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ZL - Chapter 1015- Song of the dwarves

After a few days, all of my skills had reached level 19. Even Heaven Control, which was the toughest to level up, had reached level 19. In these few days, I only spent my time inside the General Manor and did not head out to grind. I was determined to get all my skills to max level; only then would I have an advantage over others.

As expected, when Lochlan summoned them, Floating Clouds and Xing Huo rejected him with the reason that they were reorganizing troops in Waterfront City. They knew that I was back to Tian Ling City, and with me here, they did not dare to return at all. Maybe they also knew thatthey would be unable to leave if they came. I would keep them and then send Xia Ye and Long Xing over to Waterfront City.

Fortunately, Floating Clouds just wanted revenge and to kill me, so she did not do anything to Tian Ling City. Otherwise, things would have developed in an even worse direction.


Commander in chief residence, drill ground.

I stood away from a pile of stones and opened my palm. I used Heaven Control to manipulate them, while Lin Wan Er sat in the shade and ate an apple. She smiled while watching me try out the skills.


Two giant pieces of stone, about two hundred fifty kilograms, rose in the air. This was the ability of the level 19 Heaven Control. I pushed my arms forward and these two giant cannonballs smashed into a stone dummy. The dummy shattered and dust flew all about.

Lin Wan Er opened her mouth in shock. "That... skill is so amazing!"

I clapped in pride. "Frost created this skill herself, so of course it's amazing. Still, I am too weak. If I could become a god, I'd be able to raise the entire general residence!"

"You only know how to brag..." Lin Wan Er smiled. "Wouldn't you be invincible?"

"Which is why I said that I can't do it at present."

At that moment, a maidservant walked over and smiled. "General, Infanta, Guards Army General Situ Xin requests an audience with you!"


I brought Lin Wan Er over. Situ Xin was already sitting in the meeting room and drinking tea by the time we got there. He held a tea cup and looked really casual. When he saw me, he stood up and said, "General Li, how are you!"

I cupped my fist. "General Situ, you must’vecome here for something."

Situ Xin nodded. "After returning to Tian Ling City, I found out about Waterfront City. Scoff! Floating Clouds isn't so simple. Xing Huo and she are in Waterfront City and are disobeying orders. It is time that we punish them!"

"How should we punish them?"

"Do you remember what happened during the Fire God Mountain Battle? You had the order to kill all the Rongdi Army troops."

I recalled. "Yes, they're all Luo Xun's personal troops, and leaving them would be a problem, right?"

Situ Xin touched his nose and smiled. "Actually, I went against your orders and didn't kill over seven thousand of them that we captured. I sent them to the prison north of War College, instead. They've all been locked up for two months and are filled with grievances. I think that we can use them."

"Use them?" I squinted my eyes and smiled. "Does General Situ want to release them?"

Situ Xin nodded his head. "Floating Clouds is their general, and she has roughly thirty thousand Rongdi Army troops. We can sow discord by letting them join her before sending people over. If she dares to accept them, we will have a reason to attack and retake Waterfront City."

"Is that your opinion or His Majesty's?"

Situ Xin replied, "His Majesty is already familiar with this plan, and he is waiting for you to make a decision. If you nodyour head, then this plan will be executed, Master Li."

I licked my lips. "This is a good plan but it is too direct. Floating Clouds might be wary."

Situ Xin said, "I'll let them dress up as guards and then have some of my moles inside kill three hundred of them before heading over to Waterfront City with their heads. With the three hundred heads, I believe that Floating Clouds will put down her guard!"

"En, okay.Let's follow that plan!"



Right when I agreed, a bell rang in the skies above Tian Ling City. D*mn! This plan actually generated an army quest—


[System notification: Players, please note;‘King's Hunt’ patch quest has been activated and will begin in sixty minutes! Tian Ling City and Waterfront City are about to clash. The intersecting maps, such as Fire Marsh Plains, Questioning Heaven Ice Plains, Dragon Lake, Forest of Stars, War God River, and more, will become hunting fields. The two NPC armies of Tian Ling City and Waterfront City will battle it out. Players who kill NPCs and fellow players will obtain achievement points. ‘King's Hunt’ will last for seventy-two hours; the final victor will earn huge rewards and also obtain control of Waterfront City!]

