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100000PSI - Chapter 64.3 100 Million Has Returned (3)

When she saw Mrs. Bai sitting gracefully at one of the tables, she found herself lamenting that there was no such thing as a perfect person in this world. 

Mrs. Bai was someone who seemed to have it all, be it her prestigious family background, her sharp business acumen, her beautiful and youthful appearance, her outstanding and handsome son… 

Yet, she was hopelessly incompetent at getting along with her son. 

Upon hearing her footsteps, Mrs. Bai raised her head and looked at Ji Fanyin. She gestured to the seat opposite to her and said, “Have a seat.”

Her voice was light and mellow, but her tone carried unquestionable authority. It was almost as if she was treating Ji Fanyin as her subordinate. 

But again, one wouldn’t expect a mogul of the corporate world to be soft spoken. 

In any case, Ji Fanyin was in an advantageous position now that Mrs. Bai had taken the initiative to invite her for a meal. She overlooked Mrs. Bai’s tone of speech and calmly took a seat. “Hello. It appears that my apology gift has been properly delivered to you.”

“I have learned the reason behind my son’s increased spending over the past few months. The means employed by you and your younger sister put me at a loss for words. I can’t tell which of you two is more…” 

Mrs. Bai paused for a brief moment before completing her sentence.

“… contemptible.”

Ji Fanyin chuckled softly. “I’ve never really thought about that.”

Ji Xinxin had once questioned if she thought that she was nobler than her, but to be honest, Ji Fanyin had never thought that way. 

“Even so, I have the right to choose what I want to do and what I don’t want to do.” Ji Fanyin picked up the transparent flask on the table and poured herself a cup of lemonade. “What that woman proposed happens to be something I’m unwilling to participate in.”

“The house isn’t worth a lot, but it’s still a substantial sum considering your current income.” Mrs. Bai remained unmoved by Ji Fanyin’s rhetoric. “You’re hoping to negotiate a better deal with me.”

Ji Fanyin smiled at those words. “I won’t deny that, but even if you refuse to meet me after receiving my document, I still wouldn’t work with that woman.”

Most people might have the experience where one of their answers to a test was erroneously marked correct, but upon reporting it to the teacher, the teacher chose to compliment their honesty and allowed them to keep their marks.

In a way, this could be described as a nifty trick to earn goodwill. 

Ji Fanyin calmly took a sip of water while waiting for Mrs. Bai’s response.

On the other hand, Mrs. Bai contemplatively lowered her gaze for around ten seconds. When she finally raised her head once more, she picked up a folder placed on the seat next to her and pushed it toward Ji Fanyin. 

“You may accept this gift,” said Mrs. Bai with her uniquely mellow voice. “If I’m not mistaken, you’re still living in a rented apartment, right?”

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows shot up.

Just as I thought. Moments after I gave the 100 million out, it was returned to me in full.

Mrs. Bai looked straight into Ji Fanyin’s eyes and revealed the faintest of smiles. “Ji Fanyin, allow me to propose a deal.”

“Please go ahead.” Ji Fanyin had a weird feeling that this story was transitioning from a cliché substitute lover plot line to a rich family’s internal war over inheritance.

She would probably want me to serve as a double agent for her. It’ll be troublesome, but it’s not entirely out of the question… 

To her surprise, Mrs. Bai proposed something very different. “You’re unlike your younger sister. She’ll desperately cling onto Bai Zhou, but you won’t. So, I’d like you to teach that child how not to stumble on women.”

That’s different from what I expected.

Ji Fanyin took a moment to carefully decipher Mrs. Bai’s intentions.

She was reminded of a historical drama she had watched in her earlier years. In that historical drama, the empress wanted her son to cast away his compassion so that he could become a qualified crown prince, so she coldly ordered her kind son to murder the kitten he was raising. 

What Mrs. Bai wanted to do was effectively the same as that empress had done. 

It mattered not to her why Bai Zhou was vulnerable to women; she was only interested in the result. She decided that the most effective way was to instill a mental trauma in Bai Zhou, one that would haunt him for his entire life. 

“As for his act of buying your…” Mrs. Bai paused for a moment in an attempt to search for an appropriate phrase. “… time, you may continue with that. I won’t interfere.”

She looked at Ji Fanyin as if the latter was a conveniently sharp dagger that would do her job for her. 

“All the money will be worth it, as long as you’re able to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”

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