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100000PSI - Chapter 61.1: Vixen Service (1)

Ji Fanyin thought that getting off work at 9 PM was still reasonable. It was much better than having to trudge home at midnight.

Perhaps he was feeling too stifled from her earlier verbal jabs, but Bai Zhou didn’t trouble her much in the following three hours. He was oddly obedient, choosing to go along with her cues without a word of complaint. He even finished up his vegetables despite being a picky eater.

It was just that he hardly spoke a word over the three hours.

Ji Fanyin figured that he was probably frightened by the possibility that she might kick him off her list of clients.

As she sat on the chair by the entranceway and put on her boots, preparing to leave the penthouse, Bai Zhou stared intently at her from not too far away.

After she slipped into her boots and stomped lightly to get her feet fully inside, she turned around and asked Bai Zhou a vital question, “Do you still have enough money to use?”

No matter what, Bai Zhou was still a student. No matter how rich his family was and how negligent they were of him, surely they would be concerned at the millions flowing out of his bank account.

She did consider the possibility of the cliché plot of Mrs. Bai knocking on her door with an 800 million dollars cheque in hand. If such a situation were to really occur, her natural response was to accept the cheque and leave Bai Zhou’s side.

“None of your business,” growled Bai Zhou.

Ji Fanyin gave it some thought and decided that it was indeed none of her business.

The Bai Family would make a move if they had any objections about their transactions. It wouldn’t be too late for her to resolve the problem when they finally come knocking on her door.

“Goodbye.” Ji Fanyin wrapped her scarf around her neck and opened the door.

Bai Zhou couldn’t resist the urge to call out to her, “Hey.”

Ji Fanyin turned around to look at him questioningly.

“Why do you need so much money?” Bai Zhou bit his lips and asked impatiently. “Do you owe money to loan sharks or something? How much more do you need? I’ll pay your debts on your behalf.”

“Ten billion,” Ji Fanyin honestly confessed the sum to him.

Bai Zhou: “…”

If his expressions could manifest as words, his left cheek would have written ‘Bullshit’ and his right cheek ‘Who do you think you’re fooling’.

Ji Fanyin chuckled under her breath. She waved Bai Zhou goodbye and left the penthouse.

Two major incidents happened in the following days.

One, Ji Xinxin had applied for an exchange program that would allow her to temporarily return to the country. She would be bringing her French peers to local universities and facilitating the exchange between both sides. The location of the exchange program was Lake City, so Lakeside University was one of the partnering universities too.

The duration of the exchange program was a semester.

Ji Fanyin guessed that this might be Ji Xinxin’s declaration of war.

Two, the Bai Family did knock on her door, but it was a little different from what she had expected. To be more exact, it wasn’t a member of the Bai Family but someone closely associated with them.

Ji Fanyin had taken a look at several apartments over the last few days, and she was still in the midst of deciding which one to get. Other than safety and convenience, she also had to consider the potential of capital appreciation since her goal was none other than to earn money.

Buying a house with her own money wouldn’t result in any immediate progress in the ‘Temptation of Home’ app.

Take for example, if she were to spend 20 million dollars to buy a house that was worth 20 million in the market, her overall asset would remain unchanged. However, if the price of the house rose to 25 million dollars a month later, the app would take it as her generating an income of 5 million dollars.

For that reason, ever since Ji Fanyin started entrusting her money to a fund manager, the number in the app had been continuously fluctuating.

All in all, the important thing was that Ji Fanyin still hadn’t managed to find a satisfactory house yet. She was still currently living in the same residential district which was first discovered by Li Xiaoxing, followed by Father Ji and Mother Ji.

And now, her third guest was knocking on her door. It was a beautiful middle-aged madam dressed elegantly.

Ji Fanyin was in the midst of collecting her delivery when the two of them met eyes.

“Hello, Miss Ji Fanyin,” the madam said with a smile. “I’m visiting with the intention of talking to you about Bai Zhou’s affairs.”

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