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ZL - Chapter 1057- Few hundred million army

At 9am, only three hours was left on the first day of the second country war.

  I rested within the city walls with my eyelids drooping. The little tiger rested behind me like a cute dog, rubbing its head on my arm.

  I touched its head and looked at Yue Qing Qian. "Does the scouts have any news?"

  Yue Qing Qian shook her head. "No... We sent one hundred plus War Hawk Knights to the dessert and Ice and Fire Plains, but half of them were shot!"

  "Shot?" I was shocked. "Were they players with flying skills like me?"


  She pursed her lips and said, "A war eagle. Within Iron Skull City's map, Blades of War has two playerbases. One of them has an eagle nest that recruits hunting eagles. Now, they have a thousand of them. They are predatory and attacks the War Hawk Knights. Basically two to three of them can crush a War Hawk Knight."

  "Sky Rose?" I was silent.

  Yue Qing Qian nodded. "Right, it’s her... A more terrifying opponent than Clear Black Eyes. She’s trained so many war eagles to crush our intel system. We can only get news from players, but those American players may not have all the intel that we need. Also, they may even give us fake reports."

  I stood up and looked at the Moon City players. "How is the battle between Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City?"

  "They have stopped. Seems like they have come to an agreement."

  "It should be because Moon City was unable to take down Fan Shu City; they can sense the threat we pose."

  "En, that should be it. Brother Xiao Yao, what should we do?"

  "I don't know. Send more War Hawk Knights to scout."



  Even in the afternoon, the Moon City players still did not attack. However, more and more gathered, and now they were over six million of them surrounding the three sides of Fan Shu City. The fourth side was in the direction of Tian Ling City, so the Royal and Violent Thunder armies were guarding that. This was an important path and we definitely could not lose it.

  News came from Nine Heavens City that Red Rock City was still under seige. Players had suffered heavy losses. With Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword there, Demon Mountain was unable to gain any benefits. The system reported many times that Fang Ge Que had killed three of the twelve Demon Mountain gods while Q-Sword had managed to kill two. Q-Sword also killed 7K's Cavalry LuLu, the fourth in HBN. Q-Sword really was a heartless person.

  Still, since Nine Heavens City had suffered such losses, China Region was not any doing any better. I heard that Lu Chunyang, Sword Tears, and Enchanted Painting all died once. Even Prague’s Leader Yan Zhao Warrior was killed by Demon Mountain. Fortunately, they could still come online after dying during a country war, just that the penalty would double.

  In the direction of Waterfront City, Rumor gave up on attacking and turned toward Red Rock City. With this additional pressure, Nine Heavens City seemed like they could not hold on anymore. However, I was still worried. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple had been released. As long as they messaged Demon Mountain, both powers would pincer us and Heaven Planning Hall's army would die in Red Rock City.

  Thinking about that, I sent a message to my girlfriend: "Wan'er, we can't sit still and not do anything anymore.”

  Lin Wan Er replied with a question, "En, what would you like me to do?"

  "Send Flaming Cloud City's NPC army to Flaming Cloud and Waterfront cities' intersection. Tell the Flaming Cloud City players to cause trouble and delay both Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple."

  "En, I shall do that right away!"

  "How many troops do you have?"

  "Two hundred fifty thousand NPCs to the border. As for players, I should be able to gather five million."

  "Okay, that is enough. Good luck! Once Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple sneak-attack Red Rock City, you shall attack Waterfront City."


  "When everything is arranged, let's go offline to eat and sleep."

  "Understood. You, too."



  The country war was too intense, such that I had no time to spend with my girlfriend. It was just too tiring.

  Moon City failed to attack, so I went offline at 2pm. Most of Zhan Long's main force went offline, too. As long as Moon City attacked, we would all go online. Moreover, Yue Qing Qian told us to bind our phones to the guild system. As long as the Elder-ranked players sent a message, the players would receive a notification. This was similar to morning calls in hotels.

