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ZL - Chapter 1021- Fire Elephant Cavalry

"Heavenly Shield Wall!"

Drunken Spear's voice came from the Flying Dragon group. He stood at the very front and swept his shield forwardto smash aside a Conquer the World Warrior. He then thrust his spear and forced another Cavalry back. He followed it up with a Thousand Layer Wave. He struck the group with the spear handle, and a scorching wave spread forth. However, he was also attacked by a bunch of Sword Breaks, which forced him to dodge. One person alone tanked 30% of the enemies’ attacks.

Behind Drunken Spear was the main force of Flying Dragon, the Golden Wall Cavalry, which was a really eye-catching mount. Not only was their armorgold in color, they were also level 160 Valkryie Tier Boss mounts with +250% Defense. In terms of Defense, they were much higher than Furnace God Cavalry, Hundred Abyss Cavalry, and God Wind Cavalry. However, their twelve thousand were unable to stop Conquer the World's main force.

I charged forward as I received the Conquer the World Cavalry stats from Yue Qing Qian—

Fire Elephant Cavalry (Level 170 Divine Tier Boss mount) Health: +27,000 Movement speed: +440% Defense: +160%

Skill: Scorch, deals burn effects to surrounding targets. The burn effect is the same as one basic attack each second. Skill: Flame Fortress, greatly increases one's defense.

I was shocked and finally understood why Drunken Spear's twelve thousand Golden Wall Cavalry would be so weak. Fire Elephant Cavalry's Scorch was just too sick; it was the same as one-hitting an opponent per second. People with similar stat range had no chance at all.

No, this Fire Elephant Cavalry's Scorch had to be passive, so the Furnace God Cavalry might not win against them, too!

I sent a message to Q-Sword: "Conquer the World's Fire Elephant Cavalry is too strong. I only have ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry and we aren't their match. Bring your Hundred Abyss Cavalry over; let's crush their main cavalry force!"

Q-Sword did not say much and just replied with: "OK!"


A few minutes later, the Hundred Abyss Cavalry came as planned and charged forwardwith our Furnace God Cavalry.

In the distance, Drunk Maple's men were in the Flying Dragon’s core area. Drunk Maple's attacks were really fierce; the four-star god weapon in his hands smashed onto Drunken Spear's shield. With a peng, sparks flew. Drunken Spear had Healers, though, so he was barely able to fight back, piercing Drunk Maple's legs to deal 30,000damage. Drunk Maple was stunned, not expecting this Cavalry to have such high attack.

"You're asking for death!"

Drunken Spear was ranked seventeenth on the CBN, so Drunk Maple probably did not care about him. He thrust his sword forwardand used Crushing Stone Strike! This was an AoE attack, which killed the two Flying Dragon players beside Drunken Spear. Drunken Spear continued blocking, but Drunk Maple followed it up with a sneak-attack; the sword continued to show the particle effect of mountains shattering, Crushing Stone Thrust!

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Drunken Spear was shocked. His Defense was one of the highest in China, but he still lost so much health at once! This Crushing Stone Thrust had armor penetration, and coupled with that of the weapon, it was expected that the Fire Swordsman could deal so much damage.

Nonetheless, Drunk Maple had still underestimated Drunken Spear. When he was down to low health, Drunken Spear left his horse and used Hundred Peak Jump Slash on the crowd to the right of Drunk Maple. He slashed and used Iron Spear Thrust to bring Drunk Maple's health down to 50%. When Drunk Maple got close, Drunken Spear used Rock Shield. Drunk Maple shouted, "Stop wasting time here; follow me! Let's kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai's Furnance God Cavalry!"

Drunken Spear naturally was not a person without brotherhood. He shouted while waving his spear, "Stick to them!Attack; don't let them leave!"

The two sides clashed together once more.


Peng peng peng...

Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry finally clashed with them. There were a lot of Fire Elephant Cavalry, so one could imagine how painful the Scorch effect was. I waved Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword to kill dozens. At this point, many Furnace God Cavalry had fallen to the effect. Luckily, their Quickness stunned them, so we killed many more Fire Elephant Cavalry!

