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ZL - Chapter 991- Fighting back mercilessly

Peng peng peng...

  Flames surged into the sky from far away. That was the Purple Spirit Army. Did Situ Xin's Imperial Guards attack?

  Logically speaking, the Purple Spirit Army was not the match of the well-trained Guards, but should we not try to cut down on losses?

  I added Jian Feng Han. He was the only Major-grade player there. After which, we opened the chat channel and Jian Feng Han asked right away, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, are you contacting me regarding the Fire God Mountain battle?"

  I cut to the chase. "Purple Spirit Army's Xiahou Ren is Luo Xun's man; he is about to declare war against the Royal Army, so I hope that Jian Feng Han won't join in."

  He smiled coldly. "You have already attacked, so isn't it too late to say all this? Don't worry, though, as I don't plan on joining in. The ten thousand troops under me are at the Sea of No Return’s border. When Xiahou Ren gave me orders, I acted like I didn't see anything."

  I nodded. "Thank you. Will Vanguard join this battle?"

  Jian Feng Han shook his head. "I won't but I need help from you. Kill Xiahou Ren; if you have a chance, I've been ordered around by him too much and I can't take it anymore."

  "Okay, hope you get to become the new Purple Spirit Army commander."

  "I hope so, too!"


  Just like that, one faction was settled. Jian Feng Han did not want to join this war as it was meaningless to him. He was the type who did not think about the past; if he hated someone, he would take revenge right away. This was why, while Rising Sun like Blood killed many in Tian Ling City, they did not dare to touch Vanguard.

  Late at night, the cold wind blew.

  The night and day on Fire God Mountain were totally different. It was scorching in the day, but ice-cold at night.

  A bunch of Royal Army troops guarded the middle of the mountain, but not one raised a torch. Xia Ye placed the Dragon Crystal Cannons mid-waist within a one-thousand-yard range. As long as the Rongdi Army dared to attack, those five hundred or so cannons would deal loads of damage on them.

  At the bottom, countless torches illuminated the area. Xia Ye coughed. "General, the Rongdi Army has troops to our south and has already surrounded us. Why aren’t they attacking yet?"

  I squinted my eyes and replied, "The Rongdi Army is from the north and isn't good in terms of gunpowder attacks. Are they waiting for the Fire Axe Army?"

  "Fire Axe Army again!" Xia Ye gritted his teeth. "Louis, that old man... as a Marquis of the empire, he's not loyal at all. He really is just old and dumb!"

  I smiled. "Someone tricked him."

  Xia Ye said, "The person you're talking about is their deputy general Cang Cheng, right?"

  "En, how do you know?"

  "That person looks like a scum, so of course I'll know!"



  Not long after, more and more troops gathered. This large group made the onlookers tremble. A few Royal Army Majors frowned and seemed not to know what to say.

  "They're going to attack soon, right?" asked Xia Ye.

  I nodded. "Soon, but don't be anxious. We'll wait for them to attack the mountain before firing our shots. We have the advantage in high terrain.

The one thousand meters of firing distance for our Dragon Crystal Cannons can increase to one thousand three hundred meters, while theirs will be reduced to eight hundred meters, so we can definitely take the initiative!"


  A few minutes later, the sound of horse hooves reverberated as the Rongdi Army began their attack!

  "Now, fire the Dragon Crystal Cannons!"

  Following this order, the Dragon Crystal Cannons by the waist of the mountain were fired in groups of ten. They were positioned in different places, so the enemies would be unable to lock onto them.

  Peng peng peng...

  Dragon Crystal Cannons flashed and shockwaves upon shockwaves were felt everywhere, forming many mushroom clouds. Several Rongdi Army’s cries could be heard, but as there were too many of them, the rest just kept attacking. The Fire Axe Army's cannonballs exploded, too, as they landed on the waist of the mountain. Nonetheless, as we did not light any torches, few of our cannons got hit.

  "Good, just like this!" Xia Ye clutched his fists, his face filled with excitement. "Time to beat down these people!"

  Suddenly, a War Hawk Knight landed. "General, twenty thousand Violent Thunder Army troops are pushing from the right wing!"

  I waved. "Xia Ye, order our Heavy Cavalry to get off their horses and prepare to fight!"

  "Yes, General!"

  The Heavy Cavalry was unable to fight on mountainous terrains as it was easy for their horses to slip or lose grip. Players were okay as they had full control of their mounts, but NPC horses had many obstacles. It was better if they just fought off the horses.