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.


D*mn! This was actually a country-level war; moreover, the reward was Waterfront City! The system obviously meant that players of Tian Ling City and Waterfront City would go to war, so the map zones had been changed. and any player who appeared in those could become the prey of others. This was a good training opportunity. It was also time to see how much Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple had improved.

The moment the quest was generated, the guild channel blew up. Li Mu, Old K, One Second Hero, and the others said that they were interested. Great.Time to let these people lead the quest. As for me, I could go all around to kill the Indian players who joined the Waterfront City's army system.

It was busy in the guild channel—

Li Mu: "How should we party up? Tens of thousands of us together probably won't be able to kill many. Those Indians will definitely be terrified!"

One Second Hero: "Wistful thinking.If Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple lead hundreds of thousands of people, we’ll be the ones terrified."

Lin Wan Er: "Deputy leader, elder level players, you guys each lead ten thousand. Each ten thousand will have two thousand Furnace God Cavalry. With this, we won't be wiped out easily."

I nodded. "Wan'er's suggestion isn't bad. Be prepared.Get more potions and wine."

Yue Qing Qian said, "Brother Xiao Yao, I was looking at the India Region forums."

We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.

"En, tell me about the situation."

Yue Qing Qian smiled. "They only have five armies that can join. They are the few armies reorganized, like Flame Lion, Dragonling, and Azure Ocean. This also includes their own Royal and Red Throat armies. Speaking of which, the Dragonling Army really defected to Tian Ling City along with Floating Clouds."

I did not know whether to laugh or cry. "I'm about to get confused. This should've been a China Region battle, but then it became one between India and China."

Lin Wan Er smiled. "Anyways, let's work hard to kill many and gain plenty of achievement points. Since the ‘country war’ system didn't activate, let's let the Indian players understand how strong we are!"


I nodded my head confidently. Actually, we did have the ability to have confidence. After all, following the last country war, we had two main cities. One was Tian Ling City and the other was Flaming Cloud City. These two main cities' resources were under our control, and China players had more maps to train in. The one hundred million India Region players were forced to squeeze into the small Waterfront City and the number of quests they could trigger were low. In terms of level and equipment, they were much weaker than us. Even experts like Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple could only sneak to Tian Ling City's Sea of No Return and join the events to get some points.

That was why Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple did not give up. They were waiting for a chance to take control of Waterfront City. Moreover, what I could guess was that, ever since India players were forced out of Flaming Cloud City and toward Waterfront City, they had often been crying at night, recalling those memories of their home in Flaming Cloud City. One could say that they had not given up on getting back their Flaming Cloud City, and every day they thought about getting home.

King's Hunt, this was definitely a battle of survival and for glory. Finally, we had to face Clear Black Eyes, this terrifying opponent. She was still on my friends list, but we could not afford this battle!

Regarding Waterfront City, the system was not on our side, mainly because it judged that the city’s ownership was currently questionable. Hence, the system decided that the player’s strength would determine whom the city would belong to in the end.


The map opened fifty minutes later, yet my quest had only just begun. I summoned a War Hawk Knight and sent news to the Royal Army in Fan Shu City. We would bring the cannons and all go out to War God River. We needed to first control the bridge to the south. The bridge, which controlled the transport route, would controlthe momentum of the battle.

Before the Royal Army headed out, I used the city system to order Chi Yu Qing into leading 32,450 Flame Hawk Archers out of Fan Shu City. They would head to the southern shore and guard it. In terms of mobility, nothing was faster than them. They would take at most fifteen minutes while players would need an hour to get from Fan Shu City to the bridge.

Next would depend on Situ Xin's performance. After all, he was the one who had planned all this.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.