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ZL - Chapter 1003- Greedy 9 head snake

Until 6am, after spending a full nineteen hours in the Ice Cavern, we finally reached the last part. I had cleared many SSS-grade maps. Usually, one level would take two to three hours, but this Ice Cavern was too big and the Frost Serpents were too many, so it took us a full nineteen hours just to clear a level. I was ready to faint.


At the end of the corridor, a hissing sound could be heard. A red light shone and most probably it was the Boss. This time, Li Mu and One Second Hero did not pull the monster. I tossed out Butterfly and the five-star god artifact shone. When Butterfly arrived above the Boss, all of us were terrified. This was a gigantic serpent; its body was as big as a dragon, and nine heads were growing on its neck!

I check the Boss's stats and shared them on the party channel— Greedy Nine-headed Snake Xiang Liu (God Tier Boss 2 Stars) Level: 177
Attack: 27,500-33,500
Defense: 25,000
Health: 1,000,000,000 Skills: Poison Scatter, Earth Fountain, Evolve, Endless Swamp
Introduction: Xiang Liu, an ancient God Race General that followed Gong Gong to attack the Fire God. A snake body and nine heads, he ate numerous people. Everywhere he passed would turninto a swamp. He was killed by Da You with god power. Where his blood flowed, no living things could survive. Legend has it that those swallowed by Xiang Liu all died. Many years later, Xiang Liu's battle spirit revived; if he breaks free from Nuwa's chains, he will bring calamity to the world.


"A two-star God Tier Boss!"

Wang Jian smiled. "After the patch, the Boss starts to have stars. Logically speaking, this Greedy Nine-headed Snake has a chance of dropping a two-star god artifact, doesn’t he?"

I nodded, replying, "That should be the case. His stats have increased, so he is way stronger than Ao Jue and nearly as strong as a Hybrid Demon Lord. Be prepared."


The moment I said that, my arms sank low as I pressed Butterfly down. Instantly, the sharp blade pierced through Xiang Liu's body and dealt 80,000damage. That was really high. Instantly, the nine heads started to twist as the serpent charged at us.

Naturally, I was the first to tank this Boss. I pulled out the Zhen Yue Sword and charged at him. I sliced Xiang Liu's stomach and dealt another 60,000 damage. At this time, one of Xiang Liu's heads spat out green poison everywhere. This was the Poison Scatter skill. Not long after, the ground we werestanding at turned into a green patch and then our health started to drop. If one stepped on this patch, they would suffer from poison damage.

I jumped and used Icy Wings. If I did not land on the ground, then I would not suffer from that effect. I grabbed Butterfly and used Strength of a Thousand Men on the Boss. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Li Mu dodged the poison scatter and then we struck the Boss.

Xiang Liu's nine heads gave out terrifying roars and he started to twist. He used another skill, Earth Fountain. Many fountains shot into the sky. Along with the Poison Scatter effect, five Furnace God Cavalrywere killed just like that. There were too many water sprouts and the Furnace God Cavalry could not use their Quickness effect to stun the Boss; if not, things would be much simpler.If they used it, they were asking to die and would quickly get poisoned to death.

Not only were there the poison and earth fountain attacks, the nine heads also started their separate moves. Some spat out wind blades, some spat out flames and ice, and some even spat out water that could stun.

Peng peng peng... Dong Cheng Yue flew up and used the Fireball spell on the Boss from mid-air. Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and Lian Po all attacked. The Boss had a billion health, but it was starting to get reduced.

In less than fifteen minutes, Xiang Liu's health had decreased below 50%.

Old K used Whirlwind Slash and pushed the Boss's body up. "Two-star God Tier Boss is just like this?"

Li Mu frowned. "Old K, you idiot, careful behind you!"


Old K turned around and saw one of the heads opening its mouth wide. His movement speed was average, so he could not flee in time. He stared and swept his axe out. "You want to eat me? Dream on!Look at me rip your mouth open!"

Unfortunately, Old K was swallowed right after saying that and entered a ball which fell into the snake's neck. A few seconds later, that head shone gold and the words ‘Old K’ appeared.

