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ZY - Chapter 318- Spirit Zither Master

  "Don't worry!"

    Lin Xi slapped her chest and instantly her snow white peaks jiggled. So did my heart. Lin Xi looked at Light Lantern and said, "Hand the quest over to With You, since we have taken this mercenary job, we will try our best to complete it. If we fail, we will refund all the fees and won't take a single cent."

    "En, thank you!"

    On the side, Light Frost smiled, "Then... Little sis's quest is all yours. Thank you Lin Xi!"

    "No need for thanks."

    Right at that moment, Light Lantern coughed, "Lin Xi there is something I need to remind all of you. This time it is not only the quest difficulty, there is also a threat."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Tell me about it."

    "A threat from players!"

    Light Lantern frowned, "Before this, the three of us had conflicts with a super guild in Hedong County and we even fought several times."

    "Which guild?" Shen Mingxuan …

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.