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ZL - Chapter 1036- Heaven Planning Hall

Summer Fire Army's main tent was tightly guarded; a bunch of guards holding halberds could be seen outside. Inside were two guards with swords. Summer Fire was the strongest army in Nine Heavens City and had two hundred ten thousand troops, even more than the Royal Army. As the deputy general, Demon Mountain would be able to gain control of the Summer Fire Army if the real general got killed. With his twelve god generals and good rapport to 7K Guild in the Netherlands server, he could gain full control of Nine Heavens City. Getting close with him meant getting close to Nine Heavens City.

  The Indians had successfully taken Waterfront City, so Clear Black Eyes's next goal was definitely to expand. She had the strength and also the ambition. The next country war would be one we must ensure survivability to defend Tian Ling and Flaming Cloud cities as well as to plan our next target. Thus, Nine Heavens City was really important. We had to stabilize it and then wipe out Waterfront City. After which, we could focus our troops on dealing with Nine Heavens City.


  I held Butterfly and my robe fluttered as I entered the main tent. If he knew what I was thinking, would he pull out his blade and fight with me right there and then?


  Demon Mountain was a proper person. He sat down and ordered a guard to pour a drink. The army wine did not add Rage value, so it was just something one would drink for fun. The US wine tasted good, but only to those who knew how to drink. Those who disliked it could not smell any scent and could only get a throat-stinging feeling.

  A guard placed a basket of deer meat and fruit in front of me. "Actually, the game has plenty of decent food. An example is this wild deer meat; one can't get it in real life. Come, since Guild Leader Xiao Yao came to Nine Heavens City, naturally I have to take care of you well!"

  I smiled and raised up the wine cup. "Thank you, Guild Leader Demon Mountain."

  "No worries."

  Demon Mountain smiled. "Some time has passed since the Prohibited Dragon Land battle. I thought that the next time I would see you was in the country war; who knew that you would actually come here by yourself? The best China Region player and general came to my Nine Heavens City; I really feel honored."

  I smiled. "The Prohibited Dragon Land was where we did what we had to, but I didn't come to Nine Heavens City for the Prohibited Dragon Land's mines. Rather, it's—"

  Demon Mountain laughed and interrupted me. "For Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple?"

  I was shocked. "Yes, Guild Leader Demon Mountain has guessed it."

  Demon Mountain was arrogant and his face was full of pride. "Nine Heavens, Waterfront, and Tian Ling cities restrict one another. I understand that. Your defeat during King's Hunt allowed the Indians to develop themselves and their NPC army. With Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes's skills, their first target should be Flaming Cloud City to reclaim what they have lost! China's Tian Ling City is in the center. To the west are Moon, Swirling Abyss, and Iron Skull cities, so one can imagine the amount of pressure you are in. Not only that; Japan and Korea are guarding east of Three Blades Mountain in Green Magma City. Naturally, they will do something. If Nine Heavens City aims for Tian Ling City, China will become a dead dragon, right?"

  I was shocked. Demon Mountain looked arrogant, so he should be similar to Ye Lai. However, he was even more deep and thoughtful. He had seen through the power struggle within the server today.

  Demon Mountain smiled. "Guild Leader Xiao Yao Zi Zai doesn't have to worry, though. Nine Heavens is a main city made up of many countries. The Germany players don't hope to rule the world. We just want to ensure that Nine Heavens City is not lost. If Tian Ling and Flaming Cloud cities fall, the Indians will aim for us next, so we definitely won't attack China. Don't worry."

  I nodded. "With your words, I feel at ease. Tian Ling and Nine Heavens cities are the same; if we are united, we can be deemed strong. If we are divided, we can be considered weak. There are the Japanese and Koreans in the middle. This was exactly my main intention for coming."

  He gulped down the wine cup and his face became flushed. "This... I don't have a say in this. After all, too many servers make up Nine Heavens City. Apart from us, there is Indonesia, Holland, Spain, Belgium, and many more. We always vote regarding such big issues."

  I naturally knew what was going on. Demon Mountain was top in Nine Heavens City, so one knew how much power he had. His twelve god generals were often on the leaderboards of Nine Heavens City. Although there were many servers here, the top-rate players all saw him as their leader. I smiled. "I understand, so I hope that Guild Leader Demon Mountain can talk to them. The next country war should be soon, and as the leader of China's main guild, I hope that Tian Ling City and Nine Heavens City can work together. Otherwise, if Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple rise, we will have a nightmare."

  Demon Mountain smiled and mocked a little. "And if China rises, based on your caliber, with ten Xiao Yao Zi Zais, I think China will be our nightmare. Don't you think so, too?"

  I smiled awkwardly. "Actually, I am a person who likes peace."

  Demon Mountain smiled and held the handle of his Fire God Spear. "I like a free life. If one could own the world without fighting, who would bother fighting and killing, right?"

  I sucked in a deep breath and stood up. "Since that's the case, let's talk about it in the future. Right now, let's agree that, during the second country war, Nine Heavens City and Tian Ling City won't invade each other. How about that?"

  Demon Mountain stood up and bowed. "If nothing surprising happens, Nine Heavens City won't attack China. I promise that if China doesn't provoke us, we won't do anything to you."

  "Good! Thank you, Guild Leader Demon Mountain." I cupped my fists.

  Demon Mountain smiled. "Thank you, Guild Leader Xiao Yao Zi Zai. You may leave!"

  When I walked out, the soldiers all looked at me warily as if they were about to attack me. I smiled. To think these people feared me so much that they wanted to slice me. These Summer Fire Army troops really did not have the ability to do so.



  My Ice Wings opened, and shock appeared on Demon Mountain's face. He recalled when we had fought previously. This Icy Wings allowed me to kill five of his twelve god generals. This video was ranked highly on the Nine Heavens City forums, so they felt terrified each time they saw me. The twelve generals were like gods in Nine Heavens City, so they did not expect someone from China to be able to kill five at once!

  I flew up with Butterfly and smiled. "Goodbye, Guild Leader Demon Mountain. I hope that you can stick to our agreement!"

  Demon Mountain smiled. "Don't worry. I am simple and respect those who are strong. It is good to be friends with someone like Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Go back and rule China properly. I hope that we can work together to remove our enemies next time."




  I went full speed ahead, flying in the sky like a meteor. I suddenly recalled that there was the city return system. My body flashed and I was back in Fan Shu City.

  "Ang ang..."

  In the sky, many fire eagles flew around their nest. Every second, we were producing Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry. They were Zhan Long's greatest trump cards. Truthfully, was Demon Mountain not willing to talk to me because I had enough strength and troops?

  I walked around and encountered several players. Some were from Zhan Long and some were from other guilds. Fan Shu City was now back to the peak of its secondary city strength, and at least tens of millions of players were here. They used this as their base to push toward Fire God Mountain and Ice and Fire Plains. This was why Fan Shu City was rich. Equipment repair and teleportation fees earned income. Apart from taxes, the gains were huge. Moreover, as the Suiding Duke, I was the shield of Zhan Long, scaring off the other guild leaders in China. They could only envy me. 


  At night, a message came from Yue Qing Qian: "Brother Xiao Yao, have you seen the official page? They're splurging."

  "Oh, what? I haven't seen it yet."

  Yue Qing Qian said, "Destiny Corporation will be working with China Virtual Department once more to form an official organization called the Heaven Planning Hall, which is basically the Tian Ling City Planning Hall. They're building it for the offense and defense of China. Still, I think... that there are more behind this!"

  I: "..."

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