  Offline. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue had stayed up for too long that there were now dark circles under their eyes. Looking at how tired my girlfriend was, I was heart-pained. "Sleep more after eating."

  "You should hug me to sleep." Lin Wan Er pouted.

  I laughed. "Dong Cheng is here!"

  Dong Cheng Yue glanced at us. "I was there last time, but you two didn't care. Forget it. Anyways, you are old enough and you should do those things."

  "We didn't!" Lin Wan Er's face turned red.

  Dong Cheng Yue scoffed. "Sooner or later!"

  She got close and gave a playful smile. "Brother Xiao Yao, Wan'er, this is your first time, right? Should I teach you something?"

  I smiled at her. "Eh, you look experienced."

  "What are you saying? It is my first time too."

  "Then how will you teach?"

  "I read many styles..."

  I nearly pointed my middle finger at her. "What a paper general, you are like Zhao Kuo, all talk and sending four hundred thousand troops to their deaths..."

  Dong Cheng Yue pouted. "My instructions won't lead to that!"

  Lin Wan Er laughed. "You will cause one hundred million to get killed, won’t you?"

  My and Dong Cheng Yue’s faces flushed. I instantly felt that everyone was not pure.

  I said, "Let's not talk about this; after all, everyone here is so pure. We are all famous in game, so we need to maintain our image."

  Dong Cheng Yue pointed. "Then move your hand away from her leg!"

  "Dong Cheng, why isn't Tang Qi eating? Didn't you send a message to him? If he doesn't come, then he can only eat cold rice."

  "Scoff! You only know how to change the topic! That idiot said that he'll come offline soon. The Red Rock City is really intense!"



  In the kitchen, the two chefs were really busy. We did not have high demands for food. During the country war, food just had to be light and nutritous, enough to maintain our stamina; the taste was secondary.

  A while later, Tang Qi went offline. He was so tired that he looked like he would die any second.

  I looked at him and mocked, "Twenty-four hours and you can't take it? To think that you’re at Energy Control Realm peak..."

  Tang Qi glanced at me. "Scoff! You don't look good, too. To think that you are at Blazing Sun!"

  I laughed. "Tang Qi, honestly, after entering the game and fighting intense battles, do you think that your cultivation is progressing quickly?"

  Tang Qi nodded. "This game's effect on my brain waves and cultivation are different from other games. The intense training allows me to gather energy more quickly."

  "Right, what is the situation in Red Rock City?"

  "This..." He touched his nose, requesting, "can we not talk about this?"

  "Not smooth?"

  "That's not it." He denied. "Just that, it’s not ending quickly..."

  "Exact details."

  He drank a mouth of water. "At the start, we were suppressing them, and only a few of the twelve god generals were left. Demon Mountain has suffered heavy losses. What we didn't expect was that apart from Demon Mountain, they would have so many experts. A lot of servers were present in that city, and so many of them appeared one after another. It felt like we were entering quicksand."

  I asked, "Did Purple Wind Flute release the two hundred thousand Ancient Demon soldiers?"

  "Not yet..."

  Tang Qi rubbed his forehead. "That's what I’m worried about the most. They can compare to your Royal Army troops; if they are released, our ten million people will probably get wiped out."

  I smiled. "The true threat is the tens of millions from India. Don't miss out on them."

  "En, I know. Right..." He wanted to speak but stopped.

  "What happened?"

  Tang Qi touched his nose and spoke awkwardly. "Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Wang Zecheng, Rumor, etc. said that you are holding Tian Ling City's NPC troops and aren't giving any to us, such that we don't have enough support. That’s the reason why we can't take it down."

  I sighed. "Okay, once I get online, I’ll give an order for Major-ranked players to use their own troops. Anyways, even if you lose them, it’s your own loss."

  "Okay, I’ll inform them."

  "I hope that you guys can take down Red Rock City quickly and not drag it for long. Fan Shu City is facing three main cities at once."

  "I know. I’ll tell Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que."



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