Q-Sword charged ahead with the Hundred Abyss Cavalry and forced down a Conquer the World party leader. A sharp glint flashed across his eyes, and then he used Fierce Tiger Burst on the person's chest. He followed that up with Hundred Smelted Blades, killing the opponent. His horse galloped forward and he used a smart sidestep to dodge a Scattered Shot. His legs shone brightly and his combo Six Directional Thunder exploded to insta-kill another Conquer the World Flagbearer while also healing himself. He continued forward and dodged while he attacked. Q-Sword perfectly showed the strength of the Battle Reflux Style!

Hundred Abyss Cavalry charged along with him. Both sides had entered the critical moment of the battle. With Fire Elephant Cavalry falling, many Hundred Abyss Cavalry and Furnace God Cavalry fell, too. Drunken Spear also led the Soaring Dragon Cavalry to charge from the back, and we surrounded the opponents from three sides. One must say that Drunk Maple was a strong general to have actually lasted for half an hour against us. In the end, the Fire Elephant Cavalry suffered heavy losses and he had no choice but to retreat.

The moment the Fire Elephant Cavalry retreated, we pushed forward. Soaring Dragon thanked us, while Q-Sword left for his camp. Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry continued forwardafter losing two thousand men. Conquer the World had been pushed back by us, so now was our chance to gain points.


We continued forwardand arrived at Legend's camp. Fang Ge Que was on the front lines. His movement was not fast, but he still successfully dodged several Scattered Shotaimed at him. He waved his fan and used his killing spells on the crowd, turning these players into corpses. Moreover, the guild currently attacking them was fifth in Waterfront City and was quite strong.

Fang Ge Que was a smart person and had hidden a large portion of the God Wind Cavalry. He only sent out Enchanted Painting, Lu Chunyang, and Xuan Yuan Feng with the Earth Bane Cavalry. Most of the God Wind Cavalry was hidden in the rear, awaiting a good chance to strike.

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In the end, Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry swept across, and after killing thousands, Fang Ge Que released the God Wind Cavalry to give chase. Only when they reached the border of Forest of Stars did he command his force to stop giving chase. Fang Ge Que was strong in his calmness; he was not affected by emotions and knew when to attack and retreat. This was the way of a king.

The battle of the Fire Marsh Plains was really intense. Both sides sent more than thirty million players, and after four hours, it dropped to ten million. However, in the next two hours, we could not tell where Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes were.

Obviously, they knew that they were not our match, so they must be planning something.


In the Fire Marsh Plains. the Indian players retreated while we started to clear the battlefield. At this time, our bags were filled with equipment.Especially the Furnace God Cavalry accompanying me, all their bags were full. Old K's Greed effect had stacked to 300+, four times droprate.That was just terrifying!

I killed more than him and my 200% bloodthirst effect was full. Very good! I was invincible.


The bunch of us stood in the Fire Marsh Plains to watch the allied players clean up the battlefiled. I was bored, so I opened the leaderboards. As expected, I was at the top—

1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China), points: 1,342

2. Drunk Maple (India) points: 1,123

3. Fang Ge Que (China) points: 1,111

4. Clear Black Eyes (India) points: 1,024

5. Cang Yue (China) points: 1,002

6. Simple (China) points: 997

7. Q-Sword (China) points: 876

8. Jian Feng Han (China) points: 842

9. Cang Tong (China) points: 811

10. Thunder Bear (India) points: 791


Just from the leaderboard, one could see the tip of the iceberg. Only three were Indian players, and the rest were from our side. Based on the total tally of scores, they were slightly lower than us. Thus, overall, this battle was a defeat for them—

China Region: 27,632,191

India Region: 25,173,731


However, the gap was not big and there was still time for changes!

Forest of Stars, Questioning Heaven Ice Plains, Fire Marsh Plains, Dragon Lake, et cetera were so vast that both sides could be contained within. The battle on the main battlefield ended quickly; next were the small skirmishes. Both sides started to probe and provoke each other.

In the plains, the players from the guilds started to scatter. Legend and Hero Mound said that they would fight alone to gain points, while Zhan Long's next goal was Forest of Stars!

After a frontal battle, our losses were not huge. We had more than fifty thousand members left, while over ten thousand remained of the Furnace God Cavalry. Even if we faced Conquer the World, we still had a chance.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.