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ZL - Chapter 1040- Overbearing newbie

As I headed to sleep, Lin Wan Er went online, instead. She said that she wanted to spend the night on Queen Zhi Shu's quest. I did not ask her for the details and just allowed her to go. Forget it. There were probably many things to deal with the next day, so I could not bother about so much.


  The next day, it was already 10am when I woke up. After reaching the Blazing Sun Realm, I felt that I craved sleep even more. Based on what the old man had said about energy conservation, after stepping into a new realm, one's strength would increase, so they needed plenty of sleep to absorb more spiritual energy.

  I did not bother about all this. After waking up, I went to ask the few chefs to cook some dishes. I told them to cook something good for lunch as Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er had all stayed up. They only went offline at 7am, so when they woke up, they would definitely be famished.

  As expected, the two of them only woke up at 12pm. They washed up but only started eating at 1pm. When they were done, it was already close to 2pm. I received a message from Yue Qing Qian: "Brother Xiao Yao, a level 2 city spawned at the intersection of Tian Ling, Waterfront, and Nine Heavens cities. It’s called the Ancient Imperial City. It will definitely attract the players from the three cities and will last for forty-eight hours. Whoever occupies it at the end can obtain it!"


  I placed down my chopsticks and slapped Lin Wan Er's butt. "Go online. A secondary city has once more spawned; it is located in the middle of Waterfront, Tian Ling, and Nine Heavens cities. Players can occupy it. There are definitely some benefits, so prepare to fight!"

  Her face flushed and she nodded. "En! You are in Fan Shu City, right? Wait for me at the city lord manor; I shall show you my gains from these few days!"

  I became interested. "Oh? What super equipment did you get?"

  "It’s something more valuable than that!"



  Back to the room, I hurried online!


  I appeared in Fan Shu City and summoned God Dragon Horse to charge toward the city lord manor. From afar, Lin Wan Er smiled with a dagger in hand.

  "What super gains did you obtain? Let me take a look!"

  "Hehe! Let's talk inside!"


  It actually only showed inside; that truly was mysterious.

  I followed her in and stood still in the huge hall. Lin Wan Er stood in front of me and smiled. "Be careful; don't get terrified."

  "En, don't worry..."

  She smiled and raised an arm. Instantly, a silver star pattern shone in the sky. Shortly after was a deafening dragon roar. Huala! A pair of silver wings unfurled and a vicious dragon head appeared. It stared at me. A giant silver dragon had actually appeared behind Lin Wan Er, and it was at least at Elder level!


  I stepped forward and pushed Lin Wan Er to the side. "How did a giant dragon enter Fan Shu City?!"


  The moment I pushed her to the side, that dragon roared and sent out a frost breath, which swept me away. I was attacked by the dragon breath; it was so strong—


  With my magic resistance, I still lost so much health. If other average players were hit, one breath would be enough to destroy them!


  Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword were both in my hands as I prepared to kill it. Lin Wan Er flew over and stopped me. "Idiot! Don't hit it; it's my pet!"

  "Ah, pet?!"

  I looked at the silver dragon in disbelief. It seemed to have become much gentler after all that rage. Once it landed, it hid behind Lin Wan Er like a white dog. "How's that possible... Players can tame dragons now? This rule isn’t broken? Players have only managed to ride quasi dragons like earth and wind type so far, right?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled. "Dong Cheng and I spent so many days just to do this. After killing the demon dragon, we got this egg; it was originally a quest item, but Queen Zhi Shu used the dragon essence to tame the egg. I spent many merit points to exchange for it."

  "So you are its master?"

  "Yes and no."

  "What do you mean?"

  "Hehe..." My little girlfriend smiled. "This silver dragon is kind and won't attack others. This one, Queen Zhi Shu spent large amounts of essence to raise it, so its intelligence is really low and it is more kind and cowardly. It will only attack to protect me. Otherwise, it won't hurt others. That’s unless... I merge with it."

