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ZL - Chapter 1045- Strategic weakness


  Cannons fired in the distant forest and flames rose into the air. The shockwaves spread over within ten seconds and caused our robes to flutter. It was obvious that some people had used Dragon Crystal Cannons to assist them. They were not from the China Region NPC army as I had left them at War God River. Thus, they were either from Waterfront City or Nine Heavens City.

  Cannons were firing there while we were quite leisurely. The Zhan Long players were clearing up the battlefield. After two hours of battling, we lost ten thousand people but killed over seventy thousand. The ratio was 1:7, and this was a huge win for us. However, this was not enough; we had to kill more to turn the tides of battle.


  Ahead, Mu Xuan led Wild Beauty and Wild Swan over. Their robes were exquisite. Their attires saved on garment and only relied on a golden thread to connect them from the middle. In the end, two alluring balls could be seen, causing One Second Hero and Old K to breathe heavily.

  "Thank you, Little Zai Zai!"

  Mu Xuan's smile was as beautiful as usual. This Appearance Alliance guild leader never lacked the ability to attract men. She placed her hands on her hips and looked at me. "If not for Zhan Long’s timely arrival, the Appearance Alliance would've gotten wiped here."

  I smiled. "Small matter. We have to support allies. Speaking of which, how did the Appearance Alliance get trapped here? If you had attacked and retreated with Judgement and Enemies at the Gate, you definitely wouldn't have ended up in such a situation."

  "Who knows? Maybe those few were more cowards." She smiled, and as she did, the semi circles in front of her chest shook, too. "China Region has sent over half of our online players for this, around thirty million, but in the southwest, there won't be over eight million, so we are slightly weaker in this direction."

  "Oh?" I frowned. "Where did the main force head to?"

  "Northeast. They're clashing with Nine Heavens City's Demon Mountain and 7K... Scoff scoff!" Mu Xuan smiled deeply. "One must know, our Heaven Planning Hall Grand Battle Axe is really intelligent and strategic. He wants to wipe out Demon Mountain's pride and even claims that Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple are nothing. We have to focus our troops over at Nine Heavens City."

  "That idiot!"

  I gritted my teeth. "Didn't Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword stop him?"

  "This..." Mu Xuan giggled. "I heard that Fang Ge Que recommended not to, but Rumor didn't listen. He felt that if Demon Mountain didn't die, the city wouldn't belong to us, so..."

  She looked at me. "Little Zai Zai, what are you thinking now?"

  I frowned. "My opinions aren't important... I went to talk to Demon Mountain in Nine Heavens City and told him about joining hands. We are enemies with the Indians but only have some small grievances with Nine Heavens City. If we attack the Indians, Nine Heavens City may not attack us and Demon Mountain will definitely attack them and then fight with us after. That means that we will have one less competitor. As for now... Okay... We're grabbing a hot yam in our hands."

  Mu Xuan laughed. "Haha! So funny. What should we do now?"

  "Try our best..."

  I spread my hands and shrugged. "There is nothing we can do.

Zhan Long is going all out, while Waterfront City has at most eight million people nearby. We can gather some allies over to fight here and we may be able to win. Let's just hand the northeast to Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Jian Feng Han."



  Li Mu walked over. "Enemies at the Gate has sent a plea for help. They and Blood Contract, along with seventeen allies, are fighting with the Indians in the northwest. However, the Indians have NPC cannons while we don't."


  I raised Butterfly and said, "Mobilize troops and check the coordinates. Since they have formed up, we should attack their formation. We will charge through their cannons and level them out in the forest. Apart from trees, there is nothing else. This place belongs to the Furnace God Cavalry; prepare to crash!"


  We gathered up our troops, and in less than ten minutes, close to sixty thousand Zhan Long players and fifty thousand Appearance Alliance had fully gathered. One hundred ten thousand along with fifty thousand from Misty Clouds, we did have the ability to fight. However, when I asked them how many the enemies had, I learned that they had a full three million. Moreover the commander was Clear Black Eyes. We could only face them in battle with our stats!


