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100000PSI - Chapter 63.3: Have You Forgotten How You Treated Me In the Past? (3)

Ji Fanyin was able to subdue Bai Zhou with just a couple of words, but Cen Xiangyang wasn’t as easy to deal with. He had strung everything he wanted to say into a long message and sent it to her.

In the cab, Ji Fanyin quickly scanned through it. She made sure to screenshot the message before Cen Xiangyang could retract it.

His intentions were pretty clear.

He frankly admitted to telling Ji Xinxin about her stand-in occupation before making a cunning suggestion.

He offered his services as a double agent to Ji Fanyin, saying that he would help her fend off Ji Xinxin’s vengeance. In return, he wanted Ji Fanyin to cooperate with him in clearing away Ji Xinxin’s suitors.

Cen Xiangyang was hoping to come out on top without raising a finger. He wanted to manipulate Ji Fanyin into emptying out Ji Xinxin’s fishery. He knew that Ji Xinxin would languish at the loss of her fishery and became distraught and vulnerable. By then, she would have no one to rely on but him.

Ji Fanyin was entertained by the grand ambitions peeking through his message.

It looked like it wasn’t just politicians and CEOs of huge companies who were skilled at scheming and political machinations. Despite being a director, Cen Xiangyang was a self-taught master conniver.

It was just that the appeal of his offer was built on one condition: Ji Fanyin is incapable of dealing with Ji Xinxin.

And that condition didn’t hold.

As a result, all Cen Xiangyang succeeded in doing was delivering another chip for Ji Fanyin to play with. She tapped into her phone gallery to check on the concrete evidence she had screenshotted, and she couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ji Xinxin.

If this were a war game, under the service of Empress Ji Xinxin would be mighty generals Father Ji, Mother Ji, Cen Xiangyang, Li Xiaoxing, Bai Zhou…

All of them looked like ferocious generals at first glance, yet none of them were able to stand their ground at all. If Ji Xinxin ever catches a glimpse of their KPI, I bet that she’ll have them fired right away.

Ji Fanyin had collected so many good cards that she couldn’t even decide which one to use first.

She couldn’t help but sigh on Ji Xinxin’s behalf.

If one of us has to suffer, I’d very much choose to be the happy one.

With such thoughts in mind, she tapped into the ‘Temptation of Home’ app to check on the progress. To her delight, she had made huge progress on the app ever since Ji Xinxin’s return over her Christmas break.

Putting aside the impulse purchases and the newly implemented auction system on her reservation app, she was receiving an amazing amount of Emotion Points just from the escalation of conflict.

Browsing through the records quickly, her greatest financial sponsor was Bai Zhou, but her greatest Emotion Points sponsor was none other than Ji Xinxin.

Even with the constant small inflow of Emotion Points from netizens, Ji Xinxin’s names still persistently popped up everywhere. It would be no exaggeration to say that the young lady spent 18 hours of each day thinking about her.

Ji Fanyin took a closer look at the transaction times: “…”

It looks like I appear in her dreams too.

So far, she had accrued 800 million out of her goal of 10 billion. The first few steps were usually the hardest to take; everything would only accelerate from this point onward.

Ji Xinxin would be returning to the country in just a few days’ time to launch her counterattack.

Ji Fanyin personally believed in maintaining a sustainable inflow of income, especially since Ji Xinxin was her greatest contributor of Emotion Points. Instead of mercilessly crushing the latter at one shot, she thought that it would be better to dish out her cards one by one so that she could slowly harvest waves of Emotion Points.

A patient farmer who didn’t overstress his land would be able to reap greater harvest over time.

There was no need to rush things since Ji Xinxin was going to stay for a semester.

It should be soon, right?

Ji Fanyin rubbed her phone in anticipation.

Once Ji Xinxin is no longer capable of fighting back anymore, I’ll be able to put an end to my stand-in occupation.

She still hadn’t forgotten about the kidnapping scenario yet. She wouldn’t want to risk putting herself in such a position.

She rested her back on the leather seat and began organizing her plans.

For Ji Xinxin, I can just patiently wait for her to make her move and retaliate accordingly. As for how I can further speed up my progress on the app… I guess I could start with handing over the documents on my table to Mrs. Bai.

So, Ji Fanyin tapped into her phone’s on-demand delivery app.

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