  A while later, another War Hawk Knight landed. "General, they sent an Adventurer squad to attack!"

  From the flames of the Dragon Crystal Cannons, a bunch of Ice Spirit Cavalry started to attack. Wang Zecheng was too anxious; he wanted to pull me down from my spot as General of the Royal Army...


  Cannons were fired. The Fire Axe Army's cannonballs landed on a crowd of Royal Army. Both sides had officially engaged each other!

  Shouts came from another direction. Lin Wan Er sent news that The Knights Templar, Mortal World, and Dao Jian Xuan, including one hundred thousand Rongdi Army troops, had started their attacks as well. Zhan Long, Judgement, Prague, and Enemies at the Gate had sent reinforcements from Fan Shu City. In ten more minutes, Han Yuan and the other Royal Army troops would arrive, too!

  Time passed really quickly as both sides exchanged lives. After a while, a rising sun rose from the east. The Royal Army, Fire Axe Army, Violent Thunder Army, and Purple Spirit Army had mutually received the Dragon Crystal Cannons’ bombardments; in fact, many of the cannon barrels were scorching red from overuse!

  As the sun rose, Rising Sun like Blood continued to attack, but at this point, they were no longer in a good state. Shouts came from the forest as Q-Sword led Hero Mound engage the Rongdi Army. Helplessly, Wang Zecheng could only recall the Ice Spirit Cavalry in the frontlines for support. He did not expect that Q-Sword would backstab them at this moment and attack his own Fire Axe Army!



  My Butterfly sliced the neck of a Fire Axe Army general. I jumped up and flew to the north. That area facing Fan Shu City had the most intense fighting. Luo Xun, Les, Louis, et cetera were all below the mountain. From afar, I could see Luo Xun riding on a white horse. He wore a gold-colored emperor robe, his face filled with arrogance.

  The cannon explosions continued and the new Royal Army recruits were consumed by cannonfire. Over three hundred cannons were placed at the base of the mountain along with Luo Xun's barbaric army; the Royal Army was losing terribly. These people were from the Barbarian Race in the south, but Luo Xun used them as cannon fodders. There were over one hundred thousand of them. No wonder he was so confident.


  Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded in front and that split a Lieutenant into pieces. The shockwaves caused my cape to flutter; I was unable to even open my eyes. A Major walked over and said loudly, "General, please step back; this place is too dangerous!"

  I said, "I am okay; prepare to fight back!"

  "Fight back?" He looked at me in shock. "We only have twenty thousand people on our side; how are we going to fight back against ten times our number?"

  "Don't worry and just fight back!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  This was when a dense mass of red appeared in the distance; I was very familiar with this color. This was the newly obtained Furnace God Cavalry led by Li Meng Yao, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others. They charged into the Rongdi Army’s back! I used Icy Wings and charged up the sky before flying in that direction. I used Seven Stars Fragment Slash, including Death God's Dance plus Trampling Thunder, to the crowd and killed a large group of them. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others laughed as they flew over. With the Quickness effect, many soldiers were stunned. As they passed, the Rongdi Army fell like wheat.

  A few minutes later, Chi Yu Han led ten thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry out of Fan Shu City to attack the Rongdi Army!

  A little while later, the Royal Army troops appeared from the north. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and Long Xing personally led the way with ten Dragon Cavalry in the sky. This was like a heavy hammer pounding on Luo Xun's heart. From afar, he started to look anxious.

  Players also started to appear. Prague, Enemies at the Gate, Judgement, Blood Contract, and other guilds showed up. The players were definitely over four hundred thousand. It was definitely Luo Xun’s loss this time!



  Bai Li Ruofeng raised his arrow and shot a Royal Army soldier, his face turning white. "Didn't Cang Cheng say that Prague and Judgement wouldn't join in? Didn't he agree with Ye Lai and Six Ya?"

  Quick Thunder Swift Wind swept his axe into the crowd as he raged. "Cang Cheng underestimated Xiao Yao Zi Zai's connections! Guild leader, should we retreat?"

  Bai Li Ruofeng looked in despair. "Zhan Long's new cavalry has arrived; where can we flee to?"


  Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, et cetera led the Furnace God Cavalry over. Thus, even if Bai Li Ruofeng’s side retreated and dodged, the Furnace God Cavalry would still be able to stun them. As a result, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, Yao Yao, and the other players from House of Prestige were all killed in the wilderness!


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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.