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ZL - Chapter 997- Importance of strength

Not long after, Destiny's top 16 was decided. The system proceeded to split us into four groups. The fights also appeared on the screen. This was what truly decided how the competition would go later—

Group A:

Cang Tong vs. The Seventh Tang

Jian Feng Han vs. Fang Ge Que

Group B:

Yan Zhao Warrior vs. Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Simple vs. Drunken Spear

Group C:

Enchanted Painting vs. Q-Sword

Six Ya vs. Misty Clouds

Group D:

Yue Qing Qian vs. Cang Yue

Furious Milk vs. Ye Lai


This contest’s top 16 was like China server’s top 16; each group was a group of death and there was no possibility of luck. Out of all these people, the weakest dark horse, Furious Milk, placed forty-first on the CBN Battlenet. With her strength there, she should not be considered a dark horse.

Yue Qing Qian stuck out her tongue. "Sister Dong Cheng, the two of us are going to fight to the death!"

Dong Cheng Yue settled in her chair and smiled. "Top 8 prize money is 300,000, while top 16 is 200,000, which is 100,000 short. Why don’t you give me a chance to proceed further?"

Yue Qing Qian smiled, replying, "No, 100,000is enough for you to buy so many cucumbers.... as well as so many trinkets!"

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Everyone laughed. Dancing Forest analyzed the situation. "Group A is the group of death; anyone has the chance of reaching top 4. Group B comprises guild leader and Simple. As for Group C, Q-Sword and Misty Clouds have a higher chance. Eh, that is tough. The equipment and skills used are all the same, so maybe everyone won't be used to this. Upsets are quite normal."

I nodded. "En, we shall find out in a while. This competition relies on mechanics a lot. If one isn't skilled enough, it won't matter. Look at how badly Old K was destroyed!"

Old K smiled. "Jian Feng Han’s mechanics are just shameless. He didn't dare to fight me head on. Disgusting!"

Dancing Forest smiled. "That's a tactical maneuver, okay? Forget it.You won't understand. Your mechanics are ten streets away from Jian Feng Han—no, you are dozens of lightyears away!"

Old K: "..."


The competition proceeded at this moment. Next was the battles of Overlord, Conquest, and God World. I was not familiar with Overlord players and their sixteen matches passed quickly. As for Conquest, this was the most popular game before Destiny came out. Most players were God Tier in China, just like Fang Ge Que, Little Demon, and Lin Wan Er who had played Conquest before. Fang Ge Que had been on top for many years, and the only one who could compete with him was Lin Yan. The guy had won against Fang Ge Que once in a competition. After which, Fang Ge Que quit to prepare for Destiny. Thus, Lin Yan took over as the top Mage of Conquest. As for Warriors, after Little Demon left, Lone God became the top war god in Conquest.

Lin Yan and Lone God were among those on stage. The first match was between Lin Yan and another Archer. His mechanics were really swift and his accurate movements and spell casting gave the Archer no chance at all.

Meanwhile, Lone God's entrance was really majestic. He opened the distance and grabbed a chance to kill the Berserker before he even had a chance to fight back. He got two points without any surprise.

Conquest's matches continued and the top four was decided. I only knew who Lin Yan and Lone God were and didn't pay attention to the others. As for those from Destiny, we were all really famous. Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que and I were people that everyone knew. The gap between the games was just huge.

God World decided its top four, too; after which was Destiny's battle. Top 16 to select the top 4!


The MC girl walked onto the stage and announced the start of the round of 16.

Everyone was really excited. Not only would there be large amounts of gold, battle would also affectone's position in everyone's heart. After all, this battle tested mechanics and understanding of a role. This was a player's true strength. Whoever became champion would definitely be crowned as the player with the most amazing mechanics in the entire region.

First battle, Cang Tong vs. The Seventh Tang.

As the Allstar Battle automatically switched hidden jobs out, Tang Qi's job sadly went from Fengshui Master to Mage; naturally, he was unused to this. He barely managed to win the first round 2:1 and nearly stopped at the top 32. Now that he was facing a top Assassin like Lin Wan Er, his chances of winning naturally became much lower.

As expected, Lin Wan Er, who had likely placed all her 1500 points to Agility, obtained a shocking speed. She dodged several times and sent out a stab even before Tang Qi could even react. With just three basic attacks, she removed Tang Qi's Mana Shield. She then used a skill to take down 82% of Tang Qi's health before entering Stealth.

