Chapter 990- Heroes standing shoulder to shoulder
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Zhan Long Chapter 990- Heroes standing shoulder to shoulder

"In trouble... What do you mean?" I asked.

  Situ Xin replied, "Did General Li punish a lieutenant called Liu Jun?"


  "That's why!" he said coldly. "Liu Jun has escaped from the Royal Army camp and entered South Protecting King's manor in Tian Ling City. He told Luo Xun that you are here, so Luo Xun has given orders to attack. He claimed that the Royal Army is harboring a traitor. If I guess it correctly, in an hour, the Rongdi Army will arrive at Fire God Mountain. I also heard that the Fire Axe Army is near the War God River, so they may even arrive faster!"


  Xia Ye immediately stood up, his face ashen-white. "Louis and Luo Xun are so bold. They want to attack us so openly? This... They don't respect the Royal Army at all!"

  Situ Xin said, "Luo Xun has two hundred fifty thousand troops. Combined with Fire Axe's support... Maybe the Violent Thunder Army and Purple Spirit Army will attack, too. You guys only have sixty thousand troops here; can the Royal Army go up against five times its number?"

  Xia Ye was annoyed. "Situ Xin, what is the meaning of this? Just be honest!"

  Situ Xin's voice was a little cold. "Why did you think I would come over and report this to you? His Majesty wanted me to tell you and allow you to make a decision. Don't only react when Luo Xun's army arrives."

  A Major said, "Since Luo Xun's reason is that the General is here, then if you leave, won't they have no reason?"

  I waved and said, "Luo Xun just wants to wipe out the Royal Army, so there's no difference in me being here and otherwise; he'll surely attack and eliminate the Royal Army regardless. Getting Fire God Mountain's mines is his real goal."

  Situ Xin smiled. "Finally, someone is smart. What is your plan, General Li?"

  "We will deal with them as they come; kill them all!"

  I gritted my teeth and a cold glow appeared in my eyes. "The time of Luo Xun's arrogance in Tian Ling City is over!"

  Situ Xin nodded with praise in his eyes. "His Majesty hasn't been good, too. The South Protecting King promoted many of his own people and stopped His Majesty from writing decrees. Now, half of the people in the Tian Ling Empire are Luo Xun's. He even wanted His Majesty to marry a girl from the west."

  I was shocked. "Lochlan, he..."

  Situ Xin gritted his teeth. "His Majesty has no solution to this and his troops were all confiscated by the South Protecting King. Only I still have some power, so His Majesty hopes for you to break up this situation. This is a gamble. If the General can crush the Rongdi Army, you’ll be the biggest help to the nation. If not, in just a month, the Tian Ling Empire’s ruler will change. His Majesty is betting everything on you!"

  He knelt and took out a token. "Your General and Commander in Chief token is being returned to you. Moreover, there’s a letter from His Majesty!"

  I took the tokens and the letter, which contained a clear line from Lochlan: "Master, the world is not peaceful; please fight for the empire and quell the rebellion. Guards General Situ will listen to you. I only have one request, and that’s to let my father live. Otherwise, I can't be a proper king!"

  I was shocked when I saw this letter. Lochlan had made his decision in the end. Facing Luo Xun's threats, he chose to fight back, but being the loyal person that he was, he did not want to kill his father. He still hoped for me to let Luo Xun live.


  I kept it and nodded. "Understood. I know what to do!"

  Situ Xin inquired, "General, what plans do you have?"

  I nodded. "Move all the Royal Army troops up Fire God Mountain and use the land advantage. I have troops in Fan Shu City to move. Plus, I will tell the fifty thousand Royal Army troops at Dragon City to head over. With these three forces, we will face the Rongdi Army!"

  Situ Xin asked excitedly, "The forty-thousand-strong Guards Army is out of the city; what do they have to do?"

  "Enter Purple Spirit Army camp and kill Xiahou Ren. Take their Dragon Crystal Cannons and then attack the Violent Thunder Army camp!"

  "Ah?" Situ Xin was shocked. "General, be careful; the Purple Spirit and Violent Thunder armies are the empire’s main fighting force. If we do that, the entire Tian Ling Empire will be engulfed in a sea of flames!"

  I said, "I am going to use this battle to clear out all the filth in Tian Ling City."


  Situ Xin cupped his fists. "I have understood and shall comply. I’ll go now!"

