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100000PSI - Chapter 65.2: Is Asking For Her Marriage In Hand Not Considered a Promise? (2)

It was then that Chen Yunsheng sent another message:【Big sis, I thought you weren’t interested in dating and marriage?】

It had taken him a full minute to type out that message, which reflected how much thought he had put into it. He might have even edited it several times before finally deciding on the current wording.

The way Ji Fanyin saw it, what he really wanted to ask was ‘Didn’t you say that you aren’t close with Song Shiyu?’.

So, Ji Fanyin selected Chen Yunsheng’s message and tapped on the reply button: 【I’m not close with Song Shiyu】

For a long while, the conversation window reflected that Chen Yunsheng was in the midst of typing something. In the end, he gave up and sent an ‘Ostrich hiding its head in the ground’ emoji. 

Ji Fanyin proceeded to look up Programmer 996 and asked how she could permanently blacklist a client account.

It took a while before Programmer 996 replied: 【I’ll do a quick patch. I’ll send you the update tonight as soon as I’m done with it.】

Having worked together on two previous occasions, Ji Fanyin trusted Programmer 996’s competency and character. So, she sent the full payment to him in advance. 


Ji Fanyin had ridden on the Bai Family’s private jet the last time she accompanied Bai Zhou to Greece. This time around, Li Xiaoxing’s secretary had booked a business class plane ticket for her. 

She wasn’t traveling together with Li Xiaoxing as the latter had headed there several days before to handle some work-related matters. 

Was it on a whim that he decided to propose to Ji Fanyin at the Tokyo Tower?

Ji Fanyin was about to head to the reception area to collect her suitcase when she spotted two conspicuous figures standing there. 

Li Xiaoxing’s appearance was eye-catching as it was, not to mention that he was seated in a prominent wheelchair. Some passers-by couldn’t resist the urge to secretly snap photos of him. His secretary was standing next to him.

Ji Fanyin was averse to the idea of starting work early, but Li Xiaoxing was camping in the area. Left with no choice, she nonchalantly walked over and asked, “Are we starting work early?”

“I happened to have some spare time, so I came to fetch you.” Li Xiaoxing raised his head to look at her. 

Ji Fanyin looked around for her suitcase as she asked, “Are you planning on taking a public airline with her too?”

“No,” replied Li Xiaoxing, “I’m not fond of public airlines.”

Ji Fanyin turned to look at him.

Li Xiaoxing was born to an affluent family. He was a precocious child whose competency far surpassed those around him. Many believed that he was set to become the future leader of the Li Family. 

At least that was the case before the accident nearly robbed him of his control over his body. 

Sometimes, it was that easy for a person to lose all confidence. 

He couldn’t accept becoming a cripple. He couldn’t stand the looks of pity others directed toward him. That was why he always traveled in private cars and private jets. It wasn’t that difficult to deduce.

“Here is your suitcase.” 

The receptionist found Ji Fanyin’s suitcase and passed it over. Before Ji Fanyin could collect it herself, Secretary Fan had already stepped forward to take it on her behalf. 

From his thinning crown to his slightly haggard facial features, Secretary Fan fitted the stereotype of an overworked young man. Yet, he was still able to pick up Ji Fanyin’s suitcase effortlessly. 

… Ah, I forgot. He does carry Li Xiaoxing all around. 

Ji Fanyin thanked Secretary Fan. She bent down a little to smoothen the edge of the rug placed over Li Xiaoxing’s thigh as she asked, “So, are we heading to Tokyo separately?”

Li Xiaoxing eyed her movements and placidly answered, “No, you’ll be traveling with me.”

As a result, Ji Fanyin switched over to taking Li Xiaoxing’s private jet.

What about the business class ticket, you ask? Someone as rich as Li Xiaoxing wouldn’t be fazed by that little money.

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