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ZY - Chapter 297- Flame Demon home

  Next morning, after washing up, prepared to head online.



    I appeared in Linchen County. Today's mission wasn't to level the Paladin but the Assassin account. I delayed for so many days so it was time to get Orange Night upgraded. I switched to the Assassin account and crushed the City Return Scroll.

    Heaven and Earth Pavilion was still covered in death energy. Many undead calvaries rode their horses along the cliff and looked at everything within the ancient castle.

    "Sha sha..."

    I stepped into Heaven and Earth Pavilion and walked to Lin Fengnian. He was carving a giant inscription formation. When I walked in, he raised his hand, "If you have nothing important then scram. Can't you see that I am busy?"

    "Of course there is something really important!"

    I summoned Orange Night and said, "Senior Uncle Lin take a look, my orange puppet is strong enough and can level to gra…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.