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ZL - Chapter 1056- Tough day

"No, if this continues, Fan Shu City will get wiped out!" Li Mu's Flame Scorching Sword was covered in fresh blood. Since we were at a disadvantage, everyone was not in a good mood.

  I glanced at the city walls. To be honest, they were not in a good state. The white iron was now completely red from the dragon crystals' energy; it definitely would be unable to last for too long. It needed at least an hour to cool down, or else the west city wall might collapse.


  I looked at Li Mu and said, "Gather all the Furnace God and Red Flame cavalries. I shall move a bunch of Royal Army troops and Cliff Dragon Cavalry. Ten minutes later, we will charge out from the southern and northern gates. Let's force them away and buy some time for the walls to cool down. Let's prepare right away!"

  "Okay, I was waiting for such words!"

  Li Mu left excitedly. I also ordered Chi Yu Han, Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, et cetera. This time, we would use around one hundred thirty thousand cavalry troops. That number was not much, but everyone was still elite. Moreover, Mu Xuan and Han Bei Song said that they would head out from the western gate, so the overall number would exceed four hundred thousand. These elite players were enough to help us force back the enemies in front.


  Ten minutes later, the northern and southern gates opened. The Moon City players were stunned, but during this period, I held my sword and led the Royal Army and Furnace God Cavalry out. There were many Flame Hawk Archers above us shooting. Butterfly shook and Sword Tempest was used on the crowd to clear out an empty land. Old K, Meng Yao, et cetera charged along with me.

  The strongest troops were the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, for they had 120% of my stats. Their Attack was so terrifying and they pretty much crushed the surrounding enemies players. In the end, the dozens of mid-sized guilds scattered. They looked like they would collapse any time. As more and more players headed out of the city, we had the accendency.

  Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword were too strong and I swept the west wall, where the battle was the most intense, with these two weapons. The gate opened and Appearance Alliance's two deputy guild leaders, Wild Beauty and Wild Swan, galloped out. Han Bei Song also led Blood Contract's cavalry players out. The three of us gathered together before we began officially fighting against the enemies. We surged toward our enemies like a flood.

  Right ahead was France's top guild, Dawn. Guild Leader Hand of Waterloo was guarding it. Moreover, on his arms was the general mark of the army system. This NPC army behind him was probably his own. Those surrounding giant cannons were his cannon formation, too.

  He raised his blade high as rage appeared in his eyes. "Can't we take down Fan Shu City? Don't let the Americans laugh at us. Brothers, charge and wipe them out!"

  Following his signal, the twenty thousand Stone Tiger Cavalry pulled out their weapons. Good fellow, these stone tiger mounts had the petrification stat! Every ten attacks would have a 100% chance of petrifying the next target for five seconds. They had a similar effect to the Furnace God Cavalry's Quickness, but ours was much stronger. As long as one was above 50% speed, they would have a 30% chance of stunning the target.

  However, Hand of Waterloo had twenty thousand of such; this was not something normal people could compare to. Moreover, from the infomation we had gathered, Hand of Waterloo relied on them to crush all opponents apart from Smile's Thunder God. This proved just how terrifying his cavalry was in terms of scale. Our Zhan Long only had one hundred plus; there were just too few, and they had already been eliminated by the Furnace God Cavalry.


  "They're coming!" Flames of war raged in Wang Jian's eyes. The courageous won in an intense fight. He faced so a lot of Stone Tiger Cavalry, yet he showed no fear. This was the courage needed!

  A six-star golden light shone from Butterfly and I laughed. "Furnace God Cavalry, charge! Let them know what is the top cavalry type!"

  Li Mu, Old K, and the others waved their weapons. From the side, Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, Xia Ye, et cetera charged, too. Xia Ye, Xiao Lie, and Long Xing were Deity Tier Bosses, while Han Yuan was a one-star god general. His cultivation was enough to destroy players. At least, I was unwilling to face such an opponent alone!


