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ZL - Chapter 1030- Rose descends


  A Dragon Crystal, wrapped in a thick ball of flames, exploded on my arm and dealt 110,000 damage. I fell off the peak from the shockwave and rolled dozens of meters on the ground.

  I pushed off a piece of stone on the ground to stand up as I drank a Health Potion and used Cleansing Rain. Legend, Zhan Long, and Hero Mound were trying their best to charge upward. As long as we broke through, India Region would totally lose. Flame Lion NPC Army was just moving points to us players.

  Another Dragon Crystal Cannon was fired, and the shockwaves forced Lu Chunyang and the others off the mountain. While still in mid-air, they were shot at by a few Archers and died before they even hit the ground. In this wave of attacks, there were some Elder-level players from a top guild. Shortly after Lu Chunyang's death, Hero Mound's top Cavalry Tang Gu was also blown off the mountain by Drunk Maple's Crushing Stone Thrust, and just like the others, he was hit by a Flame Dragon Cannon while in mid-air. Although his experience and strength in-game was decent, the gap between Drunk Maple and him was huge.

  The group did not hesitate to continue charging upward. Cannonfire spread from three other locations. Judgement, Appearance Alliance, Enemies at the Gate, Prague, et cetera were attacking, too.


  A giant explosion ensued as a Dragon Crystal Cannon burst close to me. Archers, including Dream of a Thousand Cities and Xing Lie, were insta-killed. Other Cavalrymen, who were climbing up, also got sliced by Drunk Maple. Zhan Long's Flagbearers started to die one by one.

  Rage rose in my heart. I wiped off the dust on Butterfly and used Icy Wings. I jumped to a cliff; this time, I went all out. I was like a flash of lightning as I activated Death God's Dance and Seven Star Fragment Slash. Shortly after, I landed in the crowd and used Trampling Thunder. I followed that up with Sword Tempest, killing dozens of Conquer the World cavalry around.


  I tossed out Butterfly toward Drunk Maple's chest. I also raised Zhen Yue Sword with two hands and forced back a Warrior. I shouted, "What're you waiting for!"

  Lin Wan Er and Enchanted Painting climbed up really quickly. Enchanted Painting attacked fiercely, and Lin Wan Er used Unyielding Spirit while she blocked a wave of attacks with her umbrella. She brandished her dagger. Following which, a bunch of Archers fell to the ground.

  Li Mu, Wang Jian, Xuan Yuan Feng, Q-Sword, Sword Tears, et cetera climbed up. After suffering heavy losses, we had finally managed to occupy the high ground. More and more players arrived behind me. Li Mu and the others summoned their horses. Furnace God, God Wind, Hundred Abyss cavalries all appeared, and this marked their official defeat.

  Drunk Maple was really calm as he ordered the crowd to retreat. "The hunt will end in two hours and twenty-seven minutes; we still have a chance. Don't give up! Please have confidence in Drunk Maple and me; we still have a trump card!"

  Although his words sounded like he was trying to assure his comrades, it still made my heart shake. Right, they should not lose so thoroughly, right? Moreover, where was Clear Black Eyes? We did not see her or the Beautiful Life players. Where were they?

  Not far away, after Fang Ge Que wiped out a bunch of people, he said, "Xiao Yao, use your long-ranged advantage; let's wipe out Drunk Maple!"


  I charged forward and spread my left arm to use the Dragon Hook. It locked onto Drunk Maple! Drunk Maple's reaction speed was really fast and he managed to dodge this. The hook stabbed in the stone as my right hand spread open. These two attacks were actually used at the same time. He dodged the hook, but he could not dodge Defeat the Dragon!


  Drunk Maple appeared in front of us. He was level 180, while I was level 181. This level difference meant that he would definitely fall to Defeat the Dragon.


  Wind Carrying Slash exploded and a golden glow spread out with me at the center. It was a bright shockwave!



