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ZL - Chapter 1006- Using beauty

"Even so, I still have to meet her."

    I stood up and said, "Floating Clouds is Lochlan's cousin and she is also the Dragonling Army's General. I don't have a logical reason to reject her."

    Han Yuan cupped her fists and said, "I shall return to Fan Shu City, then!"

    "En, be careful."

    "Hah!Don't worry, General.Not many in Tian Ling City can touch me!"



    Han Yuan walked out just like that and brushed shoulders with Floating Clouds. He scoffed but did not say anything. I summoned her; at once, Floating Clouds, two maid servants, and four guards entered my residence. She said to the guard when she arrived in front of the hall, "Just wait outside!"

    Floating Clouds stepped into the hall by herself. Usually, she wore a leopard skin war robe and armor, but today she was only in a dress. The half transparent dress wrapped around her body tightly. It was as if she was showing off her own charm. She bent forwardto show her cleavage. "Floating Clouds greets the Commander in chief!"

    My lips curled up. "No need to be so polite, General Yun; you came here for a reason, right?"

    She bent down again and smiled. "What is the Commander in chief saying? We both serve the empire and Lochlan. Since our residences are next to each other, isn't it normal to visit you?"

    I nodded. "En."

    Floating Clouds waved and the two maid servants walked forwardwith a basket. In it were a variety of fruit. Floating Clouds smiled. "These are grapes and melons from the north. The sun is always shining in the north, so the grapes there are really sweet. I am sending them over for the Commander in chief to try."

    I frowned. "Oh, thank you, General Yun."

    Floating Clouds pulled her skirtand walked forwardwith a charming smile. She pulled a grape and leaned forward. "Come, please taste this."

    I retreated and lowered to look at her shaking chest. I frowned. "General Yun, I can do so myself."

    Her gaze dimmed. "A flower that is forced to bend must bend; if not, the branches will just be sliced off. Does the General know what I mean?"

    I shook my head and crossed my arms. "I don't!"

    All of a sudden, her body shook and her eyes teared up as if she was about to cry. "No young girl is willing to serve a dead person; I am the same. Still, as someone born in the north, I had no control over my life and became Luo Xun's concubine. Since you killed him, why don’t you compensate me?"

    I stared at her. "What do you mean?"

    Her face flushed and she lowered her head. She found it hard to say it. "I'm at a perfect age, so how can I be alone? General, if you don't mind, why don’t you speak to His Majesty and take me in as your concubine? Commander in chief is the empire's pillar and Tian Ling Empire's Executor; you are good enough for my identity..."

    I instantly understood her intention. Floating Clouds's goal was simple. She wanted to get close to me and become my lady. Maybe her next step would be to stab me and take revenge for Luo Xun... For revenge, she could even sacrifice her own body. Such a girl was truly terrifying. D*mn! I needed to get far away from her!

    However, Floating Clouds didn't know my identity as a player. Even if she stabbed me to death, I would not die per se. Moreover, even if I did die, I would just be revived, so how could she truly kill me?

    I retreated and cupped my fists. "General Yun is His Majesty's sister.Naturally, I won't dare to take you in. We aren't a fit for each other. I am a traveler from another world and won't be staying here for long, so I of course can't waste your time. I accept your good intention, but please forgive me for being unable to accept it!"


    She stared at me. Her gaze was now filled with fierceness as if she wanted to rip me apart.

    "Okay..." She sighed. "Since it's not possible, I won't continue making a fool of myself here. General Li, I hope that you take care of yourself.Goodbye!"

    She turned around and knocked the basket filled with fruitdown. The maidservant was shocked. "Little Miss, I—"

    Just as she bent down, Floating Clouds's voice, which was brimming with killing intent, sounded. "Why are you picking those up? Let’s go!"

    "Yes, Little Miss!"

    The bunch of them followed Floating Clouds out. I was deep in thought as I looked at the melons. The maid servants that I hid in the rooms walked out and their mouths hung agape. That yellow-skirt maid servant stuck her tongue out and said, "Is that South Protecting King's concubine, Floating Clouds? So fierce..."

