, let them gather at the south gate."



I returned to the palace hall and gathered the generals' tokens. I found a golden token under the king's clothing and on it was the word "Palace". This had the same effect as my The Executor token? Forget it, I shall take it first. The slave owner might recognise it so if they do, I shall kill him.

I headed out of the city and the 200 thousand Demon Hall Cavalry listened to me and charged to the south. A while later there was a city that was surrounded on three sides by water. This was Goddess's Tears. The city was in a crescent shape and looked like a teardrop.

The city wasn't strong and one could say that it was weak. The city walls were less than 5 meters and one ladder was enough for one to climb. Moreover, there were beautiful patterns on the walls. It was a trading city and wasn't one for war.



I pulled out Butterfly and pointed at it, "Pull up your masks until we leave. Kill all the slave owners and their troops but don't kill any slave. Go!"

The Demon Hall Cavalry were under orders from Lanais and this time they were well behaved. They charged through the walls. These slave owners' army definitely wasn't their match and were crushed. Goddess's Tears were instantly levelled out just like that.

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