Two rounds and Lin Wan Er predictably dispatched Tang Qi. Although Tang Qi's mechanics were decent, in game, he still relied on the Fengshui Master's skills. Moreover, as he was a Mage now, he was unused to this. It was only normal for him to lose.


Secondmatch, Jian Feng Han vs. Fang Ge Que.This was a master-level fight.

One had to say that Jian Feng Han's understanding of positioning had reached a really terrifying level. He fought three matches, and in each one, he broke Fang Ge Que's Mana Shield. In the second match, he took advantage of his precise landing and spacing and used Sword Control technique as well as Sword Break to insta-kill Fang Ge Que.

In the end, though, Fang Ge Que was slightly stronger and won 2:1

I was up for the third one. When I stood up, Yan Zhao Warrior stood up, too. We finally met once more. I remembered that the first time we fought, it was in Ba Huang City, and it was because Yue Qing Qian had been poached by me. Uncle was so angry that he wanted to duke it out with me. At that time, I was still a Healer. Although I lost, Yan Zhao Warrior took a huge loss.

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Times had changed and everything was different now. After half a year of training ingame, I had grasped the essence of Pulse Breaking Style, Drunk Sword Style, et cetera. In other words, maybe I studied a lot and was not a true master, but who knew? I would find out more after I finished with Yan Zhao Warrior.


I entered the game, and as expected, the system gave me another 1500 points to allocate. Both of us were Warriors, so there was nothing to say. Strength and Agility were the most important. I thought about it and was about to place1000 on Strength when I hesitated. Not good... I should put 1200 to Strength. No, that was too little. Then 1300 on Strength and 200 for Agility!

After which, I raised my head and saw that Yan Zhao Warrior was done allocating his stat points. He laughed. "Xiao Yao, don't hold back!"

I nodded. "Of course not. Uncle, be careful not to lose 2:0 against me. If not, it wouldn't look good in front of Six Ya. Anyways, you are the hero in her heart."

Yan Zhao Warrior touched his nose. "Do you think that brat even worships me like that? You're really mistaken then. She's obviously more interested in the beef jerky that my Taobao store sells!"

I: "... !!!"

I did not understand the world of such people. Maybe Zhan Long studio should have opened a food store to attract experts like Six Ya. Although Six Ya was not some top Cavalry expert, she was still good enough. After all, she was ranked twenty-second!


The system started the countdown and both Yan Zhao Warrior and I stared at the number. There were over ten thousand people watching us. Maybe there were much more through the live broadcast. After all, it was the Allstar Battle, so over five million people could watch it at the same time.




The instant we saw this, I charged forwardwith my sword and Yan Zhao Warrior did, too. He stabbed forward, shocking me. He was really quick and should have at least added 500 points to Agility. In terms of movement and attack speed, I definitely lost to him. I changed directions and brushed past his body before stopping. My boots caused sparks on the stone surface as I stabbed Yan Zhao Warrior's back.

Suddenly, it was as if Yan Zhao Warrior had grown a pair of eyes on his back. He, without a doubt, was usingsome game vision tool. His body sank and he used Blade Rush to slash at my ring shoulder. He was really quick and the level 15 Double Hit created a gash on my shoulder.

I was shocked. Yan Zhao Warrior's Blade Rush was used to move. It was really exquisite, as expected of an old, sly fox!

I bent my body backwardand used Blade Rush the instant I turned around. I flashed past his shoulder and then used Ice Blade. With a puchi, it pierced his waist. I then used Double Hit and halved his health.

Yan Zhao Warrior was shocked. He did not care so much and used Blade Dance. Many sword shadows appeared; this was the start of Blade Dance!

I saw that and stepped forward. With a keng, I hit the middle of his weapon. Before he reacted, I shoulder-struck him. His strength was lower than mine, so he was forced back by this. At the same time, the knockback had interrupted his skill-casting. I slashed and used two auto-attacks, which meant that Yan Zhao Warrior's chance was gone. He retreated but could not flee from my Sword Control technique and Sword Break, which were long-ranged attacks.

"Good kid!"

Yan Zhao Warrior was shocked, but the second round had already begun. The truth proved that his stat point addition was wrong. Due to my 200 more Strength, I suppressed him. I also stuck close to him. Pulse Breaking Style was not afraid of fighting head on. As we fought, his health started to drop while I still had over 40%. He lost another point.

2:0, as expected, I won against Prague's guild leader.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.