  Dragon Crystal Cannons continued to fire in the forest. In the distance, the shockwaves from the cannons got more and more intense. Furnace God Cavalry continued to charge in front. I used Icy Wings to scout the land. Clear Black Eyes was just too smart, so we had to be careful.

  However, when I looked ahead, I realized that Clear Black Eyes's Beautiful Life was fighting against Enemies at the Gate and Blood Contract. She relied on the cannon pressure to smash Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song. However, there was still a group of soldiers that remained steadfast. They were guarding behind and protecting the cannons.

  I flew back to the ground and asked, "What are those blue war horses? There are quite a lot of them!"

  "I know."

  Mu Xuan sat on Wild Beauty's war horse and said, "Freedom Maniac Guild, they are ranked seventh in India, but they’re really huge. Their leader is an idiot called Reputation, though he is an amiable person and loves making friends online. He has many allies, too. What did you see?"

  I answered softly, "At least 1.2 million are guarding the backline of their formation to protect Clear Black Eyes's cannons. Freedom Maniac is leading the way."

  Mu Xuan sucked in a deep breath. "What should we do?"

  "How is Reputation?"

  "He is rash and stubborn."

  "That is good..."

  I turned to Li Mu. "Lead the Valiant Bravery brothers to provoke Freedom Maniac. Fight for twenty minutes before retreating!"

  "Why?" Li Mu was shocked.

  "To draw them away." I clenched my fists. "I will lead the Furnace God Cavalry's main force to ambush. Once they leave the camp, we will have a chance. Just twenty minutes and we can destroy those cannons."

  "Great!" Li Mu smiled. "As long as we can annoy Clear Black Eyes, I am willing to do anything!"


  We split up quickly and I led ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry into the forest. We maintained a speed below 50% as the cannon fire covered the sound of our galloping. We pushed forward carefully and stopped three miles out. Not long later, Li Mu, Mu Xuan, and the others led Zhan Long and Appearance Alliance to charge.

  We waited quietly.

  Twenty minutes later, Li Mu sent a message: "We have started to retreat. Reputation really is rash; he disobeyed Clear Black Eyes and sent people to chase her. They sent many, at least five hundred thousand, but... You may not like this news: Clear Black Eyes ordered more guilds to protect the cannons."

  "That is okay. Retreat first. Back out ten miles before fighting them."


  I pulled out Butterfly and waited. Once Freedom Maniac and the allies were far, I gave an order for the Furnace God Cavalry to charge. I hugged Flaming Cloud Infanta Lin Wan Er. This sneak attack depended on her. Strictly speaking, it depended on Little White!

  Furnace God Cavalry's speed was 500%, only lower than that of God Wind Cavalry. A few minutes later, we were out; ahead were a bunch of Indian players trying to form up once more. This was a great chance!


  I hollered and dashed forward with the over ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry. We reached our max and charged in before they could react. I was at the very front and slashed with my blades. A bunch of Furnace God Cavalry stabbed five hundred meters into the enemy camp. In the sky, Lin Wan Er directed Little White to spit out flames and freeze the Indians.

  "Now is the chance; destroy all the Dragon Crystal Cannons!"

  Dragon Crystal Cannons had durability and there were around one hundred plus of them here. Most of the barrels were red, which greatly reduced the durability. Furnace God Cavalry charged and swords slashed onto the metal, causing the durability to drop. Very quickly, they were turned into pieces. The metal was twisted and could not be used anymore.

  In less than ten minutes, one hundred plus Dragon Crystal Cannons and two hundred plus Flame Dragon Cannons were turned into trash. Lightning light flashed in the forest; Beautiful Life's Lightning Trampling Cavalry had arrived to provide assistance, but they were too late.


  I pushed my sword forward and led the Furnace God Cavalry away. We used our mobility to break away. If they really chased us, once they broke away from the ranged team, we would be able to kill them.



  Old K held his bloodstained war axe. "This time, Clear Black Eyes must be feeling furious!"

  I smiled. Clear Black Eyes might have calculated everything, but she could not keep track of one's heart. Reputation would not get controlled by others, just like how Rumor, Wang Zecheng, Q-Sword, and Jian Feng Han would not get controlled by me. They were weaknesses in war.

  Some things were unavoidable and we could only try our best.

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