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ZL - Chapter 1009- Smashing Buzhou Mountain

Oh, I forgot to tabulate the numbers. There was one more person that met this requirement, and that was my sister, Li Mengyao. After twenty-four consecutive hours of fighting, along with the Boss's experience, she went from 170 to 172. Her Charm was at 401 and barely met the requirement. Thus, a total of five players competed for this Nuwa Stone.

"Good luck!"

I smiled at Mengyao and then placed Nuwa Stone on the ground. "Whoever has good luck will get this shield!"

After Mocha left, Lion King Shield was deleted with her. Thus, Zhan Long had not had a super strong shield. Fortunately, Greedy Shield and Nuwa Stone both appeared. Moreover, the special skill of Nuwa Stone had a 1,000-yard radius, so it was far stronger than Greedy Shield in large-scale battles. It could be considered the strongest shield in Zhan Long today.

The few Cavalry players were extremely nervous as all of them started to role. Their rolled numbers all appeared in front of us— Yue Yao Yan: 72
One Second Hero: 94
Tang Heart: 43
Palace Decree: 59
Mengyao: 97


When One Second Hero rolled 94 points, I was stunned. I felt like Mengyao was not fated with the Nuwa Stone. Who knew that the brat would be so strong and would actually roll97!

In the next moment, Mengyao equipped the Nuwa Stone and it turned into an exquisite piece of stone that appeared on her arm. Her stats had probably increased by a lot. Lin Wan Er asked, "Mengyao, Nuwa Protection's shield is based on your Attack and Defense. Look at the stats; what is your basic stats?"

Li Meng Yao lowered her head, replying, "Attack is 39,842, Defense is 34,210.Hehe! Not bad right, sister-in-law?"

Mengyao's shout caused her face to flush, but she still nodded her head. "Not bad!Your overall is 74,000. Once you use Nuwa Protection, allies within a one-thousand-yard radius will have a 74,000health shield. If this skill is used well, we may be able to overturn situations."

One Second Hero rubbed his hands and smiled. "D*mn! I nearly got it. If I did, along with my Zhangba Snake Spear, I would be invincible.Hahaha..."

Wang Jian held his Broken Ocean Sword and smiled. "Know your place. You already have a god weapon; that is something many people envy already, okay?"

In truth, Wang Jian had obtained Broken Ocean Sword and was a winner this time. Naturally, he was in a good mood. I was feeling good, too. I was already level 179 and my sister also got a god weapon shield. Zhan Long's overall defensive ability had greatly increased!


I continued and the final equipemnt caused all of our interests to dim. It was a Divine Tier mantle. Divine Tier artifacts were not rare at the current stage. After all, high-grade Hybrid Demons could all drop them. Unless they had special skills or set effects, then they were practically useless.

I split the stones that the Boss dropped and realized that there was also a red skillbook. I was shocked!What was that?

I picked it up and smiled so widely that I could not close my mouth. Gonggong really was one of the ancestors of the Chinese, he actually gave face and left us such a strong book— Smashing Buzhou Mountain Lv-1 (Holy Ghost Grade 3): Draw Godly Strength to smash forwards,causing the Smashing Buzhou Mountain effect. The holes in space will cause flight and lightning on targets within forty yards, lasting twelve seconds. Attack damage effect is related to the user's Attack. Level required: 175, required job: Heavy-armored, required Charm: 50!


Wang Jian was stunned. "This shameless skill actually got dropped?"

Lin Wan Er was surprised, too. "Good! Zhan Long is destined to have another super-strong skill!"

I said, "Let the level 175 Heavy-armored players roll for it!"

Actually, I like this skill, too, so let us roll for it!

Unfortunately, my luck did not seem good and I rolled a 71. Wang Jian rolled 74 and Li Mu actually got 89. In the end, Li Mu got it. This fellow was now a skill leader. He had Thousand Man Enemy; after using that, his attack would increase. When he used Smashing Buzhou Mountain at that time, who knew how explosive that would be?Shua! The skillbook disappeared from his hands and he shouted. He shot forward and smashed onto an illusionary mountain range. With a peng, the sky shook and huge cracks appeared in the sky. Floods and lightning swept over a forty-yard radius. The skill effects were just so dazzling!

Although I did not get anything, I was still quite happy. Lin Wan Er did not either, but she was happy, too. We had treated Zhan Long as our own family. The stronger Zhan Long became, the stronger we got, so it was the same thing.