    Another girl in a green skirt picked up the fruits and said, "General, her identity is so good; she is so beautiful, too. Why did you reject her?"

    I replied, "She's hiding a blade behind her smile. I forced Luo Xun to kill himself, so she of course wishes to see me dead. How can she really like me?Plus, there are many who like me; I don't need her!"

    The maid servant laughed. "General, you are really confident. What should I do with all these fruits?"

    "Wash them. If they aren't poisonous, then all of you can eat them. I don't have anything good to give to all of you."

    "Yes.Thank you, General!"


    I trained skills in the drill ground for two more hours. I stopped after getting Double Hit, Wind Blade, Seven Star Fragment Slash, et cetera to level 17. I looked at the time. Who knew what the progress of the players in the ice cavern was? Death God's Elegy was leading them, so monster-killing should not be a problem, but the Boss would be tough. Based on what Lin Wan Er said, we should let them try to kill the second floor Boss. If the main players were the ones who kept killing the Boss, it would cause unhappiness.

    Di!    When I walked out of the residence, Ye Lai sent me a message: "Xiao Yao, did Floating Clouds enter your residence?"

    "Yes, why?"

    Ye Lai replied, "You really rejected her. She brought her servant to walk on the streets and then she headed to Violent Thunder Army Xu Yan's residence."

    "Xu Yan?" I was stunned. "D*mn! Things aren't looking good!"

    Ye Lai said, "Tell me the truth; did Floating Clouds want to do something to you?"

    "Of course, but I know that if she doesn't see me dead, she won't give up. How long has she been there? Is she out yet?"

    Ye Lai answered, "I trained my skills for two hours; my servants were just guarding outside. Even now, she's still not out of there. If things go as expected, they've probably done it already. Xu Yan looks around twenty-four or twenty-five; of course, he’ll be unable to resist. Speaking of which, how did you resist?"

    I replied, "Wan'er is my girlfriend."

    "Haha..." Ye Lai understood. "That makes sense.With a 10 like Goddess Cang Tongby your side, an 8 like Floating Clouds isn't really much..."


    I switched off the communication device and summoned my war horse. I jumped up and passed Xu Yan's residence, but it was tightly shut with eight Violent Thunder Army soldiers outside. It was really not good; if I knocked, I would disturb their adventure. Floating Clouds went to persuade Xu Yan, probably to deal with me. His Majesty placed a lot of emphasis on the Violent Thunder Army, allowing it to have at least eighty thousand soldiers. With Xu Yan's skills, though Luo Xun had died,Floating Clouds was still around, Tian Ling City really had a problem.

    I came to the north square to take a look at the storage. I noticed that there were many Frost Demon Sets placed on the racks. Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian had probably helped organize them. The exchange requirements were really strict. Apart from guild achievement points, one must be in a guild for over a month. This rejected a bunch who joined just for the gear. After all, these sets were really precious and could not fall into the hands of outsiders.

    I counted the sets; there were at least five thousand. In the end, we could have around ten thousand of them at the minimum. Most of the Furnace God Cavalry could equipthis level 165 Divine Tier gear. When the time came, Furnace God Cavalry would become an even more unstoppable army.


    Late that night, I went to bed. I slept all the way until eight in the morning of the next day. After going online, I received the latest news. Death God's Elegy used the constant revival technique to kill the two-star Boss, Fu You. However, the equipment drop was not ideal and only a one-star god weapon halberd dropped, which Death God's Elegy rolled for. Next were two pieces of Divine Tier equipment, but it was a huge win overall. At least, we acquired over seven thousand Frost Demon Sets.

    It was time for the bunch of us to challenge the third floor.

    The twenty-four-hour timeline was up. We spent two days on the first two floors, so the third one would be tackled another day. However, it was now much safer for us, for each of the Furnace God Cavalrymen who had followed us down was equipped with a Frost Demon Set. With their three main stats becoming really strong, the mob-killing difficulty should be reduced by a lot.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.