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ZL - Chapter 1035- Meeting at Demon Mountain

After noon, I remained to monitor the tomb construction. Those buried here were basically from the royal family. Pearl's new tomb was on the level of kings, and this was the effect that I wanted. I was able to reach this level mostly because of Pearl. If not for her, I would have been unable to enter the army right away and become the Royal Army's general.


  News came from Tian Ling City that Wang Zecheng was purchasing a large bulk of equipment. Just one morning, and he got one 2-star god shield and four 1-star heavy-armored equipment from Tian Ling, Swirling Abyss, and Waterfront cities. His ability to use funds was far above Liu Ying. In terms of money, Liu Ying definitely lost. The strength of Wrath of the Heroes was not on the same level as Rising Sun like Blood.

  A while later, the official CBN Battlenet Rankings had refreshed. My name was pushed forward once again—

  1. Fang Ge Que
  2. Q-Sword
  3. Little Demon
  4. Xiao Yao Zi Zai
  5. Cang Tong
  6. Jian Feng Han
  7. Ye Lai
  8. Bai Li Ruofeng
  9. Simple
  10. Mu Xuan
  11. Cang Yue
  12. The Seventh Tang
  13. Lu Chunyang
  14. Yan Zhao Warrior
  15. Yue Qing Qian
  16. Li Mu
  17. Drunken Spear
  18. Wang Jian
  19. Misty Clouds
  20. Dancing Forest


  I had gone from sixth to fourth. Lin Wan Er relied on her performance in the Allstar Competition to reach fifth place. Bai Li Ruofeng fell once more, similar to House of Prestige. Some people, some guilds would take a wrong path so naturally this would happen. Apart from that, Dancing Forest finally entered the top 20. With her intellect, she should be able to get top ten soon and replace Bai Li Ruofeng as the top Archer. Zhan Long's rise was also the best fertile ground to nurture a top Archer.

  After lunch, a breeze blew across the forest. A little while later, two girls walked over. It was obvious that they were looking for me. One of them was Li Meng Yao, while the other was Lin Wan Er. One was my girlfriend, and the other was my sister.

  "Brother!" Li Meng Yao smiled. "As expected, you are here! Sister-in-law is right!"

  Lin Wan Er's face flushed and she did not decline that title.

  I jumped off a thick branch and smiled. “Why did you two come?"

  "We felt bored, so we came to find you." Lin Wan Er blinked her eyes. "For fear that you wouldn't be able to take Waterfront City's loss and jump into War God River..."

  I laughed. "How's that possible? Do I have a glass heart? Plus... though Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple took Waterfront City, that's not a problem. We can just take it back in the next country war. Right, you came here for a reason, right?"

  "Nothing. Just to chat."

  Lin Wan Er jumped onto the red stone by the side. Li Meng Yao sat down, too. I rested onto a shorter maple tree as well.

  Lin Wan Er was the first to speak. "Now that Waterfront City has been lost, the pressure will be greater. During the Prohibited Dragon Land battle, we saw a corner of Nine Heavens City's power. Demon Mountain and 7King will not let things rest. Have you thought of how we should fight the next country war?"

  I held up a red maple leaf and looked at the patterns on it. "To be honest, I haven't yet thought about it. The topography is really complicated. Demon Mountain and 7K won't remain in Nine Heavens City, and Clear Black Eyes won't be willing to yield. The Japanese and Korean players can only develop in the secondary cities. Their levels and equipment are lower than ours. Lee, Frost Forest, and Witch Moon won't let things rest like this. As such, the second country war will surely be much more complicated than anticipated."

  Lin Wan Er smiled. "I'm most worried about the possibility of the Nine Heavens and Waterfront cities attacking Tian Ling City or Flaming Cloud City together. If that really does happen, what shall we do?"

  I sucked in a deep breath. "Right, that's the worst possible thing to happen. Clear Black Eyes can't be considered an ally, while we killed many of Demon Mountain and 7King's men. Our only hope is that he won't be used as a cannon fodder by Clear Black Eyes."