  The blade made a gash on the armor plate as I used the level 10 Double Hit. Four strikes killed one, and after I pulled out my blade, I used Strength of a Thousand Men and insta-killed another level 178 cavalry. I summoned the Ancient God Tiger, and it trampled the group. The Furnace God Cavalry all pulled out their blades and stunned the Stone Tiger Cavalry. This was not the worst thing; what was worst was that most of the Furnace God Cavalry was from Dragon City's army system, so they had the Blade Spin skill. The Blade Spin skill shot through the crowd and triggered the stun effect, too. Thus, the Stone Tiger Cavalry had been all stunned and was unable to fight back.


  Hand of Waterloo's face was filled with shock. He raised his sword and power of starlight surged. He used Star Flame Slash on one Furnace God Cavalryperson and also raised his left hand to dodge another Furnace God Cavalry's Whirlwind Sword Break. He then used Star Flame Slash once more to kill that Furnace God Cavalry. At this time, the Dawn players behind him used Sword Break and killed dozens of Furnace God Cavalry in front.

  Unfortunately, a small-scale counterattack could not change the overall situation. Hand of Waterloo's groups fell to Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Han Bei Song. The rate that they died was far faster compared to us. After all, the level and grade of the stone tigers were too low. Their petrification effect was strong, but the Furnace God Cavalry was their natural counter. They were killed before they could even trigger the petrification effect.

  The truth was exactly that. Zhan Long's formation drove in smoothly, while Appearance Alliance and Blood Contract faced resistance. The face of Blood Contract's deputy guild leader, Who’s Blue, turned ashen white. "Those who got petrified, be careful not to get killed!"

  Alas, more and more Blood Contract members were killed by the Stone Tiger Cavalry. There was nothing they could do. In one-hundred-thousand-man battles like this, deaths were unavoidable. Even the Furnace God Cavalry was being killed, so what more of the other cavalry types?

  Luckily, Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the other Royal Army generals were strong and led them in. They broke through the spearman units of Moon City and then headed toward the cannon formation to kill those cannoneers. Cliff Dragon Cavalry followed them and massacred the enemies, but their kills were not added to my name. Otherwise, I would be rich... Still, if that were the case, the players would definitely report me.


  We pushed forward until the more than fifty Dragon Crystal Cannons, over three hundred Flame Dragon Cannons, and one thousand plus Crossbow Chariots had been destroyed. We proceeded onward, and Hand of Waterloo retreated to the edge of Grey Ash Forest. A shield formation was laid out, and more ranged players were there waiting for us.

  If we continued, it would be a battle in the wild. It was already a worry that we had charged out of the city; if we continued, we would just be asking for death. Still, not everyone was as calm as I was. Old K held his axe and hollered, "Don't retreat! Kill them all!"

  This fellow was consumed by rage, which was not a good thing.

  Wild Beauty held her spear and smiled. "Should we continue?"

  Wild Swan replied with a laugh. "Hehe..."

  I looked at her. "Wild Swan, what are you laughing at?"

  Wild Swan blinked. "The land is lower and we can't see how many there are. Old K is charging over; who knows how many Moon City players are lying in wait to beat him up?"

  I laughed and said on the guild channel: "Old K, return immediately. All of you, return to the city! Li Mu, lead two thousand people to hold up the rear. The rest of you, retreat; don't panic, or else they will chase us down!"

  Old K did not say much at this time; after all, he understood that he could not compare to me in terms of strategy. It was best if he listened to orders, or else Old Fox and Song Han would cancel the girls they had arranged for him to meet.

  Other guilds would often leave positions for their girlfriends, but Zhan Long had clear rules about it. Management players were unable to help their girlfriends and family arrange positions, so... Old K and Li Mu were still single!


  Fan Shu City's troops charged out like a flood and retreated like a flood. The white iron had cooled down, but even if the Moon City had cannons, they might be unable to continue firing for long. As I expected, even though we were retreating slowly, they did not dare to chase us. Actually, Smile was tempted, but Hand of Waterloo had probably sent him a message, such that Thunder God did not move.

  This continued until late night once more.

  Starlight scattered on the silver Fan Shu City. If not for the blood on the walls, this city would be like those in fairytales. I rested on Fan Shu City's city wall and looked behind me. Most Moon City players had gone offline for the night to get some rest, but we did not dare to take things lightly. Who knew whether or not Swirling Abyss and Iron Skull cities would attack us?

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.