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ZL - Chapter 1026- Broken Ocean strike

At the harbour, Death God's Elegy led close to two thousand Furnace God Cavalry to open a path. Suddenly, sounds of horse hooves galloping over came from afar. Clear Black Eyes's main force was finally here. There were at least ten thousand Lightning Trampling Cavalry. A patch of purple light lit up the night forest and they moved quickly toward us.

"I'll hold up the rear!" Death God's Elergy held his spear and said.

I rejected this. "No need. Let's leave this place together and head to the northern shore. Furnace God Cavalry's movement speed is 500%, while Lightning Trampling Cavalry is 470%; we are quicker than them!"



The Lightning Trampling Cavalry wasfast, but the Furnace God Cavalry was even faster, and we opened the distance. There were hundreds of Furnace God Cavalry that could not leave and were held up. Chi Yu Qing led the Flame Hawk Archers back, too. We lost a small number, but our sneak attack was a heavy blow to Clear Black Eyes. This was especially so since we killed Ink Iron Boots and made him drop most of his equipment. This news had probably angered Clear Black Eyes.

In the end, Clear Black Eyes was much calmer than I expected. If it were someone else, they would bring forty thousand of Beautiful Life's main force to chase us. However, Clear Black Eyes told them to stop as she realized that things would go bad if they continued chasing. After all, there were one hundred twenty thousand Royal Army troops and a thousand cannons waiting for them at the northern shore.


The rising sun pierced through the clouds, and the sky started to turn bright. We started off with twelve thousand Furnace God Cavalry and lost more than one thousand seven hundred of them. Now, there were about ten thousand left, so we had to use them sparingly.

Zhan Long's players were still in the nearby Forest of Stars, hunting down players. At the same time, I looked at the hunt interface. Our distance with the India players had opened up a little—

China Region: 29,327,012 points

India Region: 27,023,838


If we kept to this, we should be the winners in the end.

Not far away, Han Yuan rode his horse over. He jumped off and said respectfully, "General, Tian Ling City sent over many good artisans, and they built seven ships in three days. Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons have been equipped!"

I smiled. "Great, not bad!"

Along with Death God's Elegy's two ships, we had a total of nine. Clear Black Eyes's Azure Ocean Army had fifty, but a large portion was burned by us, so nowthey had around twenty. We could barely have a fight with them.

Dark Moon Elf Captain Ling Luo walked over and smiled. "Sir, should we send the Dark Moon Elves up?"

I thought about it and laughed. "Let the Dark Moon Elves defend the camp, and let the Royal Army handlethe naval battles!"

Ling Luo pouted. "It's so boring in the camp."

I tapped her on the shoulder and smiled. "Don't worry; all of you will have your chance."


At 10am, battle reports came from the distance once more. Rising Sun like Blood battled Conquer the World in the Forest of Stars. Moreover, both sides used NPC troops. Drunk Maple used seventy thousand Flame Lion Army,while Wang Zecheng made Louis move forty thousand Fire Axe Army. That was close to 80% of the Fire Axe Army, which meant that only Q-Sword's ten thousand were not sent.

However, Tian Ling City lost badly.Fire Axe Army's forty thousand were totally destroyed; Rising Sun like Blood lost badly, too. The bad losses caused the gap to decrease. This made me more confident that killing NPCs gave more points—at least, a few dozen times!

Still, our strength was limited and we could not bother about the battle happening at the Forest of Stars. We had our own battlefield. Legend and Judgement went over to assist, while our main battlefield was on Dragon Lake. Our opponent was Clear Black Eyes.

I stepped onto a ship. Due to Fire Axe Army's bad loss, I did not bring too many Royal Army. I just told Han Yuan to lead five hundred onto one, while the other eight were just players. They were equipped with some NPC cannoneers and sailors. Ten minutes later, we slowly moved deep into Dragon Lake.

This mission was simple. It was to find the other Azure Ocean naval troops and wipe them out on Dragon Lake.


Dong dong dong...

In the distance, the sounds of heavy war drums being beaten came. Many ships appeared on the horizon. When we got closer, we could see Clear Black Eyes standing on the main ship. She was holding her bow and was expressionless.