The party channel showed that Old K was eaten and he had dropped by a level. He was also unable to revive.

"What is going on?" Song Han was stunned. "Old K was eaten just like that?"

Lin Wan Er nodded. "En."

One Second Hero charged forward with the Zhangba Snake Spear. "What are you waiting for?Charge! Help that idiot take revenge!"

Suddenly, Xiang Liu's body shook and he jumped up. A waraxe image appeared above his head as he smashed One Second Hero, dealing 70,000damage. The head and tail spun together; this was actually a preparation for a Whirlwind Slash attack! Peng peng peng... Along with One Second Hero, dozens of Furnace God Cavalry were knocked back. Lin Wan Er opened her mouth in shock. "Such a terrifying ability! After eating Old K, this Boss has acquired his ability..."

Li Mu's eyes turned cold. "This is the Evolve skill. Be careful; don't think that the Boss can't swallow you. Be on guard against that skill and try to avoid it. If you can't, then use some invincibility technique!"

Furnace God Cavalry was made up of experts; most of them had at least one invincibility skill. Each one had a unique point. Otherwise, they would not be able to enter the two-hundred-strong Furnace God Cavalry circle.

I charged down and slashed at the Boss's nine heads. I aimed mainly at the head that had swallowed Old K. Whirlwind Slash and Savage Jump Slash dealt too much damage on us and forty-plus Furnace God Cavalry died as a result. If this persisted, we may be unable to kill this two-star God Tier Boss.

On the surface, Wang Jian and Li Mu avoided the Boss's poison. The third guild's leader, Death God's Elegy, was really courageous, using 70% of his speed to dash over and stab his spear into the Boss's body. At the same time, he activated Furnace God Cavalry's Quickness effect. The giant nine-headed python was stunned for three seconds. However, even though Death God’s Elegy was fast, he still failed to avoid the poison, so his health started to drop ceaselessly. I used Heal, along with Thousand League Spring and Darling Duck, on him and barely pulled back his health. Death God's Elegy's style was something similar to the top players of Zhan Long; he really risked his life for everything. However, nowadays, he was a lot calmer and would only risk his life when it was worth it.

After Death God's Elegy's hits, the tempo of the snake was disrupted. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and I attacked from the wings to stun the Boss again. With the ranged attacks, the Boss's health started to fall.

A while later, the serpent opened one of his mouths; the person he wanted to swallow this time was me.

"Be careful, leader!" Death God's Elegy looked above.

I stared at the Boss, and the moment Xiang Liu tried to eat me, I used Blade Rush to dodge him. Who knew that the other Boss could take over; he used Consume, too. This time, though, I stuck close to the ground and ran toward the distance. The Boss actually followed me, jumping up and using Savage Jump Slash!

I knew that I could not let myself get eaten. With my skills, Thundering Heavens, Trampling Thunder, et cetera, we would definitely get wiped out!

I activated the skill Invincible Body!

Grade 2 Holy Ghost Grade skill allowed me to enter invincibility for twenty-three seconds. My body, which was now covered in gold, nearly broke Xiang Liu's teeth. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others charged and stunned the Boss once more. After which, the Boss swallowed Bai Qi and this was quite tragic!


Luckily, Bai Qi did not have any good skills, so we merely continued to reduce the Boss's health bit by bit. When Xiang Liu swallowed One Second Hero and Yue Yao Yan, the serpent was left with less than 5% health. Right at that moment, he used Endless Swamp and turned the area around into poisonous swampland.

Darling Duck, Lin Wan Er, et cetera used their invincibility skills to dodge while I flew in the air. I brought Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian, and the Wind Elves to attack. At least one hundred of the original five hundred members had died once more, so I felt heart-pained. When the Boss had less than 1% health, I used Wind Carrying Slash plus Thundering Heavens. The lightning and sword energy swept across the sky and reduced the Boss's health. Finally, Xiang Liu cried and knelt on the ground. He was dead!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.