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ZY - Chapter 292- Invisible Soul Swallowing

  Not long later, when the queen ant spat out a bunch of flames, its body started to shake. Its tail swelled and flame light shot out in all directions. Many complicated runes appeared and its head started to turn red. It was at an extreme level of rage. At the same time, the game showed that it was channeling a skill. It was here Queen's Rage!

    "Control, interrupt it!"

    Lin Xi shouted and used Assault. Unfortunately, it only dealt a small bit of damage and not any stun.


    Right after Shen Mingxuan used Stun Shot and Gu Ruyi used Mind Restraint, I also use Assault and Righteous Provocation. Unfortunately, the Boss's level was too high. When all our skills landed, the queen was still channeling her skill!

    "Not good..."

    Lin Xi turned around and looked at me nervously. My reply was one of panic too as I smashed my sword onto the ground and used Silver Ocean to heal everyone. Tony also walked over. His…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.