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ZL - Chapter 1024- Ink Iron Boots


I could not help but curse. It was me one who had told Liu Ying to lead Wrath of the Heroes over to Dragon Lake. That place was wider. However, I didn't expect them to get intercepted. They were actually killed because of my kindness.

"Should we assist them?" Lin Wan Er asked.

I nodded. "Let's go to Dragon Lake!"

One Second Hero said, "I’m afraid that by the time we get there, their members will have been mostly killed. There are only five thousand of them and their combat strength is also just so-so. Any top ten group from India would be able to wipe them out!"

I pulled the reins and turned God Dragon Horse in Dragon Lake's direction. "No matter what, we must go. If they're really wiped out, we’ll just kill those who killed them!"



The sounds of horse hooves rang out as we traveled for thirty minutes. Our mounts’ stamina had all recovered, so we were really fast. In just nine minutes, we arrived at the Dragon Lake map. In the distance was a freshwater lake, but it was wide. In the center were many islands. Shining on the west coast were skill lights; it was obvious that the battle had not yet ended.

"Let's go!"

My blade shone coldly as I charged forward. I was too quick and the Furnace God Cavalry behind me could not keep up. Right when Lin Wan Er and I flew past, the battle had ended. Wrath of the Heroes'last member had died. It was Piggy, who was holding a spear. Right in front of him, a Cavalry slowly pulled out a sword and smiled in disdain. "Such trash is actually ranked seventeenth; China really has no talented player!"

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I used Icy Wings and flew over, launching an attackright away!

The Cavalry's reaction speed was quite quick, and he raised his black shield in time. With a peng, energy scattered all about. My full-strength hit dealt large damage numbers. At the same time, his shield rippled and actually dealt decent reflect damage on me—




I damaged him for 70,000,but the reflection dealt 30% back at me. That shield was special! Behind me, Lin Wan Er said, "Be careful.This person isn't simple!"

However, I had pretty much been swallowed by my rage at that point, so I charged forwardwith Butterfly. This time, I attacked even fiercer. My probing strike drew his block, which allowed me to get close. I used Zhen Yue Sword to hold up his spear's handle and then I struck him once with my Butterfly. At this moment, the level 19 god skill’s light shone inthe sky, Wind Carrying Slash!

He knew that it was strong, so his wrist started to shine and he entered an invincibility effect. He smiled. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are just so-so!"

He thrust his spear forwardand light gathered on his spear. When it hit my chest, the words ‘Stone for a Stone’ appeared, and a Holy Ghost Tier 2 skill shone. It dealt 70,000damage to me. That was quite unbelievable.For a Cavalry to deal so much damage, it was a joke, right?

I glanced at the details and realized that his skill turned defense to attack and could deal a strong strike. No wonder!

With that attack, I started to retreat. However, I only got a short distance away before he raised his arm. The image of hell appeared beneath him. "Go!"


A black giant dragon broke out of the ground and charged at me. The words ‘Hell Dragon’ appeared around him. This was Holy Ghost Tier 3!

I could not dodge at all. The black dragon wrapped around my body and dealt streaks of damage. I used Heal, Cleansing Rain, and drank Health Potions, but all these were not enough. In the end, Twin Dragon's passive was used and his skill finally ended. At that moment, his eyes became filled with fighting spirit. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, my attack is decent, right?"

I could finally see his name—

Ink Iron Boots (Level 179 Platinum Cavalry)

Main City: Waterfront City

Guild: Beautiful Life

Role: Deputy guild leader


This was Beautiful Life's deputy guild leader and Clear Black Eyes's right arm. Who knew when, but such a top player had appeared in India Region. His strength was comparable to that of Drunk Maple. There really were not many who could cause my Twin Dragon passive to be used. His skills were really strong. However, while his ultimate had already been used, my combo, Thundering Heavens, Invincible Body, et cetera, was still there. I did have a chance to kill him.

"Don't be rash!" Lin Wan Er pulled my arm and stopped me.

Not far away, the Furnace God Cavalry had finally arrived.

Ink Iron Boots was not dumb; he had managed to raise his comrades’ morale. He charged to the ships on Dragon Lake. Azure Ocean Army had eleven ships here, but they were probably being loaned out to the players currently. If not, Ink Iron Boots wouldbe unable to bring thousands of people over to kill Wrath of the Heroes.