  At the fourth sword, Drunk Maple realized that he could not tank it anymore. Fang Ge Que also shouted at this time, using the Holy Ghost Grade 3 Fire God Roar. A fifty-yard, long-ranged flame attack. Drunk Maple had no way to dodge it. Right at that moment, the ring on his right hand flashed. A green shield appeared around him; this was an invincibility skill!

  "Save the guild leader!"

  Conquer the World's Fire Elephant Cavalry charged over. I could not stun people in invincibility, so Drunk Maple was able to retreat. The price to pay was that dozens of Fire Elephant Cavalry died to my Butterfly and Fang Ge Que's attacks. Drunk Maple had no choice but to look on, unable to get close.

  Facing Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er, Q-Sword, Li Mu, and me, the people from Conquer the World felt stunned. They were facing the superstar players of China, and each one of us was a Battlenet expert, who had gone through hundreds of battles. Drunk Maple was like a god in India, but he dimmed when compared to us. He did not even have the courage to fight us head on. This made Conquer the World players feel the huge gap.


  Drunk Maple retreated as he raged, "Why're they not here yet? Those despicable people have betrayed us and also betrayed Clear Black Eyes!"

  An elder shook his head. "No... They won't... They probably won't."

  "Scoff!" Drunk Maple's eyes were filled with rage.



  The sword slashed across and another few Fire Elephant Cavalry were slain. There were two more hours left, and our Furnace God Cavalry started killing the Flame Lion Army troops. Logically speaking, nothing else should happen, right?

  However, right at that moment, Yue Qing Qian said loudly, "Brother Xiao Yao, come quickly! What is that?"

  I flew back and looked at where she was pointing. A blue light flashed. It was actually a spell.

  "What is that?" Dong Cheng Yue was shocked.

  Lin Wan Er held her bloodstained dagger and her body shook. "Is that the legendary teleportation crystal..."

  "Teleportation crystal?" I was stunned. "What is that?"

  Yue Qing Qian replied, "I’ve heard about it before. Valella Crystal is something that is dropped by the Valella Barbarians west of Iron Skull City. One can choose to teleport anywhere, but the drop rate for it is really low, so it’s really expensive. Who would waste it?"

  "Clear Black Eyes is bringing people over?" Li Mu and Wang Jian charged over. "No matter who they are, those who teleport over will be killed!"

  This was when more and more started to shine. There were at least thousands of them!

  "Li Mu, Wang Jian come back!" I shouted.

  Alas, it was too late. The two of them had brought hundreds of Furnace God Cavalry over. The first teleportation effect was channeled, and a bright light flashed. A silver-armored beauty appeared. She held a bone sword and smiled. "We are a little late!"

  It was Iron Skull City, US Region ABN Battlenet top player, Sky Rose!

  Sky Rose summoned her Holy Ghost Grade 2 shield skill to block Li Mu's Smashing Buzhou Mountain. She then used the five-star god weapon, Dragon Bone Sword, in her hand to perform Magma Blade and Holy Ghost Grade 1!



  Li Mu's body shook, but Smashing Buzhou Mountain still hit Sky Rose's horse and dealt 57,283 damage. Sky Rose was shocked. "Such a strong attack!"

  On the side, Wang Jian appeared and used Halberd Whirlwind. Since Sky Rose was so close, she would definitely get hit.

  Right when we thought that Sky Rose would get hit, she jumped forward and successfully dodged Wang Jian's attack. She used Sword Control Technique on Li Mu's back and dealt 60,000 damage. She looked like she wanted to kill Li Mu right away!

  Butterfly hung low in my hands and I charged forward while shouting, "Li Mu, retreat! All Healers, take note: Add Anti-magic Shield for yourself and your allies!"


  What I was worried about had still happened. China Region, which stood in the middle, was affected by Iron Skull, Swirling Abyss, and Nine Heavens cities. How could the Americans allow us to continue ruling the area? As expected, they had finally sent troops. The first step was to help the Indians get Waterfront City and restrict China Region. This was a method they always used.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.