It was already morning and the entire Gonggong Ice Cavern was cleared out. The map showed that, since Gonggong was dead, the map would refresh; all of us would be sent out and back to Tian Ling City as a result. After repairing my equipment, I checked Zhan Long's set situation. We got a total of 10,544 sets and the treasury paid a total of 50,000,000 for them. Although Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the other main players did not want a cut, pretty much half of Fan Shu City and the shop's profits were used. However, with these ten thousand, Zhan Long's Cavalry players had become pretty much overpowered. If there was an army that could clash with Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry head on, that would be the Royal Army's!

The Royal Army was well-equipped and the weapons were all well-crafted. Along with Dragon Crystal Cannon support and the four generals, ten thousand of them could clash with the Furnace God Cavalry. However, that was without Healers. If not, even Royal Army would not be their match!

After I dealt with everything, I went offline to rest. I had been online for too long and was about to be burned out.


I woke up at 7pm and got up to find food with the girls. We ate something outside of the school before going online and continuing our fight!

Shua! I appeared in Tian Ling City and saw my experience bar: Level 179, 97%. I was a little away from leveling up, but there were not any suitable monsters to train at. I returned to my Suiding Duke residence and saw a bunch of maidservants laughing and talking about something. The Royal Army troops stood there without looking. The Royal Army soldiers were really rigorous and this was well-known in the entire Tian Ling Empire. Moreover, Han Yuan had handpicked them, so they naturally would not do anything untoward to these maids in my residence.

With a keng, I pulled out Butterfly and headed to the drill ground. A few maidservants followed, carrying fruitand wine for mewhile I trained. Actually, I was not training; I was just spamming my skills to level them up. Close to an hour later, along with many clanging sounds, Double Hit, Wind Blade, Heal, Seven Star Fragment Slash, Fierce Ice Blade, Blade Spin, Wall of Douqi, et cetera all rose to level 18. As for Great Realm of Desolation, Ice Domain, Binding Chains, Sword Tempest, the others that I rarely used, they all reached level 17. This was what happened when one focused on leveling familiarity in an environment with the cooldown shortened!


After which, I stopped training and headed to Fan Shu City. My hands felt itchy after walking around the Royal Army camp, so I guided the Cavalry in some of their training. I also did two simple quests and actually leveled up. When I reached level 180, I felt emotional. Although Fang Ge Que had reached 180 half an hour ago, if things were as expected, I should be the first seventh job close-combat player, right?

Ding! [System notification: Congratulations! You have reached level 180; you may now head to your teacher for an upgrade. The system has noticed that you have a country weapon. Please note that players with country weapons can head to the main city altar and can increase their country weapons’ sets there!]


I was stunned.What did it mean by increase country weapon's stats? Could my Zhen Yue Sword still be upgraded?

I thought about it. Right, for example Lion King Shield was a piece of equipment that we got really early, so its stats were poor and the defense was only 2,750. If it did not get upgraded, it could not be considered a country weapon. My Zhen Yue Sword's Attack was lower than two-star and three-star god weapons. Country weapons were not weaker than god weapons, so their stats would not be weaker.

I had an idea and left Fan Shu City happily. I headed towardDragon City in search of Frost!


Shua! A shadow flashed across the sky above Dragon City. When I dove into the city, Qingluo was helping the Crystal Dragon remove bones from the food in its teeth and smiled. "Sir Dragon Rider, what's the rush? Are you perhaps looking for Lady Frost?"

"En, where is Frost?" I smiled and asked.

Qingluo replied, "Lady Frost is in the main hall!"

"Okay, thank you!"

I turned around and flew in the direction of the main hall. I pushed open the door and saw Frost dealing with some documents. She smiled at me. "Why are you so anxious?"

I smiled. "Frost, my level is high enough; help me upgrade!"

"Oh?"Frost continued smiling at me. "It is indeed enough..."

She jumped in front of me and that smile never left her face. "Come!"

A similar ritual as she placed her palm on my chest. She closed her eyes and said, "The coldness of the Dragon Region...Kindness will always remain and never fall...You will follow your responsibilities, defend the castle of Dragon City... I, Frost, the master of Dragon City, will hand you the honor of Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider. As per usual, you are part of my life that can't be removed; even in future lives, you won't fail your duty!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.