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ZY - Chapter 328- Jumping point

   Morning, the outside world had started to get bright but it was still really busy around the Heaven Crystal Ocean. Li Yang, Zhou Ya and the other Blood Dynasty experts were still fighting with the barriers around. Especially Li Yang who after a whole night of hard work, he could cross a huge bunch of the rules and was about to breakthrough.

    After a whole night of refining, I was more and more energised. Many crystals turned into golden light which surged into my Spiritual Ruin. However, it was still lifeless. After taking all the spiritual energy, apart from looking more life-like, it was still scorched.

    This Spiritual Ruin had no more hope!

    I frowned and was speechless.

    But right at that moment, the depths of the Heaven Crystal Ocean started to tremble and the entire space was shaking. The geniuses that were trying to break in were tossed out and many were injured. There was a sharp cut on Li Yang's hand. His face was fi…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.