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ZL - Chapter 1050- Second country war

In the afternoon, a few physicians sewed Floating Clouds' head and body together and then moved her to be buried with Luo Xun. This time, Lochlan did not show any mercy. Hatred had filled Floating Clouds' soul, and it could not be resolved. Keeping her alive would only hurt the future of Tian Ling City.

  Only when it was 7pm did a meeting convene in the hall. All the generals who had participated in the battle for Ancient Imperial City were rewarded.

  Ye Lai, Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que, and Jian Feng Han were all present.


  Beside the sandboard, Lochlan held the king's sword and just stood there. He said calmly, "Everyone has helped end the rebellion; all Major and above generals are to be promoted. Tan Taiyu is promoted to Country Guarding General, Qu Hu and Fang Ge Que to Country Protector Generals, Ye Lai to General of the South. Liang Yingyao to Country Guarding General, and Beichen Feng to Country Protector General. Heaven Barrier Army's Lin Qiong personally led troops to capture Xing Huo and Floating Clouds and has done really well. He is promoted to Commander in chief. Apart from them, Marshal Li, who took charge of the whole situation, is promoted to Commander in chief. All his men are to be promoted. The Ministry of War will hand each of you your new tokens."

  Many people got their old roles back, so everyone felt delighted.

  However, one of the three generals from Jiu Li City, Fire Rhino Army General Shao Shiyang felt unsatisfied. "Your Majesty, both the Fire Rhino and Earth Ocean armies were willing to brave the flames of war for the empire, but Master Li sent us to the Sea of No Return, such that we lost the chance. Your Majesty, please make a good decision!"

  Lochlan smiled. "General Shi, calm down; you will definitely get your turn. Moon City and Swirling Abyss Empire are staring aggressively at us. Our scouts have sent back news that they’re recruiting troops and will soon attack Tian Ling City. Don't worry. The horses will come. As long as you are willing to risk your lives for Tian Ling City, the empire won't forget you!"


  The meeting ended very quickly. What disappointed Ye Lai, Fang Ge Que, and Jian Feng Han was that they did not get their general positions back. However, players had a natural advantage; we would not die and our accounts would not get deleted. Thus, as long as they continued to fulfill their duty as deputies, the day the generals died, they could take over.


  That night was less than seventy-two hours to the start of the country war. The system confirmed that the second war would begin at 12pm three days later. Our advantage this time was still not obvious, and one could even say that we had no advantage at all. Although we had destroyed Waterfront City's NPC army, our players were not united at all. Although I was The Executor, I could only command the NPC troops. Most players had joined Heaven Planning Hall and were controlled by Rumor. This was also the biggest problem for the China Region. Who knew what Rumor would do?

  Three days was a long time.

  On the first day, I brought Zhan Long's elites to clear a SSS-grade Map and helped Tang Heart, Star Blade, et cetera get a one– or two-star god weapon. At the same time, I recruited players to join Zhan Long's branch. Those strong ones were vetted and added to the main guild.

  On the second day, Li Mu entered Fire God Mountain's deep caves to level. He noticed that there were new mounts, level 164 Divine Tier Boss. They swallowed the flames below and their bodies became covered in black flames. They were called Red Flame Horses; their arrival helped make up for our lack of average mounts. In these twenty-four hours, Zhan Long had sent down thirty thousand people to clear out the Fire God Mountain, and finally, we obtained seventeen thousand Red Flame Horses to replace the Iron Blade Cavalry. We managed to get seventeen thousand Red Flame Cavalry. To a great extent, it helped increase Zhan Long's cavalry strength!

  At this time, we got news from Moon City that a NPC army was rebelling. The ruler sent Wei Xiao to lead troops, but in the end, the deputy general led twenty thousand over to the north.

  In Iron Skull City, Sky Rose took down the territory of Iron Skull City's third guild, Spirit Sun. Moreover, they won the bet with the guild leader of Spirit Sun Summer Fruit, which meant that Sky Rose had successfully unified all the guilds in America. They were, in truth, Iron Skull City's ruler.

  In Waterfront City, Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple used all their strength to recruit NPC troops. Moreover, they asked Waterfront City's ruler to craft more Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons. Unfortunately, Waterfront City had been in war for so long that their coffers had become empty. Thus, they could not use much gold. Moreover, their army system was lacking and the main force was a thirty-thousand-strong army led by Liu Jun. They were unable to support more Dragon Crystal Cannons and logistics. Waterfront City's NPC army was basically destroyed by us.

  News came from Nine Heavens City. The Ancient Imperial City was obtained by Guild Leader Purple Wind Flute of the fourth-ranked guild, Cold Winter. Demon Mountain was unhappy, so at 4am, he led more than two thousand people to provoke them. In the end, this straightforward guy entered the city for two hours before bringing his two thousand plus men to flee. He did not mention about the city thereafter.

