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ZL - Chapter 1014- Exhausted body

"Master Li, Master Li..."

Floating Clouds gave a teasing smile. "You have traveled so far, so why don’t you rest here? I can also be a good host. His Majesty has said many good things to me; why don’t I tell you all about that?"

I looked at her and also Xing Huo. "Liu Long is the empire's general. Xing Huo, did you think about the consequences?"

Xing Huo smiled. "Liu Long tried to rebel, so I was only doing my duty. If Master Li is unhappy, you can go complain to His Majesty. I think that he will understand. Still, we must thank you for killing many Flame Lion Army soldiers; I'll inform His Majesty and ask him for an answer!"

I frowned. "B*st*rd!"

Xing Huo was furious. "Li Xiao Yao, what did you say?"

I pointed Butterfly at him. "I am scolding Floating Clouds and you as b*st*rds. Why, do you want to kill me? If you've got the balls, then do it!"

I could not keep calm anymore.

On the side, Wang Jian pressed my shoulder. "Brother Xiao Yao, forget it... There's nothing we can do here anymore. Waterfront City has been taken by these two. If we start killing, we may not be their match. Plus, they might complain to Lochlan, which can result in your Royal Armytroops getting reduced again. Let’s just go back to Tian Ling City and talk to Lochlan about this directly!"

Wang Jian was really all rounded. If this were Li Mu or Old K, they would not say that. They would only say, "Brothers, attack together and kill this pair of dogs!"

Lin Wan Er walked over with her dagger. "Let's go. Their names are already green; we missed the best chance. If we continue, not only will our names turn red, our achievement points will drop, too. This will only weaken Zhan Long."

"En." I nodded. "Let's go back to the city!"


I looked forward. Floating Clouds and Xing Huo did not do anything else. In truth, they dared to kill Liu Long but not me. After all, I had the Royal Army and Dragon City behind me. They did not have the courage and confidence to touch me.



I took out a City Return Scroll and returned to Tian Ling City. At the same time, I requested to talk to Clear Black Eyes. I had not seen her in such a long time, and the distance between us seemed to have gotten deeper—

"Hi, Xiao Yao!" Clear Black Eyes's voice was still really sweet.

"You ordered the Indian players to head out of Waterfront City because you wanted Flame Lion Mercenary Group to take over, such that the city will be ownerless. You then intend to occupy it and get out of the China Region's control, right?"

Clear Black Eyes smiled. "You saw through it."

I felt helpless. "You really are making things hard for me."

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Clear Black Eyes licked her lips. "Xiao Yao, I really treat you as a friend, but you must consider my point of view. I am India's commander and have the game dreams of tens of millions. If I have a chance, I will take it.

If not, I can only be sorry for the Indian players."

"I know..." I nodded and felt a little tired. "Your dreams and ambitions are far from one Waterfront City. I know... Actually, we aren't on the same path, so why talk about being friends? Maybe when we have no conflicts, we can really become friends?"

She smiled. "Don't think too much; I didn't abandon you. Like what we agreed, if India region can fight back, I'll go all out to take it. Unfortunately, I failed and Flame Lion Mercenary Group was actually taken by Tian Ling City. How unfortunate."

I smiled. "I hope that you can get your wish. Okay, I'll do my own things.Goodbye."

"Okay, you take care!"


I switched off the communication device and thought about what Clear Black Eyes meant. She probably knew my situation in the China Region. Although I was the Suiding Duke and Royal Army General, I was always walking on thin ice. I had to prepare for the country war and also deal with Lochlan, Floating Clouds, and Xing Huo. Moreover, Lochlan's trust was an issue that I was currently facing.


After entering the palace, I was led into the garden. This was where Lochlan would usually spend his time after the meetings. Maybe it was quiet and this allowed him to calm down and think?

When I walked over, I saw the scroll in his hands. From my direction, I could see the name of the book ‘Troop Strategy’. He looked at me and seemed to be a lot more tired. He forced out a smile. "Master Li, you are here."

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I nodded. "Lochlan, how are you?"

Lochlan stood up. "So-so... I needto deal with many things; I only have a bit of time to look at books."

He then gazed at me. "Master Li, you also look very tired, for the empire..."

I replied calmly, "Aren't you the same?"

Lochlan smiled. "Since you are here, you must have a reason. Am I right?"


I walked to the platform and sat on the railings. "Xing Huo led the mercenaries to attack Waterfront City and replace Azure Ocean Army. You ordered that?"

Lochlan was shocked. "En, Master Li knows about that? Liu Long was once my father's trusted troop; I sent many letters to him, ordering him to come to Tian Ling Empire for a meeting. Alas, he acted as if he hadn't received it. I suspected that they wanted to rebel. Late last time, Sister Yun brought Xing Huo to Tian Ling Empire and they pledged allegiance. They're willing to lead Flame Lion Army into Waterfront City, so I gave those orders."

I frowned. "Then do you know that your Sister Yun has been flirting with the young generals? I know that she's already gotten on Violent Thunder Army General Xu Yan's bed. Last night, I saw her in Lion City and she was on Xing Huo's bed. She relied on her body to gain support. Why do you think she's doing that?"

Lochlan was shocked. "Did that really happen?Sister Yun told me that she had promised Xing Huo that she would give him a title, so he changed the Flame Lion Mercenary Group to the Flame Lion Army. I... didn't know that she'dused her body to do so! I also didn't know that General Xu Yan and she..."

I smiled. "Lochlan, your Sister Yun isn't so simple."

Lochlan punched the table in rage. "That woman, that Xing Huo is also so bold! I'm now furious!"

He turned around and took out a token. "Master Li, this is the The Executor rank I gave you. Now, you can use the Fire Dragon Army, Xia Yu Army, and Violent Thunder Army. Cross War God River with the Royal Army and take back Waterfront City!"

I shook my head. "It's too late."

"Why?" Lochlan was shocked.

I sighed. "Azure Ocean Army's heavy cannons were taken by them. Liu Long was already killed by them, and Floating Clouds has taken over their one hundred thousand soldiers as well. Along with the Flame Lion Army's two hundred thousand soldiers, Waterfront City has three hundred thousand. If we attack, we’ll suffer heavy losses. Moreover, Moon City and Swirling Abyss City will attack us, too; the outcome is just too detrimental. Lochlan, you actually trusted Floating Clouds; I'm so disappointed in you!"

I paused and Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple's figures appeared in my head. The two Indian Region leaders were what I was worried about the most. Three hundred thousand NPC troops were not scary, but combined with the tens of millions of Indians, we had no chance at all!

Lochlan calmed down and sat at the table. "Master Li, I'll send orders for Sister Yun to return. Why don’t we see what she has to say?"

I nodded. "It is best if she returns. If not, then we'll have a reason to attack."

I looked around.

Lochlan asked, "What is Master Li looking for?"

I smiled. "I'm looking for those people who are usually beside you. Why haven’t I seen anyone making a report to you about her movements?"

Lochlan sighed. "General Situ Xin led some Guards Army troops to the Sea of No Return, and only Luo Fei and Baili Ning are here. Maybe because Floating Clouds is my cousin, so they didn't tell me..."

I did not say much and just left.


Waterfront City still became a problem. It was easy to lose but hard to get back. Without thinking, with Clear Black Eyes's intellect, she would get close to Floating Clouds and Xing Huo. She might even join their army system. With India's full support, it would be even harder to get Waterfront City back.

I did not think about it so much. I returned to the residence and continued leveling my skills. I wanted to get all my skills to level 19 within three days!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.