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100000PSI - Chapter 62.1: Me and Him, Who Do You Choose? (1)

Despite Ji Fanyin’s thoughts, she wasn’t able to fulfill her plan of sneaking back home. There was a pair of sharp eyes constantly locked on her, ensuring that she couldn’t leave till the end of the party.

Zhang Ning.

The moment she put down her plate, Zhang Ning somehow appeared in front of her and said, “Babe, let’s go greet some people.”

“Who are we greeting?”

“The matriarch of the Bai Family,” replied Zhang Ning.

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows shot up.

“…” Zhang Ning immediately realized that something was amiss. “What’s with your expression?”

“Don’t you know that her son is one of my younger sister’s suitors?” asked Ji Fanyin. “I thought that it’s a well-known gossip in your circle.”

“That might be the case for the young rascals, but I’m not part of their group.” Zhang Ning proudly pointed her thumb to herself and said, “I’m not close with Bai Zhou. In terms of seniority, he ought to be calling me ‘Aunt Zhang Ning’!”

Ji Fanyin was holding onto a glass of champagne, so she clapped on her wrist instead. “Of course. I would expect no less from our Zhang Ning.”

Zhang Ning rolled her eyes at Ji Fanyin’s perfunctory response. She quickly scanned the room before pushing Ji Fanyin forward. “Speaking of which, I saw Bai Zhou entering the venue with the Bai couple. He was good-looking as a child, and I see that he has retained his looks over the years. Even as his aunt, I have to say that he’s quite a feast for the eyes.”

“It would have been better if he could do away with that nasty temper of his,” Ji Fanyin supplemented.

It was too easy to find Bai Zhou with his tall stature and his eye-catching looks. Zhang Ning was able to spot him within moments, “Ah, he’s over there. Hm… Don’t you think that he’s staring at you?”

Zhang Ning alternated her gaze between the composed Ji Fanyin and the staring Bai Zhou.

“Yeah, he’s really staring at you.” Zhang Ning nodded affirmatively.

“It has been a while since my younger sister went abroad to further her studies, and the two of us are identical twins. He’s just using me as a substitute for her,” replied Ji Fanyin without the slightest embarrassment on her face.

“Darling, I can at least tell the difference between a gaze directed at a substitute and a gaze toward someone he yearns for,” replied Zhang Ning with a meaningful smile. “He’s definitely looking at you, not your younger sister.”

Ji Fanyin turned her head over. With a smile in her eyes, she raised her finger to her lips and silenced Zhang Ning with an “Shh”.

“Are you for real?” Zhang Ning widened her eyes in bewilderment.

“He ‘likes’ me the same way he previously ‘liked’ my younger sister,” explained Ji Fanyin. You don’t have to be that surprised. Don’t you know how easily youngsters move from one person to the next?”

“I guess so.” Zhang Ning pressed her lips together contemplatively. “Dating a man from their house is quite troublesome. It won’t be easy to marry into their household, but I don’t think that you’re into guys like him.”

Ji Fanyin gave it some thought before replying, “It’s fun to tease him though.”

Zhang Ning burst into laughter. She replied with a playful nasal voice, “You’re such a bitch.”

She laughed so hard that her head fell onto Ji Fanyin’s shoulders.

It wasn’t good to be caught gossiping about others, so the two of them had been whispering into each other’s ears. They remained conscious about their surroundings even when they were fooling around, and it didn’t take them long to regain their poise.

Zhang Ning cleared her throat and asked, “Does Mrs. Bai know you?”

Ji Fanyin gave the question some thought before shaking her head, “I don’t think so.”

Bai Zhou’s mother was aware of Ji Xinxin’s existence though. How could she not know about her when Bai Zhou had insisted on enrolling at Lakeside University for her, and he even wanted to chase her to Paris at one point in time?

“Let’s head over then,” Zhang Ning raised her chin and said. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Bai and I share the same blood.”

“I’m scared. You must protect me, darling.” Ji Fanyin played the damsel in distress.

That remark got Zhang Ning’s funny bone, leaving her on the verge of breaking into laughter once more. “Babe, you need to stop making me laugh. I can sense Bai Zhou’s piercing gaze on me. You sure are heartless. Aren’t you going to at least spare a look in his direction?”

Ji Fanyin didn’t respond to that.

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