Li Mu held his sword and charged forward. He activated Thousand Man Enemy and Smashing Buzhou Mountain. He chased the Beautiful Life players who did not manage to get on the boats. However, these people did not look like they were planning to leave. Roughly more than one thousand of them lined up on the shore and guarded the boats that Ink Iron Boots was getting on.

I entered the field. Beautiful Life was decently strong, and we were actually unable to take them down. It took five minutes before we succeeded in destroyingtheir defense. Right at that moment, the ships that had traveled to the center of the lake started to fire their cannons. A Dragon Crystal Cannon shot at the Furnace God Cavalry's crowd, and this was followed by a second and third one, which hit even their own members. All of a sudden, over one hundred Furnace God Cavalry died in the cannon fire.


I waved my sword and retreated with everyone. One cannonball and I would lose 70,000of my Health. Furnace God Cavalry could at most tank two shots and that was their limit. The third one would definitely kill them.

We turned around and departed, leaving the shooting range of the Dragon Crystal Cannons. We could only look on as the ships left. It was true that they had the advantage here. We had no naval force at all, and Dragon Lake was as wide as an ocean. If they remained in the lake, they could not lose at all.


Li Mu clenched his fists and raged, "That bunch of despicable fellows,they don't dare to fight us head on; Wrath of the Heroes has really died for nothing!”

Wang Jian said, "Brother Xiao Yao, what happened? Your health dropped so low just now. That person must be so strong to have succeeded in taking away so much of your health. Was that Clear Black Eyes?"

"No." I shook my head and gave a self-mocking laugh. "It's Clear Black Eyes's deputy called Ink Iron Boots. His skills are really strong. You must be careful when you see him in the future. If need be, kill him right away!"

One Second Hero asked, "Are we letting them leave just like that?"

"Of course not!"

I looked into the sky and then said in the army system. In a few minutes, a War Hawk Knight landed from above. The Royal Army on the body of the eagle cupped his fists respectfully. "Commander, what instructions do you have?"

"Let Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the others lead the main Royal Army force here. Set up the Dragon Crystal Cannons on the shore and prepare to fight the Azure Ocean's naval force! Without my orders, don't do anything."

"Yes, sir!"


Looking at the coral blue lake surface, Lin Wan Er smiled. "It seems like a true battle is about to begin."

Li Mu asked, "Xiao Yao, what is your plan?"

I gritted my teeth and killing intent flashed across my eyes. "Clear Black Eyes is India's war goddess and isn't ours. She'll never join us, and we can't be friends. Since that's the case, I'll destroy Beautiful Life here and let her know the price of being enemies with Zhan Long and me!"

"Okay!" Wang Jian nodded. "That’s more like it!"

I laughed. Those words were just to raise morale. If Clear Black Eyes was so easily defeated, then she would not be Clear Black Eyes.


Not long after, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and Zhan Long's ranged and healing squads had arrived, too. Zhan Long had gathered fifty thousand people at this location. I also summoned over Chi Yu Qing, Chi Yu Han, and eighty thousand Dragon’s Den troops, for a total of two hundred fifty thousand soldiers. I wanted to see how Clear Black Eyes would be able to cause all two hundred fifty thousand of us to die here!

In the distance, news of the hunt had spread over. Clear Black Eyes led thirty thousand people to defeat The Knights Templar and Xuanyuan Xue's forty-thousand-strong army. Thus, she was not here.

I sat by the lake. The breeze, along with the smell of the lake water, filled me with many emotions.

The sound of horse hooves spread out. Yue Qing Qian whispered to my ear, "Brother Xiao Yao, Q-Sword brought Hero Mound's Hundred Abyss Cavalry back. There are more than seven thousand of them; we can probably use them."

I nodded. "Hundred Abyss Cavalry can travel on water, so they can attract the Dragon Crystal Cannons’ bombardment. With that, we have a chance."

"What chance?" Han Yuan asked.

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"Chance to destroy Azure Ocean Army's docks."

Wang Jian frowned. "Brother Xiao Yao, even if we do destroy their docks, their ships are still on water and their combat strength won’t weaken."

"That's okay.This event lasts for seventy-two hours. I saw the weight of the ships and they're similar to that of the Royal Army's. This means that they have limited ammo and don't have much ammo onboard their vessels. Once they finish their supply, we can easily wipe them out."

Wang Jian clapped. "It's just so good to have Brother Xiao Yao during war!"


Clear Black Eyes could be taken down.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.