  On the third day, to prepare for the country war, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and I slept early. In the afternoon, Lin Tian Nan came over and invited us to a meal. Thinking about how nothing shocking could happen at the start and Lin Tian Nan wanted to feast to boost our morale, I accepted the invitation. After a full meal, I returned satisfied. Go online and prepare to fight!



  I appeared in Tian Ling City and saw that the country war interface had opened.

  The players were very busy and flew all about. Some wanted to join the country war to gain points, while some went to store items. They were afraid that they would be hurt during the country war and lose their treasures.

  Lin Wan Er and I said goodbye and then she headed over to Flaming Cloud City. Flaming Cloud City had at least ten thousand China players and five hundred thousand troops. She was the city lord, so she naturally had to manage it. Without thinking, Flaming Cloud City sent many War Hawk Knights out to scout the situation. If Lin Wan Er was not there, where would the intel go to? With her gone, no one could give orders and send troops to fight the enemies.


  A message came from Li Mu: "Xiao Yao, what should we do? Heaven Planning Hall has started to move!"

  "What are they doing now?"

  Li Mu said, "Rumor suggested that they leave 30% to defend Tian Ling City while the rest head over to Waterfront City. Since they don't have cannons, we will claim back Waterfront City right away. This suggestion was supported by Bai Li Ruofeng, Cang Cheng, Shang Li, and Sword Tears. It passed. Even though Fang Ge Que tried to object, it was useless. Q-Sword was furious and did not join in this operation. He led Hero Mound over to War God River."

  I laughed. "Q-Sword saw through things. Haiz... Power isn’t in our hands, after all. My plan was for Nine Heavens City to attack Waterfront City and reduce their players. Afterward, we would attack. Unfortunately, Rumor was in such a hurry to be cannon fodder..."

  Li Mu: "Then what shall Zhan Long do?"

  "Gather our allies. The more, the merrier. We shan't do anything. If nothing goes wrong, players from the three main cities should be on their way."


  Li Mu said, "Apart from Judgement, Enemies at the Gate, Blood Contract, Appearance Alliance, and our other known allies, I decided to contact Six Palace Pink's Furious Milk. She’s strong. I’ve recently obtained two one-star god artifacts. Her skills are also not bad, and you know that."

  "En, okay!"

  Unfortunately, a few minutes later, Li Mu sent a helpless message: "D*mn! She didn't give me face, saying that she had gone out hunting with her people. She told Zhan Long to have fun."

  I: "..."


  I jumped onto the city walls and kept my Ice Wings. I sighed as I looked to the west. There were too many experts there. Sky Rose, Smile, Hand of Waterloo, Brown Eyes—all these famous people would soon become our enemies. Moreover, our main forces were trying to have a battle to the death with Clear Black Eyes in the southeast.

  Thinking about this, I sent a message to Fang Ge Que: "Are we really going to attack Waterfront City concentratedly?"

  Fang Ge Que: "En."



  "What are you laughing about? Tell me!" I clicked on the video call.

  Fang Ge Que's voice came: "I handed Legend's fifty thousand main force to Ah Jing; in truth, I only brought thirty thousand branch guild elites to follow Heaven Planning Hall. Besides this, Prague, Vanguard, Flying Dragon, et cetera hid at least 80% of their main force in Tian Ling City. We won't have over fifteen million people to attack Waterfront City. Don't worry!"

  I smiled. "Is it good for all of you to disobey him so openly?"

  Fang Ge Que smiled. "I was unwilling to be such a person, too, but if I didn't do that, then the entire China Region would end up dying. Don't worry. We're just launching a false attack. Time to see what Nine Heavens City's Demon Mountain and 7K are planning."

  I was stunned. "What are you planning?"

  Fang Ge Que: "We’ll risk one level of fifteen million players in  exchange for an intense battlefield. Nine Heavens City's Demon Mountain and 7K will definitely assume that we’ve suffered heavy losses, so they will go all out in attacking Tian Ling City or Ba Huang City. When the time comes, we can gather over twenty million people to attack Nine Heavens City!"

  I was shocked. "You... want to take down Nine Heavens City?"

  Fang Ge Que: "En!"

  I had qualms. "Even if you can get Nine Heavens City this time, who will defend it during the third country war? Demon Mountain and Clear Black Eyes will definitely join hands, so how can we win the third country war?"

  Fang Ge Que smiled confidently. "Don't worry. I will draw the flames of war to the west."

  I: "..."


  I did not try to persuade him as it was useless. Fang Ge Que had already made his mind up.

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