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ZL - Chapter 1046- Crushing ambush

Ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry retreated into the forest after destroying the cannons. Lin Wan Er and I led them to meet up with Mu Xuan and Li Mu's teams. Lin Wan Er could ride Little White to battle now and her movement speed was definitely faster than the Furnace God Cavalry. Along with its strong stats, she was already one of Zhan Long's rare close combat experts. She was a Dragon Assassin.

  "Count how many men we have," I said while riding the horse.

  Yue Yao Yan quickly reported, "About thirteen thousand five hundred people came, and we have eleven thousand seven hundred left now. More than one thousand eight hundred Furnace God Cavalry died in battle."

  I nodded. "En, that's acceptable. Raise our speed and prepare to fight them head on."



  Dozens of minutes later, Li Mu, Mu Xuan, et cetera were found. We attacked from the side and decimated the hundreds of thousands that Reputation brought over. He received orders and had no choice but to lead them back. Maybe Clear Black Eyes was also worried that we would swallow up their men.

  The next step was to link up with Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song.

  We carefully pushed onward inside the forest. Not long after, the battle entered its most intense stage. Player corpses were all around. Some were from China Region, while some were from the India’s warzone. Enemies at the Gate's elites were led by Misty Clouds to clash with Beautiful Life. However, they were at an absolute disadvantage.

  "Prepare to attack."

  I wiped off the blood from Butterfly and asked, "They don't have any cannons; let's see whether or not we can beat the majority! What about Judgement?"

  Mu Xuan replied, "Judgement has around fifty thousand forces, and Fatty Ye is leading them to chase the India players. I sent him a message; he will arrive shortly. Also, we can gather more guilds to have around two million forces to face Clear Black Eyes’."

  "That will be ideal."

  In terms of strategy, we may not be Clear Black Eyes's match, but in a frontal battle, we definitely would not lose to her. Clear Black Eyes' side were way weaker compared to ours. Moreover, a piece of good news for us was that Drunk Maple had led four million people to duke it out Nine Heavens City's 7K in the east of Deer Forest. Thus, Clear Black Eyes had at most four million here. A 1:2 ratio in terms of number if I included the reinforcements I had called over. We definitely had a chance to win.


  "Xiao Yao, when is Zhan Long going to attack?" Li Mu looked at the India players and could not take it anymore. After all, Enemies at the Gate and Blood Contract were already clashing with the opponents. As for us, we had been waiting for over twenty minutes.

  "Wait for another five minutes," I replied.

  Wang Jian also asked, "Brother Xiao Yao, why are we waiting here?"

  "Wait. We can definitely overcome them."

  "This... Is it the Dragon’s Den army?"


  I smiled. A few minutes later, horse hooves were heard in the forest, and then a bunch of armored cavalry charged out from within. Deity Tier General Chi Yu Han led them out with the Heaven's Spite Sword. Fan Shu City's Dragon’s Den army was here; they had an absolute advantage in terms of numbers. We recruited 52,500 Cliff Dragon Cavalry these few days and already had 64,450 Flame Hawk Archers. All of them were the strong troops Fan Shu City had produced. I decided to spend them all so Clear Black Eyes would suffer here!


  I raised Butterfly high up. The Furnace God Cavalry players pulled out their weapons and charged forward with me. Eagles screeched in the sky, and both the Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry attacked with us. One hundred ten thousand Dragon’s Den troops shared my 100% stats. This was enough to cause suffering to Clear Black Eyes!

  The horses neighed, and when we charged aggressively, the players were all stunned. They raised their shields above their chests as if they did not want to see us charge at them. The Archers and Mages, who were terrified, failed to deal much damage to the Furnace God Cavalry, much less the Cliff Dragon Cavalry. When the Cliff Dragon Cavalry charged at the crowd, no one could stop them. I was at the forefront and I wiped out several people. Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword swept the crowd. Although my stats were lower than the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, I had too many skills, namely Sword Tempest, Death God’s Dance, Trampling Thunder, Soul Army, Seven Star Fragment Slash, et cetera. All of these helped me kill so many opponents.


  Li Mu used Smashing Buzhou Mountain on the crowd. He also used Covering Sword Slash, followed by Blade Spin, to kill a low Health player who was trying to escape. One Second Hero, Yue Yao Yan, Li Meng Yao, and the other cavalry players tanked the damage as they slashed.