  "General Situ, be careful!" I looked at him and smiled. "This battle will be dangerous; you must come back alive. If not, I will be too lonely in the Tian Ling Empire."

  Situ Xin smiled. "Don't worry, Master Li; I will try to return intact."

  "Haha! Go!"


  After sending Situ Xin away, I ordered the Royal Army to relocate while Xia Ye had the soldiers move the Dragon Crystal Cannons up. The grains and other miscellaneous stuff were hurriedly relocated. As for those heavy things, they were all abandoned.

  I teleported back to Dragon City and headed to the Royal Army camp. I ordered Xiao Lie, Han Yuan, and Long Xing to go to Fire God Mountain so they could assist before heading into the main hall. Frost was perusing some documents; when she saw me, she smiled, asking, "What happened? Why do you look so anxious?"

  I replied right away, "There is a rebellion afoot in the Tian Ling Empire. Luo Xun, Les, and Louis are about to attack the Royal Army. I will mobilize  all my strength to achieve victory."

  Frost stood up and her beautiful face was filled with shock. "This... Do you need Dragon City’s support?"

  I shook my head. "They need to defend Dragon City, but I have two requests."

  She laughed. "Just speak; why do you have to be so polite?"


  I sucked in a deep breath. "First, can you have Qingluo lead the ten Dragonriders in assisting me? Second, can you help me do something?"

  Frost opened her mouth and smiled, ".What do you need me to do?"

  I answered solemnly, "Once a coup is staged, Lochlan's life will be in danger, so I need you to enter the Tian Ling Empire and protect him."

  "That is simple." Frost continued to smile. "Don't worry; I will head to Tian Ling City right away!"



  After exiting the hall, I saw Qingluo waiting with the other nine. I ordered them to head out with Han Yuan and the Royal Army. When the time came, we would attack and defend together.

  Once I arranged everything, Angela actually led an army over. She said right away, "General Li Xiao Yao, I heard that something is about to go down in Tian Ling City."

  I was honest. "A war is about to unfold. The Royal Army and Rongdi Army will clash!"

  Angela said, "Ba Huang City is Tian Ling City's ally, so we won't go against it. What do you need me to do? Ba Huang City will definitely help."

  I asked, "How many troops can Ba Huang City send?"

  Angela said, "Two hundred ten thousand."

  "Okay!" I finally felt confident. "I don't need you to take the lead personally; I just need your two hundred ten thousand soldiers to man Tian Ling City and guard it. Apart from the Royal Army and Guards Army, no one else can enter. You must also ensure that no other army can threaten the main city!"

  Angela nodded. "Don't worry; I will do exactly that!"

  "Thanks. I’ll take my leave now!"



  As it was an emergency, I also told everyone via the guild channel. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and Li Mu were really efficient. The Furnace God Cavalry all gathered in Fan Shu City. At the same time, we contacted our allies. Misty Clouds, Ye Lai, Han Bei Song, and the others were willing to head out of Fan Shu City to fight for us!

  What I did not expect was that Q-Sword would add me. He sent over a calm voice message: "Xiao Yao, Cang Cheng has sent out troops. Over seventy thousand Rising Sun like Blood players are ten minutes away from Fire God Mountain. Apart from that, he has joined forces with The Knights Templar, House of Prestige, and twenty-plus other guilds to attack. Fire Axe Army Louis was persuaded into sending fifty thousand troops over, but I held back my ten thousand troops. I just want to ask, ‘Are you willing to join hands with me?'"

  Q-Sword's main alliance was destroyed by Wang Zecheng, so he was definitely annoyed.

  I immediately replied, "Sure!"

  He smiled. "Okay, I'll send sixty thousand Hero Mound players and ten thousand Fire Axe troops to ambush in the south forest. Once they start to attack, I'll send them out!"



  A few minutes later, Prague leader, Yan Zhao Warrior, sent me a message, too: "Good kid, the entire Tian Ling City is about to be in chaos, yet you didn't call us?"

  I laughed. "I am afraid that you won't be able to keep up!"

  Yan Zhao Warrior was speechless. "You wait; I will show you how strong I am; I can even drink ten bowls!"

  I was speechless, but it was good that he could help. The only side that did not express their stance was Fang Ge Que, but he was now the commander of the Fire Dragon Army. Moreover, he did not join in the battle between Q-Sword and Wang Zecheng, so he was a neutral party. This meant that we had an advantage this time. The only point of contention was the NPC army. It would depend on how strong the Rongdi Army was!

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