  Li Meng Yao smiled. "Brother, though Demon Mountain is purehearted, he's not stupid. Don't worry; I don't think that he'll be used by Clear Black Eyes."

  "En, that is the best." I rested on the tree. The sunlight shone on my face. I felt really tired. "Once the seven main cities are unified, I will quit the game. The battle of conquest will never end."

  Lin Wan Er laughed. "First, we have to unify the seven main cities. This goal is so distant and won't be finished soon. After all, we haven't won the hearts of everyone. There are too many players and guilds in China. We don't have enough prestige to win over everyone; otherwise, we wouldn't have lost Waterfront City."

  "Right..." I clenched my fists. "If Zhan Long had more allies and a few more who could lead, that would be great."

  Meng Yao sat by my side and blinked. "Brother, are you thinking about Sister Xue Rou?"

  "Little Demon..." I smiled, saying, "I just hope that she doesn't continue hiding. At least, today, we don't know where she went and who knows what she is doing in-game. We don't even know if she's still playing."

  Meng Yao smiled. "Don't worry. Once someone is connected, they won't leave just like that. Sister Xue Rou is the same; she thinks about Zhan Long and all of us, so she won't disappear."

  I nodded and pulled out Butterfly. Meng Yao was shocked. "Brother, what are you doing?"

  "I plan to visit Nine Heavens City."

  "Ah?" My sister opened her mouth slightly. "Nine Heavens City hates us. If you go, they'll beat you to death..."

  I laughed. "That's okay. I'm just going over there. Demon Mountain won't do anything to me; he's a gentleman at the very least. Oh, right. Wan'er, the next country war should be happening soon. How is your Flaming Cloud City developing, and how many troops do you have?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled confidently. "Although we're not as strong as Tian Ling City, we have at least three hundred thousand troops. Don't worry. As long as China doesn't abandon Flaming Cloud and Fire Elephant cities, it won't be so easy for others to take us down."

  "En, that's good to hear. I'm heading to Nine Heavens City now. What do the two of you plan on doing next?"

  Li Meng Yao smiled. "Ninety minutes from now, I'll be doing a quest with Sister Wan'er in Dragon City. Queen Zhi Shu gave her a quest to kill a dragon in front of Igoras."

  "Oh?" I was stunned. "Do you need my help?"

  She shook her head. "No need. You go get busy with your own stuff. I called hundreds of guild experts. With Meng Yao and her Nuwa Stone to tank for us, it won't be much of a problem."

  "En, then I shall get going. Good luck!"



  I jumped up and activated Icy Wings. I turned into a meteor, which surged southeast. There was quite a distance between Nine Heavens City and Tian Ling City, so it was quicker to fly.

  When I was in the clouds, the mist covered my eyes. I could only rely on the map to fly. An hour later, many red spots appeared on the map. A huge city came to sight; it was one of the seven main cities, Nine Heavens.

  I added Demon Mountain and received a notification that he had rejected it. As expected...

  I asked for help and Yue Qing Qian used her connections to find his coordinates. Apparently, he was doing some army quests in their Summer Fire Army. The Summer Fire Army was camped near the main city, so when I arrived, several Cavalrymen were in the middle of doing drills. Demon Mountain appeared. As the deputy of the Summer Fire Army, he held his spear and stood there proudly.


  I flew across and drew their attention. The cavalry pulled their bows and one person shouted, "A spy from Tian Ling City! Shoot him!"

  Shua shua shua...

  Arrows flew toward me, but I did not care. I used Heaven Control and those arrows were deflected. I said loudly, "Demon Mountain, you should know who I am right? I came from Tian Ling City to find you; is this the way you welcome a guest?"

  Demon Mountain smiled. "Stop!"

  He raised his head and looked at me. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are one of Tian Ling City's top generals. You coming here is putting me in a bad spot. What if Nine Heavens City's emperor takes my position away, just like how the commanders in Tian Ling City were demoted."

  "You get your news quite quickly." I laughed.

  He raised his head and smiled. "Since you are here to find me, you definitely have something to say. Let's go! Do you have the courage to enter the main tent?"

  "Show the way!"


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