  Many bright skills rose one after another. Zhan Long players were all high level and their skill levels were high, too. Level 18 and above skills shone brightly in the dark backdrop. As a result, the India players' formations started to crumble. The Cliff Dragon and Furnace God cavalries broke them apart as they started to venture in.

  Mu Xuan raised her staff and led Wild Beauty and Wild Swan to charge in. A large-scale spell landed amid the crowd and caused the Indian players to cry in dismay.

  If Enemies at the Gate and Blood Contract's side was an intense battle, then ours was a massacre. The India guilds were not our match at all!


  Clear Black Eyes was unable to remain calm anymore, and she used all her Lightning Trampling Cavalry. She also sent many cavalry players from the top guilds in India to charge over. At this point, Enemies at the Gate and Blood Contract could not take it anymore. They had suffered heavy losses already, so they could not bear to tank more damage.


  A message came from Misty Clouds: "Xiao Yao, we can't take it anymore. We have lost 80% of us; if you don't support us, we’ll be finished!"

  I replied quickly, "Ten more minutes. We will change directions and head over!"


  Before everyone started to enjoy the killing, I pointed to the north. "Charge and save Enemies at the Gate and Blood Contract. We shall deal with Clear Black Eyes's Beautiful Life!

  With one hundred ten thousand Dragon’s Den troops assisting, the Zhan Long players held our heads high up as we held our blades and charged over, slashing anyone in the way. We entered Beautiful Life's core area. In a forest, the Furnace God Cavalry stepped on many Archers' Beast Trap!

  Ka ka ka...

  Many traps stopped the horse hooves and Li Mu's speed dropped to 0. He was speechless. "D*mn! Where did all these come from?"

  Lin Wan Er knelt on her dragon's back and said with a dagger in her right hand, "Clear Black Eyes should’ve thought that we might attack from this direction, so she had prepared for it."

  As expected, when we headed forward, several spear-holding cavalry was waiting for us. They were all from Beautiful Life and were around level 170 to 180. Currently, they were a top team and were all spear cavalry. The Furnace God Cavalry's Quickness effect may be unusable before they were hit by the spears.

  Moreover, among them were many Archers who were above level 170, and they used Scattered Shot. This formation countered our Furnace God Cavalry. Beautiful Life's deputy leader, Ink Iron Boots, stood in front with hatred in his eyes. "Bring it on!"

  Everyone was shocked. Ink Iron Boots had lost nearly all his equipment last time, yet he had managed to recover so quickly!


  "Charge?" asked Li Mu.


  I jumped up and my God Dragon Horse turned into wings formed by ice essence. I flew in the sky and said to Chi Yu Qing, "Lead the Flame Hawk Archers to fire!"

  Chi Yu Qing nodded. "Yes, Sir!"

  I looked at Chi Yu Han and said, "Lead the Cliff Dragon Cavalry forward and go all out to break through!"

  Chi Yu Han's sword flashed. "Yes!"

  In the next moment, the Flame Hawk Archers fired toward the spear cavalry. They were unable to attack from range and could only get hit. On the ground, the Beautiful Life Archers shot their arrows, too. Moreover, one could hear cannons being fired!


  Many Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded in the sky and hit a bunch of Flame Hawk Archers. The shrapnels dealt huge damage and dozens of them were killed just like that. Although they had my Defense and Health, they were still NPCs. NPC cannon-bearers did not follow defensive rules against the enemies. If the system judged that they should die, they would.

  I nodded. Chi Yu Qing led the Flame Hawk Archers into the forest and shot toward the back of it. Many Dragon Crystal Cannons started to heat up as they were fired.

  Clear Black Eyes had set up an ambush here, but she definitey did not expect me to send Fan Shu City's Dragon’s Den army. Although Dragon’s Den suffered heavy losses, it was worth it to wipe out all her troops here.


  Twenty minutes later, Dragon’s Den troops paid with thirty thousand lives to clear the two-hundred-thousand-man army here. Zhan Long, Appearance Alliance, and the other guilds charged forward; Beautiful Life's formation had already collapsed at this point. Clear Black Eyes had at least three million Waterfront City troops at her beck and call, but she lost to my one hundred ten thousand Dragon’s Den army and one hundred fifty thousand players. This was an absolute destruction in terms of strength, and no strategy could solve it.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.