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ZL - Chapter 1042- Power of life and death

"Bring it on..."

  Lin Qiong raised his sword handle, and streaks of Starlight Power rose around. When I met him in Ba Huang City, he was just a Sword Saint. He had actually reached God Tier. His eyes filled with disdain, he said, "Since you are an adventurer with no cultivation, I won't bully you. If you can force me back by a meter, I will consider myself as having lost to you!"

  Lin Qiong shouted as his boots shattered the stone piece in the side hall. He activated his domain power, and a shield converged in front of him. His handsome face was twisted behind the translucent shield. "To become my Marshal, how can you have no skill at all? If that's all you’ve got, I definitely won't listen to any of your orders!"

  I pulled out Butterfly. "If I force you back, are you willing to pledge loyalty to Tian Ling City?"

  Lin Qiong frowned. "Since I have said so, I definitely will!"



  My arm shook and Butterfly was hanging several meters above my head…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf, Ciel. Edited by Slumber, Pret.