Chapter 1065- Home
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Zhan Long Chapter 1065- Home


The stone giant's iron arms waved across the city walls and pretty much turned the entire patch of it into dust. My heart felt pained. Although Moon City's walls weren't as strong as Tian Ling City but it was definitely much stronger than Fan Shu City. It was such a waste to destroy it as we could continue using it in the future.

But the Hybrid Demon army wouldn't understand my pain. As more and more players and NPCs died, the gate crashed and it was officially broken. A few seconds later, the crazy Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman charged in and killed people randomly.


Within the city, the Flagbearer of a certain guild held his shield and commanded the archers behind to fire. This was the last wave of defenders. What was amazing was that those who revived continued to rush over. Moon City players didn't care about their own life and death. Most of them were risking the chance of losing 4 or even 8 levels after death to continue fighting. They swore to stop the hybrid demon army attacks but unfortunately,t hings weren't as they wished...


A flame light descended from above and exploded in the crowd. The arrows were formed from energy and a huge group of people were killed the moment it exploded. Those Archers couldn't even block a single hit and were instantly swallowed my flames.

I raised my head and saw that Lanais was here. She held her bow and looked calmly at everything, "Attack without hesitation. Giants, enter right away!"

"Kong kong kong..."

The alpha wolves roared and charged into the alleys to tear players and NPC civilians into pieces. Fresh blood dyed the streets. I shouted, "No killing civilians!"

These bunch of hybrid demons definitely didn't care about me. A deity tier Demon Hall Cavalry laughed, "The city has been broken and your mission is done. Next is our hybrid demon feast. Don't disturb us, our duty is to kill and we have to complete that, hehe..."

I looked into the sky and said loudly, "Lanais, do you want this city to turn into a dead city?"

Lanais, "We need large amounts of soul power to revive Azure, if not he will turn Igoras and Sif into live sacrifices. I have to do this!"

I said, "Did you forget your promise? This is a cooperation and you are not using me. If you turn this city into an empty city, how can you answer to how much Frost and Zishu suffered to help treat you?"

Lanais bit her lips and said, "Okay, I will repay what I owe you..."

Her voice was really low but it was penetrative, "Courageous demon race warriors, only kill those with weapons. No killing civilians or I will not let you off!"

Truth proved that the lord's words were the best. Those hybrid demon troops actually stopped their attacks. They led their war wolves and waved their blades towards the remaining troops and players. The Demon Hall Cavalry and Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman went right at the palace which was also my target. The God Dragon Horse neighed and brought me over.


A bunch of guards troops were in front of the palace but how could they block against the flood-like level 7 hybrid demons. Demon Hall Cavalry, Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman and Sword Spirit Cavalry slashed across and turned them into bodies. I also ordered the horse to gallop forwards.

I stepped into the hall and instantly, four guards holding golden swords charged over.

I sunk down and used Wind Carrying Slash+ Strength of a Thousand Men. Butterfly shone in the level 19 Double Hit glow and I quickly beheaded the 4 NPCs. The Demon Hall Cavalry and Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman behind me charged in. The bunch of officials within were standing there and amongst the generals, there was only one deity tier Boss. However, among the hybrid demon generals behind me, there were 1 three star, 3 two star and 8 one star god generals.

"Kill them!"

I waved my sword and the bunch of god tier Bosses charged in. The officials of Moon City were mostly killed and in the end, the old king knelt down and cried, "Li Xiao Yao! You are Tian Ling Empire's The Executor. You actually worked with the Hybrid Demons to attack Moon City. You will suffer from retribution!"

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I held Butterfly on his neck and laughed coldly, "When I decided to work with them I knew that I would suffer from karma. But today, Moon City is mine. I will rebuild it into a castle. As for you, there is no need for you to exist."

I tossed his fat body off the steps, "You can deal with it!"

Everyone knew how terrifying the hybrid demons were. This old king quickly turned into their food. I frowned, if I knew that this would happen, I should have killed him right away.

I stood in front of the throne and hesitated a little. Right, will I get karma for this?

Forget it, the Moon City people had worked with the Hybrid Demons before to attack Tian Ling City. If not, Owen wouldn't have been killed. I am just returning the favor. If I didn't work with Lanais, Fan Shu City wouldn't be mine anymore. Once I got Moon City, the focus of the war would shift towards Moon City. As for Iron Skull City, them and Swirling Abyss City wouldn't be willing to see yet another primary city fall into the hands of the chinese players. Moreover, Fan Shu City was just a secondary city so how could it be as valuable as Moon City?

Thinking about that, I raised Zhen Yue Sword and Butterfly to slash down. The throne was destroyed and I got to choose whether to abandon it or occupy it. Thinking about the taxes, I decided not to abandon. Our goal was to unify all seven cities and not to destroy them. I chose to occupy and instantly a bell rang above Destiny's skies--


System Notification: Congratulations player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) for destroying Moon City's throne and choosing to occupy it. This primary city is now under China. Moreover, as the seige points are too low, all rewards are changed into experience to be given to the relevant players!



I leveled up to level 186 but as the points gained here were too little and since I was the only China player, the system didn't give huge rewards. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Moon City was China's main city now but I was the only chinese player here. Apart from that, there were millions of homeless Moon City players and they were trying to figt back. The throne would respawn after 60 minutes and if they charged in to destroy it, they could get it back. This was my goal, once they retreated from Fan Shu City, Fan Shu City had hope!

"The two of you guard here." I said towards two one star God Bosses. Although they weren't willing but they still replied, "Yes, as you wish!"

Vanguard, this title was high enough, it was probably just slightly lower than Lanais?

I stepped out and saw that the Moon City players outside were furious. They were attacking the defensive line made up of Demon Spirit Swordsman. Or rather, the two were killing one another.


Butterfly came out of my sheath and I pointed forwards, "Kill them all, kill them so much that they are unwilling to revive!"

"Yes, sir!"

The few god tier generals around were already raring to go. Once they got my orders they charged out. One of them slashed and dozens of heads flew into the air.

Moon City was in a brutal massacre.


Within Zhan Long's channel, congratulatory voices spread over and everyone was surprised--

Yue Qing Qian, "Wow, I wondered why Brother Xiao Yao hasn't returned. Who knew that he was at Moon City!"

Li Mu said carefully, "Xiao Yao, you used the hybrid demons to take the city, will you be unable to defend it?"

I said, "Temporarily not, I am just using Moon City to save Fan Shu City. How is the situation at Fan Shu City now?"

Li Mu's voice wasn't good, "This city is badly damaged and the walls have been turned into a beehive. If not for white iron, I think it would have been lost a day ago. Sky Rose and Brown Eyes don't look like they are going to retreat and they are still attacking. Right, Dragon’s Den has suffered heavy losses and both Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han are injured. Your generals Han Yuan and Long Xing were hit by Dragon Crystal Cannons!"

My heart shook, "Will Han Yuan die?"

"Temporarily not, he still wants to attack but Xia Ye stopped him."

"This..." I swallowed saliva, "Moon City has fallen and do they look like they are going to retreat?"

Li Mu said solemnly, "Only Moon City's Smile and Hand of Waterloo led 2 million people over. But the American and Russians look like they are determined to take us down. These two servers have over 20 million people while our numbers are reducing. Many of our brothers have lost 7 levels and if this continue, one death would be 8 levels!"

My heart hurt, "Let those who died 3 times to not come online!"

Li Mu laughed bitterly, "Fan Shu City is Zhan Long's home and since our home is about to be destroyed, how will they listen to us?"

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