"They're choosing the lake as their core location?" Lin Wan Er frowned. "With my understanding of Clear Black Eyes, she won't fight a war without confidence."

"Is there something wrong with the lake?" Li Mu asked.

Wang Jian replied, "I don't know..."

Yue Qing Qian blinked. "My infomation doesn't have any details about it."

I pulled out Butterfly. "Who cares?Let's just try our best!"



We got closer and closer. Han Yuan raised his arms and hollered, "Aim at their war ships, and once we get close, fire at them!"

The next moment, the ships turned and aimed the cannons at one another, and a few minutes later, cannonfire reverberated in the air as both sides entered ocean war mode.

Peng peng!

A loud explosion and Azure Ocean Army's ships were split into two by Dragon Crystal Cannons. However, their cannons were not accurate and landed around us.

"What is going on?" I frowned. "Their shots shouldn't be so low, right?"

Han Yuan looked at me and his eyes were filled with shock. "General, I think that the situation isn't right. They're purposely missing our ships..."

"What is that?" Li Mu was shocked.

A few minutes later, hundreds of cannonballs landed around us, which caused the temperature around to rise. Many energy currents spun about and turned into a dark cloud.

"Not good!"

Lin Wan Er's body shook. "Energy current!"

My heart sank. "The temperature increased caused a rising energy current, and... it’s causing the water to retrace? This is a little complicated..."

Dong Cheng Yue looked at me. "Along with Dragon Lake's geography?"

The current started to rush at this moment. As expected, there was something wrong with the lake! A giant whirlpool formed around and the Royal Army ships were about to get out of control. The giant whirlpool had formed not far from us, andwho knew how it had happened? There was only one reason: Clear Black Eyes had experienced something here that we had not.

"Full speed and charge out!" I said hurriedly.

Han Yuan shouted, "Use all our strength!"


It was too late, though. The giant whirlpool sucked in the nine ships. Our full sails and sailors' efforts were not enough.

What was worse happened next. Clear Black Eyes ordered her seventeen boats to aim at us from two hundred meters out!


Lights surged into the sky. The closest Royal Army ship was shattered and close to over five hundred Zhan Long players entered the water. They were probably dead.

"D*mn!" Wang Jian was furious. "Such a despicable woman. So despicable, such a scum!"

"Such a terrifying opponent..." One Second Hero looked at Clear Black Eyes in shock.


I sucked in a deep breath and looked at Wang Jian. "Do you remember your sword's skill?"

Wang Jian looked at his Broken Ocean Sword and smiled. "Broken Ocean Sword?"


"I'm afraid that I might miss;this spinning is making me dizzy!"

"Don't worry; I will bring you into the sky."

"Okay, let's go, Brother Xiao Yao.Let's help everyone out!"



I grabbed Wang Jian up and activated Icy Wings. Wang Jian's Broken Ocean Sword shone brightly. He looked at me. "Brother Xiao Yao, stabilize; I will look for an angle!"


The storm had formed and my cape fluttered. I squinted my eyes and stabilized my body. Wang Jian was a top expert and he smiled. "Now is the time!"


Broken Ocean Sword's light surged into the sky and its special skill was used. An invisible energy current sliced the water on the lake. Moreover, it hit an Azure Ocean Army ship. That ship was fine, but the water around it was sucked dry and it fell towardthe lake.

Everyone was shocked. No one had expected Wang Jian's strike to be so strong. Broken Ocean Sword really was overpowered on water!

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The waves gathered once more, but it formed a giant wave to flip three Azure Ocean Army ships. I looked at the angle and tossed Wang Jian toward another Royal Army ship. He grabbed the deck in a really heroic manner.

"Brother Xiao Yao, what are you doing?" Wang Jian looked at me.

I did not say anything and kept my blade. I opened my arms and used all my Holy Domain Strength to use Heaven Control. My target was the water. Clear Black Eyes wanted to use the lake's weather to her advantage, but she did not expect that I had Heaven Control!

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Shua shua shua...

Water pillars were pulled up from the surface like many twitching water dragons. There were over hundred of them!

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