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100000PSI - Chapter 57.2: Your Big Sis Is Profiting Off You (2)

Ji Xinxin was just about to answer Bai Zhou’s question when another female roommate passing by the kitchen suddenly called out to her, “Babe!”

Ji Xinxin jolted in fright. She turned to the female roommate and asked, “Yes?”

“You…” Despite having called her, the female roommate hesitated in getting to the main topic. “Didn’t you return to China a while ago? Did you meet with your boyfriend?”

JI Xinxin was surprised to hear that. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

The innocent roommate heaved a sigh of relief. “That means that you aren’t dating other people, right? That’s a relief! I knew that you can’t be the one in the video, but Lil’ Yu simply wouldn’t believe it.”

This female roommate and her boyfriend were currently staying under the same roof as Ji Xinxin. She was studying the same course as Ji Xinxin and respected her greatly. 

Lil’ Yu was none other than her boyfriend.

“What video?” Ji Xinxin’s intuition began ringing warning bells in her head.

“It’s this.” That female roommate quickly searched up a video and showed it to Ji Xinxin. “It recently appeared in my feed. The woman in the video has a voice identical to yours!”

She turned up the volume of the video as she spoke.

It was a two-minute-long video. As the key to the video lay in the background voices, the person who edited the video made sure to add subtitles. 

Ji Xinxin’s eyes had already turned livid from the moment she heard the words ‘What a coincidence’.

That’s Bai Zhou’s voice.

And the following ‘Let’s go’ is Song Shiyu’s voice.

It’s possible for the two of them to encounter each other since they live in the same city, but why would Bai Zhou greet Song Shiyu? Even if the two of them were to bump into each other, they wouldn’t be bothered to spare a glance at each other, let alone engage in a conversation.

Furthermore, my roommate mentioned ‘woman’ earlier, which shows that there’s a third party present. 

Ji Xinxin continued watching the video with an unchanging smile on her lips.

But when she heard a sweet voice identical to hers stabbing daggers into Bai Zhou’s heart, she found herself unable to maintain her smile any longer. If not for the fact that she was certain she hadn’t said those words, she would have thought that the woman in the video was her!

“Don’t you think that it really sounds like you?” the female roommate asked excitedly. “I was shocked when I first heard it!”

“I’m feeling pretty shocked too.” Ji Xinxin was stunned for a moment before asking with a smile, “Does this audio recording have a video to it?”

“Nay, there’s only the audio recording. Based on what I heard, the streamer who recorded this conversation chanced upon this drama at a restaurant near your home. Don’t you think that it’s a huge coincidence?”

“… It really is,” replied Ji Xinxin as she returned the phone to the female roommate. She pointed to the stairs and said, “Liam is still waiting for me. I’ll head up first.”

The female roommate didn’t sense anything wrong with Ji Xinxin. She waved her hand innocently and said, “Alright! I’ll call you down when I’m done preparing dinner.”

Ji Xinxin trudged the stairs with her cup in hand as she quickly revised all of the clues she had gathered thus far.

She was certain that Ji Fanyin was her older sister because the ‘Ji Fanyin’ in her dreams wouldn’t stoop down to becoming a mere substitute. 

There’s no way that ‘Ji Fanyin’ would do something so demeaning. It’s not as if she could gain anything out of it!

… There aren’t enough clues for me to work with.

After careful contemplation, Ji Xinxin decided not to contact Song Shiyu, Bai Zhou, or Ji Fanyin to ask about it. 

She suddenly recalled that during the period of time she returned to China, Cen Xiangyang had requested to meet her, saying that he had an extremely important secret to tell her. She eventually chose not to meet him, and Cen Xiangyang didn’t bother contacting her afterward.

Thinking that this might be somewhat related to everything else, Ji Xinxin decided to call up Cen Xiangyang. 

To be frank, she wasn’t fond of interacting with Cen Xiangyang. Trying to maintain her image of a ‘weak and innocent lamb’ before him was quite mentally exhausting, and it often left her feeling rather uncomfortable. 

However, if she wanted to acquire any information from him, she had no choice but to take the initiative to contact him. 

She spent a while mentally preparing herself before hitting the ‘Call’ button. 

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