  "Dragon blood merging?" I was shocked and had no idea what was going on.

  Lin Wan Er giggled. "Simply put, I can summon Little White. Its relationship with me is equal, but if I use my blood and sign a temporary contract, I can control its body to do anything. Would you like to look?"


  Lin Wan Er stepped forward and bit on her finger. Instantly, the strong silver dragon lowered its head. When Lin Wan Er's injured finger pressed on its head, golden light shone all about. The storm swept the hall, and in the next moment, the merge succeeded. Lin Wan Er stood on its back and Little White flapped its wings to use frost breath once more. The chairs in the room were all frozen.

  Shortly after, Little White landed and raised its giant dragon leg. It looked upward and then placed its leg down, sending out a kick with it. I saw clearly that Wan Er was just too playful and was actually making it dance. She and Dong Cheng Yue had danced this before in the game city. D*mn!

  "Okay..." I nearly teared up from laughing. "Wan Er, I believe that this dragon can merge with you, but to make a dragon dance, isn't that a sin?"

  Lin Wan Er knelt on its neck and touched its head. "Little White is so nice; it won't get angry!"

  Its eyes were really pure. As expected, this was such an innocent dragon. However, in our hands, it was destined to be a super weapon!

  "This dragon..." I finally asked what I wanted to. "Compared to the fifteen dragon riders, how is it?"

  Lin Wan Er, who was prepared, laughed. "Based on what Queen Zhi Shu and Odelia said, this dragon was the one left behind by the ancient dragon emperor and had been asleep for tens of thousands of years. As its power is slowly awakening, none of the dragon warriors can compete with it anymore."

  I continued to ask. "Then when you ride on its back, can you attack?"


  Lin Wan Er sat on the dragon’s back and waved her dagger in front. The dagger did an attack similar to sword energy and left a hole in the wall. She also used Blade of the Death God, which sent three intense blade lights forward!

  I laughed. "People who ride dragons are called dragon riders; as an Assassin, are you a Dragon Assassin?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled. "Why not? Call me Miss Dragonrider!"

  "Okay Miss Dragonrider, we should prepare for the Ancient Imperial City."



  The guild channel was really busy, and all of it was about the city—

  One Second Hero: "Zhan Long has Fan Shu City; can we fight for this?"

  Li Mu replied, "Probably not, but if we really wanna compete for our first division or close guards army, it will be decent. Who would mind having more bases?"

  Old K laughed. "That's true. We failed during the battle for Waterfront City, so now we must get it back! Speaking of which, would Moon City and Swirling Abyss City join in?"

  Yue Qing Qian answered, "No, Swirling Abyss, Moon, and Iron Skull also have a similar city, and they’ll definitely fight for that. Iron Skull and Swirling Abyss have been fighting a lot, and they aren't as peaceful as we initially thought."

  I asked, "Regarding the city, what did Heaven Planning Hall say?"

  Li Mu replied, "I went to find out. Rumor has come to an agreement with Fang Ge Que, Cang Cheng, Q-Sword, and the others. All guilds will go to Ba Huang City and prepare to enter Deer Forest. Xiao Yao, what should Zhan Long do?"

  I said, "Let's not rush. This battle will last for forty-eight hours. Let's wait and see. We can gather at War God River next to the Giant Demon Forest first!"



  I closed the guild channel and told Lin Wan Er, "Go gather Zhan Long members and contact Judgement, Enemies at the Gate, Blood Contract, and those who haven't joined Heaven Planning Hall. We need to unite, or else Zhan Long won't be able to do much."

  Lin Wan Er kept her pet. "Where are you going?"

  "To Tian Ling City's palace."

  "Ah? What for?"

  "To ask for power."

  I was determined. "I only have one goal, which is to unite all seven cities. I gave in and compromised to reach this goal. Since Rumor is now the Grand Battle Axe, I can't let him waste Tian Ling City’s NPC army. I will use all troops on the battlefield, and none of them can be wasted!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.