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ZL - Chapter 1022- Wandering attack strategy

Late at night, Forest of Stars.

Sha sha...

Horse hooves stepped on the fallen leaf covered ground. I walked ahead.Behind me were Li Meng Yao, Old K, and two hundred Zhan Long members. The mission Fang Ge Que had given Zhan Long was to scout the forest and find Conquer the World and Beautiful Life. Without wiping out the elites under Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple's hands, we would not have won the battle.

Old K held Greedy Nine-headed Snake and said, "They're too afraid and don't even dare to show their faces. India Region has tens of millions of players, so how can they retreat just like that?"

I held Butterfly. "They're just baiting us to venture deeper inside."

Li Meng Yao blinked and asked, "Brother, what if we get ambushed? Clear Black Eyes is so cunning; she definitely has a plan for us."

I smiled. "That's okay. Zhan Long is pushing in two hundred people at once; two teams are less than one hundred meters apart. If they come, then we'll just kill them."


Right at that moment, shuffling sounds came from the forest ahead. Old K charged out and raised his axe. He used Battle Axe Throw into the trees, and following a loud thud, an Indian player holding a shield was hit. He retreated on his horse, his expression really bad.

I held my sword and sliced his remaining half Health. At this time, I raised my head and saw many Archers and Mages squatting on the trees. However, they did not belong to the main guild players; their guilds were ranked around ten to twenty, so they were not much of a threat.

"Be careful!" Li Meng Yao guided the horse over.

I activated Icy Wings and flew up in the sky. In mid-air, I slashed with Butterfly and the bunch of Archers, Mages, andMusketeers fell off from above. Old K, Li Meng Yao, and the others stunned and killed these opponents. More than ninety of the two hundred were Furnace God Cavalry, so we definitely were not afraid of this battle.

Shua shua shua...

Dense arrows flew from the bushes ahead. I said right away, "Mengyao, attract the fire; Old K, prepare to attack!"

I saw things really clearly. There were at least three hundred India players hiding behind the bushes. They had been waiting for us to arrive, in hopes of ambushing us. Li Meng Yao held up the Nuwa Stone and charged forward on the horse. Many arrows and spells landed on the shield. Fortunately, her Defense and Health were high enough. Before she was down to half Health, she had managed to chargeinto the bushes. She used Dragon Slash and forced two Cavalry players back.

Old K hollered and used Whirlwind Slash on the crowd. At the same time, he raised his axe and used Fierce Axe Strike to bring a bunch of people down to low Health. I charged down and activated my level 19 god technique. Wind Carrying Slash exploded in the crowd and killed dozens of them. At the same time, a golden light surged into the sky, which was Wind Carrying Slash's effect. D*mn! It did look really nice. However, it was the same as telling everyone that I was in this forest. With how smart Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple were, they definitely could guess this.

Hundred Furnace God Cavalry charged, all of them holding blades in their hands, and used Blade Spin. The bushes were ripped into shreds, and when they got close, they used Whirlwind Sword Break, Sword Break, et cetera. There were more India players than us, but they could not fight back at all. When we turned them all into corpses, we only lost three Furnace God Cavalry and one Archer, who had gotten engulfed by spells after running too far ahead.


As we cleaned up the battlefield, we could hear killing shouts from ahead. It seemed like Li Mu and Lin Wan Er's team had met enemies, but they should not be a threat. Otherwise, they would have asked for help.

Zhan Long players pushed deeper into the Forest of Stars, and after getting far inside, we finally encountered decent enemies. A guild ranked sixteenth in India had more than seven thousand lined up, waiting for us. They also had three Dragon Crystal Cannons. However, their plan had failed. Zhan Long's fifty teams gathered up, and in under twenty minutes, we shattered their formation. We then spent thirty minutes turning them all into points.


A sword slashed onto the spear of a Cavalry, and Zhen Yue Sword took his last bit of Health. From afar, I used Defeat the Dragon to pull a Warrior over. I then used Strength of a Thousand Men to insta-kill him. Thus, this seven-thousand-plus-strong army was finally dealt with by all of us, and none of them was able to flee.

