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ZY - Chapter 330- Learning for Chen Xuan

"What are we doing next?" I asked.

    Ah Fei laughed, "Little Qian and I checked and there is a decent hotel nearby that costs around two thousand a night. Since we are here in Hangzhou we should relax. Let's check-in and then find a local restaurant to eat. At night we can go to a club and then have supper. Tomorrow, we would return to Suzhou. How is that plan?"

    I squinted my eyes and smiled, "Sure, sure, I will accompany the two of you."


    On the backline, Little Qian's smile was really wide.


    Not long later, like what Ah Fei said, the hotel was in a really tranquil place. The rooms were well designed. We bathed first before heading out to eat little lobster. Just when I took the glove off, my phone received a message that came from Lin Xi, "Are you coming back tonight?"

    I looked at her profile picture and had a weird feeling. How long had it been since we left Suzhou, am I... Missing he…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.