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PBS - Chapter 2014 - The Other Shore

"The Heaven-Protecting Gate?"

"What's that?"

Xiang Tianqi, Nie Wufeng, Lu Qingyin, the Exceptional Geniuses, and the Peerless Rulers were puzzled when they saw the gate.

A peak Peerless Ruler from the Wengu Tribe wore a wry smile when he noticed many people were looking at him, "I only knew the Immortal-Suppressing Gate, and Dao-Protecting Gate. I have never heard of any Heaven-Protecting Gate, let alone the scornful remark."

In addition to him, almost everyone else did not treat the words seriously.

Even the terrifying battle in the past had only resulted in great influences to the First Immortal Realm, but it was nowhere enough to destroy the First Immortal Realm.

Jiang Ni was lost in his thoughts.

He had a feeling that he had seen the gate before.

Meanwhile, no one noticed that the first Exceptional Genius of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect, Feng Wuheng's eyes went from astonishment, to disbelief, then utter joy.

The Heaven-Protecting Gate did exist in this world!

Which meant, he would be able to find that thing inside it too!

The five rebels of the Ancient Taboo, Meng Shanyue, and the others exchanged glances with a hint of doubt.

Why was the Exquisite Immortal Lamp absorbed into it?

Qin Nan glanced at the cultivators. He knew no one was going to make their move first. He unleashed his immortal force and fired a saber intent at the gate.

The gate remained perfectly still despite the loud blast. The saber intent did not leave the slightest mark on it.

Lu Qingyin said after seeing it, "Qin Nan, everything is clear now. The Spear Chigu is meant to open it. There's no need to waste your time further."

Qin Nan did not even look at her. He said calmly, "If that's the case, I shall have a go at it. However, if the words on the frames were telling the truth, you all will bear the responsibilities too."

At the same time, he transmitted his voice to Meng Jiugong, "Don't rush inside when the gate breaks. Stay behind."

Qin Nan executed the Battle Dao Immortal Manuscript and encapsulating himself with an outstanding battle intent. It continued to grow at a shocking rate.

The Spear Chigu in his hand began to buzz vigorously.

The cultivators nearby could feel the excitement from it.

The white flames in Qin Nan's eyes flickered. He took a step forward as he accumulated a great power at the tip of the spear.

The space within a few hundred zhang from him began to twist out of shape.

The cultivators held their breaths.

One second...

Two seconds...

Ten seconds later, Qin Nan remained still as if he was frozen on the spot.

"Qin Nan, what are you doing? There's no point dragging it on!"

Nie Wufeng blurted out. However, he suddenly felt like the brilliance of a peak Nine Heavens Supreme who had been asleep for countless years appearing out of nowhere.

The Spear Chigu landed on the Heaven-Protecting Gate!


A deafening explosion echoed in every cultivator's ears.

The Heaven-Protecting Gate emitted a blinding glow. An enormous illusionary figure of a beast with a ghastly aura came out of the gate and swung its claws fiercely.

The spear in Qin Nan's hand shuddered. A blurry figure of a demon ape wearing an armor let out a furious roar and threw its fists at the enormous beast.

In just two seconds, the illusionary figure of the beast shattered into pieces.


The whole Heaven-Protecting Gate broke into pieces and dissipated into countless light dots.

Shocking gusts of wind swept in all directions. Nie Wufeng, Xiang Tianqi, Jiang Ni, and the rest of the Exceptional Geniuses had to unleash their immortal force to defend themselves.

The sound of chains breaking appeared from the rift. The vast space began to twist rapidly.

The spear's brilliance was unmatchable, yet the spear which had impressed countless experts of a certain era had finally lost its brilliance too. It turned into dust in Qin Nan's hand.

Qin Nan could vaguely see a man and an ape standing side by side on a battlefield. They were laughing even though they were in a pinch against many enemies.

Qin Nan felt his nose tingling. He quickly withheld his emotion and flew into the gate.


Cries of agony suddenly erupted.

Some of the cultivators were dragged into the contorted space when they were not paying attention. Their bodies were bent out of shape too.

The place had turned into a land of danger. It was even more difficult for the people on the outside to come inside.

"Hurry, go inside the gate!"

The cultivators immediately flew forward.

"Qin Nan!"

When Lu Qingyin, Xiang Tianqi, the five rebels, and the others landed on the unfamiliar ground, they quickly unleashed their Divine Sense without caring whether the place was safe or not.

They noticed Qin Nan standing in front of a huge boulder around a few tens of thousand zhang away. They also saw three enormous words on the boulder.

The Other Shore!

The words seemed to possess some strange power. Their hearts sank all of a sudden. They finally realized something shocking too.

The mysterious land did not have the slightest presence of the Immortal Qi. It was replaced with a new energy which they had never encountered before.

The energy was extremely ancient. It felt like they had gone back to the primordial times when they tried to comprehend it.

"Look...the sky!"

A Peerless Ruler of the Wengu Tribe suddenly blurted out in astonishment.

The cultivators immediately raised their heads.

They saw a pitch-black sky with glittering stars.

However, among them, a few celestial objects were multiple times brighter than the other stars. Their brilliance was covering the whole land.

"One, three, nine...thirty-three!"

The Exceptional Geniuses gasped.

There happened to be thirty-three celestial objects!

The Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had thirty-three Small Immortal Realms in total too!

Taking into consideration the boulder they just encountered, did they leave the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm and come to a different mysterious land?

"That's right, this place, it's the Other Shore that was mentioned in the legends!"

Feng Wuheng wore an excited look. He was not even that excited when he first carried out his plan.

The reason being that...

This was where the Second Immortal was buried!

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