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TL - Chapter 93: Wu Yu 12 (5)

“Don’t follow me, Tan Jiao!” I yelled out. “Go over there and stay with them! Stay away from the lake!”

“You told me to follow you!” she screamed out with a hint of sadness. I felt an ache in my heart, but I suppressed it.

Ultimately, she was not fast enough, and I outran her. Finally, I arrived at the side of the lake, but there were still about ten meters between me and the ship.

I looked up and saw Wu Miao’s eyes and her mouth moving as if to say, “Brother, don’t come over…” At that moment, I had nothing in my mind, only the image of Wu Miao and somewhere in the city far away, our mother looking at us with her smile. The two of them were still alive now.

I was about to jump into the lake and swim over.

However, at that moment, I looked at the lake. I stood there before this impressive lake alone, witnessing the strangest thing I had ever seen in my life. Lightning strikes filled the grey sky as thunder rumbled and winds gushed with rain. Despite the large size of the lake, all that water headed in one direction as if an invisible mighty hand was stirring it.

Not only was the water spinning, but it was also going down.

The water level of the lake was dropping at a noticeable rate.

What did this mean? This meant that a huge hole had opened up under the lake, and the water was entering the hole, resulting in the massive whirlpool. Even a ship like the Yunnan Beauty would be pulled by this force and shredded.

I raised my head to the skies, looked at this stunning scene, and felt totally numb.

At that moment.

I felt the ground below me collapse. I was shocked, but a large quantity of water had buried my head before I could do anything. In an instant, I had fallen five to four meters down! Then the force from the slurry of mud and water slammed me into a rock before I continued down.

Everything around me was collapsing; it was as if the whole world was collapsing. As this slurry pushed me around, I suddenly understood that the force was not only going to suck up the water, but also the land around it.

Tan Jiao!

Her name suddenly flashed into my mind. I had abandoned her and left her on her own! My heart ached once more as I tried my best to turn around to find her.

Above me, the ground had split and shattered. The flashes of lightning lighting up the surroundings made me feel as if I had fallen into another realm. The ground was breaking into pieces, and there was a slight glow below the lake. Everything was moving at an incredible speed toward somewhere deeper.

I saw a few people in the water. They were Chen Ruying, Yan Yuan, and Zhu Jirui. Fortunately, they were not far away. I tried my best to avoid them as I looked for Tan Jiao.

Then I found her!

She was somewhere higher than me. Her face was extremely pale, bobbing in and out of the water as she took gulps of water from time to time. I used all my strength to swim toward her. She saw me as well, but she was unable to resist the moving water. There were several times where she came close to me, but the water pushed her away at the last moment.

“Tan Jiao!” I let out.

I buried my head into the water and believed that the speed of the water would ultimately push me toward her. I saw a rock ahead and used it to reduce my speed, using my shoulder to run into it. The impact shook my bones, but I slowed down enough to position myself so that Tan Jiao came into my arms.

I held onto her tightly immediately. I noticed her arms around me too, but they were so weak and helpless.

I looked up and saw the almost abyss-like whirlpool that was bringing everything down.

So this was it.

Perhaps we were about to arrive at that place. The place where time and space were twisted.

I can’t let her go! That was the thought I had as darkness engulfed us.

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Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.