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100000PSI - Chapter 64.1: 100 Million Has Returned (1)

The first thing Ji Fanyin did upon returning to her apartment was to take out the documents from the folder and look through them. She wasn’t a professional lawyer, but the documents did appear to be an agreement to transfer a house deed.

She couldn’t find any problems with the agreement, but she had no intention of accepting the sum of money. There was no compelling need for her to accept this sum of money since she could earn 100 million through other avenues too.

Even if her current occupation was bordering on the gray zone, it was a violation of her principles to ruin another person’s marriage. By an extension of that, she wouldn’t help a mistress and her son rise to power.

However, there was another opportunity she could exploit through this agreement.

She quickly washed up before lying down on her bed. Before drifting off to sleep, she tapped into her reservation app to check on her schedule for tomorrow.

The reservation app now came with a function that automatically refunded clients on their failed bids and confirmed the winning bid. Thanks to that, Ji Fanyin didn’t have to constantly check the progress of the bids, just the results.

It doesn’t matter whether I get a reservation or not. I also have plenty of work from my screenwriting studio anyway. Besides, Ji Xinxin is coming back the day after tomorrow.

However, when Ji Fanyin tapped into the app, she saw that her schedule was full for the day after tomorrow, from 11 AM to 9 PM. It was reserved by Song Shiyu.

She looked through the bidding records and saw that Song Shiyu had gone with the highest bid right away. Bai Zhou later tried to outbid him with elevenfold of the usual price, only to be rejected by the System under the error of ‘Exceed maximum bid’.

So, Bai Zhou went on to reserve her full schedule three days later at the maximum tenfold price.

Looking at the record of Bai Zhou’s failed attempt to bid elevenfold, Ji Fanyin felt that Bai Zhou’s financial potential as a client was extremely high.

Had there not been a bidding limit and Bai Zhou had successfully bidded elevenfold of the price, Song Shiyu might have just chosen to raise the price as well, thus initiating a bidding war. The prices could have reached unbelievable levels.

Ji Fanyin stared at her green reservation app contemplatively for a while.

Oh well… I guess I shouldn’t go too far. Mrs. Bai doesn’t look like someone to be trifled with, and I don’t want to make an enemy out of her. I should let her son off the hook for now.

For the time being, I’ll keep the bidding limit to tenfold.

Ji Fanyin felt that she was an ethical businesswoman.

The first thing Ji Fanyin did when she woke up the following morning was to send the document to the company Mrs. Bai mentioned yesterday.

Of course, she made sure to photocopy the document beforehand so that she had a spare copy to keep with her.

Under normal circumstances, it was unlikely that someone as lofty as Mrs. Bai would pay any heed to a gift from an insignificant nobody like her, even if she was Ji Xinxin’s twin sister. However, things should be different because Bai Zhou was present at the banquet last night too.

She went through the trouble of chatting with Bai Zhou so as to pique Mrs. Bai’s interest. She was confident that Mrs. Bai would make a move once she received the document.

After handing the documents over to the delivery man, Ji Fanyin leisurely did some yoga before digging into her breakfast.

The world looks so much more beautiful when I don’t have to go to work early in the morning.

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