I bent over to pick up the equipment, then straightened up, and shook off the dust on it. It was a pair of level 167 bracers, which had 75% armor penetration and spent 45 Rage value. This had a decent attack skill and could be sold for a few hundred in Tian Ling City.

"Brother Xiao Yao, that’s a big win; we only lost fewer than two hundred people!" Song Han smiled and said.

I nodded. "Right, haha! This battle has really gone smoothly."

Lin Wan Er frowned. "It's indeed smooth, but it's not for other guilds. I just received news that Mortal World had gotten surrounded in Questioning Heaven Ice Plains. Conquer the World's twelve thousand Fire Elephant Cavalry and close to one hundred fifty thousand players surrounded them. In less than forty minutes, forty thousand of them were killed."

I was stunned. King's Hunt rules were clear: Once players died, they wouldbe unable to enter the map. To a certain extent, we were suffering!

Yue Qing Qian said, "When Q-Sword led Hundred Abyss Cavalry over, they only saw a ground covered in corpses. Drunk Maple killed and then left without even cleaning up the battlefield."

Li Mu was stunned. "Good fellow, she didn't even want the equipment. What do these Indians want?"

I sucked in a deep breath. "They want Waterfront City and want to exceed us in points!"

Lin Wan Er looked tired. "Have you all noticed that our targets keep fleeing? Once we don't want to chase, they provoke us to continue chasing. Everyone can see what kind of tactic this is, right?"

"Good good..." Old K smiled. "They're trying to draw us in?"

I smiled. "Most probably. Clear Black Eyes is too smart. Fighting near Waterfront City means that we are fighting on their ground. They're more familiar with this land than us. This tactic is targeting us."

Yue Qing Qian said, "Even Mortal World got hit. What more of the medium- and small-sized guilds? If we continue like this, we’ll lose. What should we do?How should we stop them?"

Wang Jian squinted his eyes. "Should we just camp and wait it out..."

I laughed. "Stop joking.Let's come up with something useful. What should we do?"

Lin Wan Er said, "We can do something like that. Use our numbers to push forward,and the rest will depend on the heavens’ will. If they want to give Waterfront City to the Indians, then there's nothing I can say."

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I clenched my fist. "Then let's use another strategy: windwalking strat."

"What is windwalking?" Li Meng Yao smiled and asked.

"They retreatwhen we attack to use the area around. Forest of Stars and Fire Marsh Plains are suitable for cavalry, and our Furnace God Cavalry's movement speed is 500%. Apart from the God Wind Cavalry, no one is faster than us. We even have twelve thousand Furnace God Cavalry remaining. If we send War Hawk Knights to find their main force and chase them down, they won't be our match. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple want to kill our small guilds, so we can do the same. Let's see who is quicker!"

Wang Jian smiled. "Brother Xiao Yao's strategy is so good!"

"If there are no objections, then let's get to work. Fire Dragon Cavalry, Steel Blade Cavalry, stay to protect the provisions. Furnace God Cavalry, follow me. Send out the War Hawk Knights right away!"

Li Mu smiled. "Okay!"

Zhan Long did not have many War Hawk Knights, but we had at least more than one hundred of them. The air advantage meant that no one could threaten them. These players did not participate in the actual battleas their equipment helped increase movement speed and was not good for fighting. Tian Ling City's guilds would all raise War Hawk Knights as information was just too important in this day and age.


A few minutes later, twelve thousand Furnace God Cavalry were led by Wang Jian and me around Forest of Stars. Lin Wan Er rode on my horse, while Dancing Forest rode on Li Meng Yao's. Their skills and abilities had good effects during battles.

In less than two minutes, Yue Qing Qian got news from the War Hawk Knights. She said, "Forest of Stars coordinates (12733, 73164) have at least five thousand Indian players. They appear to be trying to ambush us."

"Full speed!" Li Mu shouted.

Horse hooves shook the ground. The bunch of Furnace God Cavalry passed through the forest and headed towardthetarget.

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